Eating Right Isn’t Complicated

Eating right shouldn’t be that complicated. God advised Adam how to eat in one sentence:

“Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.”  Genesis 1:29.

Simple, concise, easy to understand. Nothing complicated. Only after the Flood (REAL climate change) did God instruct us to eat meat.

Then some fad-diet-gurus came along and really messed with our heads.  “No, don’t eat carbs, they’re bad for you!”  “No legumes!” or other such nonsense. Even Christians fall for these false diet doctrines!  And you know why??  Because some believe if it’s simple – it’s too easy.  Life is complicated so one must suffer in order to achieve ‘perfection’.  Well, who do you believe, God or some guy who wants to make a fast buck at your expense? th7QKR9FEN“As for me and my house . . .  I will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15.    

So How Should We Then Eat Overall?

  • Eat for good quality nutrients.
  • Eat smaller portions, taking calories into consideration.
  • Learn to eat only until you’re satisfied, not till you’re full.
  • Slow down, chew your food, enjoy the pleasure of taste.
  • Moderation is essential. (1 Corinthians 10:23)

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day.

It’s imperative to “break that fast” or your body thinks you’re ill. It’ll slow down your metabolism in order to protect you.

So first, eat breakfast!


thBZB5RUVIStart with 6-8 oz of a good quality yogurt with no artificial sweeteners: Dannon Natural, Stoney Farms, Mountain High. The good bacteria gets down into your gut and builds up your immune system. Add berries or a banana if you desire.

Next consume a serving (check the label, each is different) of a good high (5+ grams) fiber cereal.  Good quality cereals include Grape nuts, Great Grains, Raisin Bran, Shredded Wheat, any Kashi Go Lean or Fiber One products. High fiber cereals shouldn’t taste like sawdust! Drink water afterwards. The fiber expands, binding with the bad artery clogging LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, removing them from your system.

What about eggs? Choose wisely. A whole grain English muffin with 1 egg, small slice of Canadian bacon/ lean ham (Bacon contains nitrates, preservatives and dyes) with a slice of 1% white American cheese is a great treat.  Limit fried potatoes and overly buttered toast. Use jams or a good quality peanut butter instead. Balance lunch then, with mostly fruits/vegetables, 2 ounces of lean protein.

What about juices?  When consuming juice rather than the fruit, you rarely get fiber. Choose a fresh orange at 60 calories rather than juice at 120 for 6 ounces. Orange juice with pulp is a better choice. Cantaloupes, bananas, berries contain great amounts of potassium, magnesium, beta carotene, lutein and antioxidants for heart and eye health.

In a hurry? A smoothie using a ripe banana, orange juice, yogurt, 1% milk and ice cubes, can be a wonderful potassium-magnesium shake!

Pancakes? Buckwheat rather than white flour pancakes provides better fiber for insulin management. Try fruit toppings rather than syrup.

Coffee?  Two cups usually – more and you lose valuable bone density and nutrients. Green tea, no problem.


You probably know my answer to this one. One Pop-Tart has approximately 200 calories and few nutrients. Furthermore, in an hour you’ll be hungry because of an insulin/sugar drop. What’s my mantra? Nutrients!  You could consume three oranges for the same calorie count.

Bottom line; eat breakfast to rev up your metabolism each morning. Use common sense and don’t stress out. Ate a fatty breakfast? Consume more vegetables for lunch!  You control your own eating habits. Honor God with that control.


21 thoughts on “Eating Right Isn’t Complicated

    • Thank you Amanda for your kind words of encouragement, they mean a lot to me.

      Very sensible as well about eating in moderation. If one consumes 80% good complex carbs, lean protein and good fats (and a little dark chocolate) they’ll usually stay pretty healthy without stressing out. Diet gurus however tell us there’s a formula one must follow to become thin but God gives us Free Will. Health is more important than thinness! As for me I choose moderation in all things. Thanks so much for your comment. I pray you’ll come back! Blessings,

      Liked by 1 person

    • Just reading these comments helps me as it creates a mindfulness. I as we all do, face a continual battle of what and when to put things in my mouth. There are hundreds of these little choices we make and interacting here helps me to be a bit more conscscious and mindful.


      • Words of Wisdom, Bob. When patients told me they had no willower, I replied that the same willpower that stops them from telling off a sales clerk or their boss is the same willpower they should tap into when denying gluttony. Everyone has willpower! but that being said, it’s sometimes a matter of biochemistry nagging you to consume certain lacking nutrients. (complicated) Thanks for commenting, 🙂

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  1. Sis, I love the fact that you use Biblical wisdom in your articles. I’ve been gone for a couple months but finally have a new computer and am enjoying going through many articles of my brothers and sisters. Going through my Blogs I Follow list to catch up. Forgot how much I enjoyed your no-nonsense approach to food in general!! If more people who read the Scriptures would realize our Lord instructed as He did for our own well-being, I think we would be a lot more in-harmony with our spirits as well as our bodies! But as you said, we ARE living in Grace, we just need to remember that doesn’t dissolve the wisdom found in the Word of God!!
    God bless you Sis! Abundantly and Richly!! I’ll BE Back!! 😉

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    • Well welcome back! I’m honored you remembered me and especially appreciate your kind words of encouragement. Remember that book, “All I needed to know I learned in kindergarten” or something like that? Well, everything we needed to know God was told to us in Genesis 1-11. (Except for anything in moderation found in 1 Corinthians 10:23.)

      Anyone who consumes more whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and herbs is more alkaline which will maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. How I wish more people desired to follow our Lord’s diet plan and not make food an idol. I praise God for you, thank you. Blessings,

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