A very humbling thank you to all those who have inspired me these many years of posting

Inspiring Blogger Award

I am so grateful to my new British friend and fellow blogger Liam, of “The Life of a  Thinker”,,  who has been supporting me since I began New Creations Ministries in 2012.  A sincere Thank You.

His kindness in nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, as well as the One Beautiful Blogger Award, has been my most prestigious honor since being voted president of my high school. (Yeah, I’m sure he believes that – but come to think of it . . . we do have the original London Bridge not too far away from us in Lake Havasu, Arizona.) Seriously now, Liam also began the chain reaction that awarded me a “Blog of the Year 2012” spot.  So as his reward,  I want to extend an open invitation to him that if he ever wants to brave the 120 degree sunshine of Arizona, he’s welcome to stop by.

Beautiful Blogger Award



Thank you Fashionable Librarian for this thoughtful and special award. Yes blogger followers can feel as close as sisters even when we live world’s apart.



Thank you Heather for such a sweet surprise and lovely award from Heather. I am always humbled when someone believes my work is worthy of recognition.  You can check out Heather’s blog at  or She’s one of the most versatile followers I’ve met and she has an amazing blog!



I am also very grateful to my wonderful new friends from around the world for their nomination of me for the Blog of the Year 2012  Award below. The best part of blogging is developing friendships and sister relationships to those who read, support, comment and Follow my humbling endeavors.  Thank you all!


(Please forgive me.  I was quite sure there was one more who wrote me while we were on Christmas vacation, but I can’t find it now. If it’s you, please send me a note so I can acknowledge you.)

The Versatile Blogger Award


Nominated by two wonderful bloggers:

A humble thank you to for the Versatile Blogger Award.  It’s truly an honor being presented this by an extremely versatile blogger herself.  Please check out her site and you’ll see what I mean: Decorating, art, mothering, culinary skills Raquel has it all.

Another  thank you to the Jack of all trades:  “Me and the Boss” who has certainly inspired me by turning his life around and now lives it to the fullest!  HIs poetry is unbelievably good and yes, versatile! Please check it out.


Very Special Thank You to Deborah of www.talkingtomyweightlosscounselor.wordpress  for nominating me for this sweet award, The WordPress Family AwardWordPress Family Award! I’m sure you’ll agree that we quickly become family by caring and following each other here in the blogosphere! I urge you to check out Deborah’s blog where she advises and encourages others to strive for healthy weight-loss through Godly, long-lasting ways. After all, she’ll be the first to tell you that He is the True Counselor!



             Thank you also to those below for another Very Inspiring Blogger Award:very-inspiring-blogger-award[1]

  •   She is so inspiring herself with her self-discipline and health conscious outlook on life. She exemplifies the phrase, “Life is better lived well!”  She lives that and more!
  • His inspirational, versatile and beautiful poetry touches hearts. His determination to  overcome personal challenges and live for our Lord through his wonderful heartfelt words and thoughtful commentary, shows how our amazing God changes lives!
  •  What an inspirational role model! So disciplined! She can certainly speak about goal setting  because she lives what she preaches . . . yeah, I was that disciplined once.
  •   who has been a faithful friend since I began this endeavor two weeks after he did.  So versatile, he’s always evolving with inspirational new ideas to make his site relevant! Excellent interviews too!
  •  Special thanks to and        very-inspiring-blogger-award-2[1]           and    ar-inspiringblogger1[1]     You honor me!


Champion photoThank you Carol Balawyder for this thoughtful and humbling honor!  You are my Champion always!




I was very touched to receive another award nomination last week: a humbling Beautiful Mama Blog Award.  I wish to thank one of my wonderful followers for this honor.  I’m quite certain my poor children might have second thoughts on this one, but in my defense, I believe I actually got better with time.  Please check out Flying Saucers blog because I guarantee you’ll enjoy it!

The “Wonderful Team Member” Award!   This is one of my favorites because I’ve always considered life a “team sport”!  No one can exist in a vacuum. Supporting and encouraging others in a team environment is one of the joys/benefits of life.  Thank you Liam,  of  for this wonderful award!





Wonderful team member award

Thank you to Liam once again for the honor of two awards this time:  The Liebster Award and the Inner Peace Award. It’s my pleasure to accept!

 Liebster awardinner peace award

I’d like to extend a special thank you to for a very special award given to those blogs “whose presence on the web serves as a shining light for Christ and His Gospel of salvation.”  


Thank you so much C. F. Martin for this lovely award:  The Super Sweet Blogger Award!  Please check out Christine’s extremely inspirational blog located at  A writer, Realtor, Encouragement Coach – she’s done it all.  I’m proud to call her a friend!



Thank you Christine from  for presenting me with these two beautiful awards below.  What an honor!  You truly blessed me, thank you. 

Thank you Marques Jeffries for thinking of me. this award is meant to inspire and motivate others. What a compliment to any blogger. I am honored.    



inner peace award


  Thank you for two lovely Liebster awards!                                        

Thank you Kim of for nominating me for two awards. I so appreciate the kindness!sunshine-award1[1]versatileblogger11[1]





versatile-blogger[1]Thank you Liam of for spoiling me once again with another Versatile Blogger Award. How sweet and I appreciate it.



My deepest thanks to Kate Bortell for this prestigious Shauny Award. She has truly blessed me because as she stated, this award is “to commit to showing humility and love toward all others, and to enhance these virtues in ourselves and others.”  Humility?  Well that’s debatable but I’m honored that someone thinks so. And love? Absolutely!  How I love all my followers who have encouraged me through their comments and support.


shaunya[ award


11 thoughts on “Awards!

  1. Hi Ellie! Wow! Look at all these awards! Good for you. You’ve worked very hard and have a lovely blog to show it. Thanks for submitting a contact me form. I didn’t know how to respond directly which is why I’m commenting here. I can definitely help your friend and I would feel honoured to guest post. Thank you for asking!! I’ve never done one before so, how does that work?


    • Thank you Judy, I appreciate you getting back to me. As a 60+ aged woman who keeps herself fit and is only now developing the same challenge as my follower, I could sure use your advice too, as would many others. “What to do about the muffin top? How can one get rid of it?!” I believe this is one problem that is basically fixed through exercise rather than through diet choices. Therefore I need suggestions on how to target that body area.

      I’m hoping with your expertise that you might already have a post about this subject but if not I can contribute these suggestions: “Does fat attach itself to certain parts or does it circulates throughout the body?” and “Do spot exercises really work?” “What are the best exercises to help rid ourselves of a muffin top?” “Is it possible to target certain areas through diet alone?”

      A short blog would be fine so it wouldn’t take up too much of your time but help you find additional followers.

      I have answered Naydess’s questions on my previous post comments, “So what about those high protein diets” one of my first posts, which you can find in the search engine on my blog. There you can get the general gist of her question. If you want to forward the post to my personal email that would be great and of course you would be featured as a guest blogger. My email is and it can be sent in the body or as an attachment. I can find a photo if you don’t have one already.

      Thank you again Judy. I hope it won’t take too long to write and I will post it as soon as possible. Blessings,


  2. Hi Ellie…would you consider being a part of a blog tour?? I answer 4 questions about my writing/projects…and nominate 3 people to join. If you accept you do the same. You would have to post on 7/21/14. Let me know if you are interested 🙂 Thanks Lorrie


    • Awww shucks, thanks, but these awards are usually given out only as a fun way to discover new personality traits about our followers – it is a nice compliment however. I really can’t claim anything special, pshaw, 🙂 I’m certain you will win a bunch yourself, they are time consuming though and I find it hard to accept them any longer. ❤


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