My “Diet” Philosophy

Whenever I hear of some guru claiming they’ve found the latest fad diet or pill, I shudder. Today, everyone is searching for an instant fix. I heard a great quip somewhere that stated, only today’s generation will stand in front of a microwave and be angry it’s not quick enough! Everyone wants instant gratification!

We are all on “diets”.  A diet only means what someone consumes each day. A true diet plan is a lifelong one. Something practical, restoring energy, nutrients and one a person can realistically stay on. If not, he is only setting himself up for yo-yo dieting.

There are so many qualified Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists in today’s world. I too, wanted to challenge and motivate others to be successful in their healthy aspirations, so I became a Nutritional Counselor. Creating menus and assisting patients in overcoming their illnesses was challenging.  But what I enjoy most about being a counselor is seeing the “lightbulb” come on when patients figured out for themselves, why the ate as they did.  Awareness is the first step in recovery.  Until one knows why he/she acts in a particular way, they won’t change. They are only masking the problem. Therefore, change begins at the source.

Using God’s guidance and my degree in counseling, I studied physiology, anatomy, biology as well as countless books on nutritional basics while working for family physicians. I would never be so arrogant as to say I know all the answers. It’s a never-ending research project! No one will really know until we are in front of God, our true Creator, and can ask Him.

I do however, believe in Absolute Truth. God declared “It is Good” when He completed Creation. That meant fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds and herbs were ALL under that umbrella, (Genesis 1:29) debunking the Paleo, Keto, Atkins and various other restrictive diets (unless you have an illness or allergy preventing certain foods of course. Common sense prevails.)

Always go back to God’s basics. ” We are fearfully and wonderfully made . . .” Psalm 139:14. The Bible has the answers.  There are certain things called Absolute Truths. They cannot be dismissed, even in advanced physiology. There’s a wonderful Chinese saying that states, “Even if 5,000 men are wrong, they are still wrong.” No matter how many times someone tries to create their own fad diet plan, it’s still a fad and the wrong way to lose weight forever.

So ask away, submit your question below, and in time I hope this blog will truly inspire your own New Creation!


39 thoughts on “My “Diet” Philosophy

  1. I absolutely love the concept behind your line of work. Your blog is very inspiring and motivating. I consider myself a christian, and I know how we can get a bad rep for not “walking the talk”. I love how you use biblical principles as a guideline for a healthy lifestyle. Which by the way, is so often placed in the back burner in comparison to social/ political issues which can often consume our minds.


  2. What a lovely compliment, thank you! It came about when one of my patients told me she knew “all that I was telling her already” regarding diets, and I immediately thought of James 2:19. “Even the demons know and shudder”. Many know of Christ but do nothing about accepting salvation – same as those who know about weight loss but do nothing about it either.

    I appreciate your comments so much. Hopefully New Creations” will become a one day seminar series someday.

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  3. Good morning and I hope you had a Merry Christmas! You have such a lovely family, I’m quite sure it was joyous!

    Thanks for the question. 2 thoughts: one is that good and bad people are everywhere, some work for the sincere good of the people and some work for the love of money just as in most companies. I believe we should pray for their wisdom because no man is perfect except Christ, and mistakes can be made. Second, and most importantly, God’s laws trump man’s laws and since God gave us common sense and the Bible, I believe we should trust but verify, lean on His wisdom and research, research, research!!!

    Seriously just as doctors, nutritionists and scientists say one thing one day and another the next, I search for Absolute Truth. I try not to believe anything at face value when it comes to science because they gave us Slenda! Hope this helps a little, my friend.


    • Absolutely! So many in today’s world are searching for that “magic pill.” They fail to realize that the process is more important than the progress! As a nutritional counselor, I love seeing the light bulb turn on so they can take control. Getting to the core of why they eat in the first place is definitely the key! Thank you for your comment, it’s appreciated.

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  4. I’ve tried several “diets” in my lifetime. I believe they have been the main reason for my metabolism slowing down so much in my 30s. Looking to the Word for clarity and His power to overcome my food/ body issues! What a blessing to have found your blog, Ellie 🙂 Looking forward to learning more from you!


    • Thank you Heather and I’m so appreciate that you found me too! I’m so sorry for your frustration and do understand. It’s true that every time one goes on a diet and then gains weight back, it changes the consistency of the fat cells and therefore can’t lose as effectively as previously. God is a God of order and balance and wants you to succeed! I’ll be writing about that next week – hope it puts things in perspective. Feel free to ask questions anytime. I’ll be here to cheer you on! 🙂


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  6. Ellie, I can relate to your article (I’m your first 2014 poster on this older article – lol). I agree totally with it. I too cring at hearing the latest diet or magical weight loss pill. 2 1/2 years ago I decided (with some help) to stop all processed foods, and cut way back on meats. Most of the meals consist of vegetables, fruit, beans/legumes, seeds, nuts and grains. And I love it! I allow myself to eat anything occasionally to get it out of my head that I even want the junk food. I’m usually cured right then and there. But if the desire for some item continues I allow myself to have on an occasion. I have lost 35 lbs. (and have kept it off for over 2 years) and now cycle 3000+ miles a year. The Lord is good!!!


    • Oh Jim you are to be congratulated, well done! The best part is that you accomplished this weight loss through such sensible, practical applications that you will be able to maintain this healthy lifestyle forever. It is true that as the body gets further away from the junk food, the less our body desires it. I hope you will come back many times because you will see that I write about this topic a great deal. Blessings to you,


  7. The Paleo diet is one diet that makes a lot of sense, as well the Mediterranean diet. I heard a nutritionist say it simply as “eat fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, seeds and nuts.” I like to make things simple as does your philosophy. I believe Adam and Eve had a perfect diet in the Garden of Eden. Our modern American is corrupted, confused and complicated. Wonder who is the author of that, yes, Satan.

    Simplicity is truth’s most becoming garment. A very simple rule of thumb is: Did God or man make the food? Seek and eat foods that were in the Garden of Eden, not man made processed foods. If I have to give a name to this diet, it would be the Garden of Eden diet. The Paleo and Mediterranean diets above are similar to this. The Garden of Eden guideline seems pretty safe, Hard to go wrong, when we follow the Lord.

    When you buy a new car it comes with an owner’s manual and that tells you what kind of fuel to use. I think the Bible, especially Gen. 2 and 3 where God created man, and then gives us insight into what was the best for man. Yes, we have fallen from grace, but that does not mean what was good then is not good now. The Bible is God’s owner manual for man. He made us and He knows what is best for man. The foods he created make sense for His creation. Funny, how animals know what to eat, but we supposedly more intelligent creatures… why do we have such a hard time? The creation, knows, so should the crown of His creation, mankind know as well. .


    • Oooo, raclarke, be careful. God never stated that one should not consume potatoes, legumes, beans and other high fiber foods. The Paelo diet is extremely low on fibrous selections. This diet plan also assumes we came from monkeys and cave men. My God created and breathed life into Adam and commanded him to consume the Genesis 1:29 diet. It was only after ;the flood (Genesis 9:3) that He told us to consume meat. You can check it out by using my search engine to find my posts on The Paleo Diet. I always recommend the Mediterranean, Volumetrics and Dash diet plans if following a “diet” plan. Blessings on your search,

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  8. That’s a well-rounded background to have, Ellie. I’ve found that eating all things in moderation and regular exercise works best for me, rather than a strict, or quick diet plan… But we are all different. 😊


    • Thank you, I’ve always looked at life as a smorgasbord of activities and have been fortunate to have fulfilled many of my dreams!

      As for diets, you’re exactly right Kev. So smart! God gave us an abundance of foods to choose from and a uniquely designed body to fit that into. I encourage people to choose wisely, not as sheep, following some “false diet guru” leading them over a harmful health cliff because it’s the newest fad. According to 1 Corinthians 10:23, “everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial . . .” So based on Truth, I attempt to live as vibrantly as God wants. I’ve personally found to be in His Will has been Glorious. Blessings back,

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  9. Satan is the great separator. Since the beginning his purpose has been to get man to live independently from God. That goes in the arena of diet. Satan wants man to live independently from God in what he provided on the 3rd day of Creation. Modern man has become almost completely divorced from the ground from which he came and from where he will return.

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  10. When I went to a dietitian she prescribed a diet that would lower my carbohydrate and fat intake. She said it was a high fat plan, but I didn’t see it as high fat at all with just 50 grams of fat per day. I felt I had to limit, for sure. She considered it a low carb diet, though low carbers like Atkins dieters thought it was not that low carb at all at 60 mg per day. Again, I thought it seemed pretty low carb to me. I mentioned to you in a separate comment that it certainly worked, but after a while I did grow hungry for more carbs.

    A while back I followed Weight Watchers “Core Plan” that allowed a certain number of starchy carbs, but required they be whole grains. I think that’s great. I went whole grain for a while, but found it didn’t lower my triglycerides at all, so I went back to the “lower carb” diet. I do plan to incorporate at least one small portion of whole grain starchy carb each day in the “lower carb” diet, but will try to stay between 60-80 mg per day.

    I’m sure you are more than aware of this, but some medications make me prone to having high triglycerides, cholesterol and even sometimes high glucose levels. Antipsychotics in particular. I have since had my antipsychotics lowered a bit and have seen these blood levels reduce a bit.


    • Thanks Cindy for the question. Yes I worked alongside doctors for many years dealing not only with weight loss but sometimes life and death issues. I loved my patients and beamed when they succeeded. But I also knew no one lived within their bodies but them and as much as I wanted them to, they had to want to get healthy more than I wanted it for them. Sometimes patients just wanted to self-destruct and that’s when God and counseling came into it.

      Usually nutritionist recommend it grams not milligrams so I trust that’s what you meant. AND I hope your nutritionist at least explained how much a gram is so you could relate to it in dog years as I say. If not: there are 9 calories of fat in every fat gram, 4 grams equal a teaspoon and a tablespoon of fat (whether it’s olive oil, canola, safflower, saturated fat or butter is 120 calories so choose wisely. Good fats like monounsaturated and omega-3;s (avocados, olives, fatty fish,,etc.) are essential to good health and anyone who tells you to give up almost ALL of one food group is a false diet guru, looking to make some money. (Hear that Adkins and Paleo?) It sounds like you’re smarter than to fall for that.)

      The brain feeds primarily on glucose so Good Quality Carbs like fruits, vegetables whole grains, nuts and seeds are a requirement for mental rationality. Sugar affects the brain, giving us comfort but too much raises insulin levels, gives us a “high” and drops us flat (just like any drug.) A little is fine, I eat everything in moderation and I can control it but I’ll never make food my god again. I believe God made me a survivor so by example I can urge/motivate others to endure trials and overcome heartaches for He understands everything I’ve gone through.

      I like Weight Watchers because they teach a person how to live in the real world and so do I. I don’t have time to weigh and measure everything do you? What I do that is practical is place about 3 ounces of lean meat on my not-so-large grandmother’s china plate, not the platter size in today’s world (I’ll pound out lean meat to make it look larger) then I’ll place a whole grain like a medium baked potato, corn, peas, rice, pasta, – whole grain is anything that you can see as “whole” duh, like oats, corn . . . Then on the rest of the plate I’ll put regular veggies like carrots, green beans, broccoli. Alongside I’ll create a nice colorful salad with vinaigrette dressing. 80% of the time I eat well and don’t fret if I want to have a juicy burger or baby back ribs once a week. Personally buffets are my downfall so I try to remind myself that I’m not dirt poor any more and it will be there tomorrow, 🙂

      I also spread out my food like pasta so it looks like more. Add herbs for flavor!!! Stay away from the sugary carbs like donuts, cakes, pies, pop-tarts and such like and replace it with apples or fibrous fruits. I guarantee you won’t miss it after awhile and will be able to pass right by those donut tables someday without cravings!

      I’m sorry I have no words of encouragement for your medications except to hang in there. The better you get mentally the less you’ll need most likely. Medication can last a long time in your system so drink water more to release edema conditions if necessary.

      My goodness this has almost become another blog post – sorry about that, 🙂 I never want to think I’m being pushy. I just care. You know your feelings and body better than I do – so make this health quest fun! Reward yourself with non-food items for every good deed you accomplish and for every 3-5 pounds you lose.

      Please keep me updated on your progress but always remember the proCESS is so much more important than any proGRESS because through the process you’ll learn to strategize, overcome peer pressure and build confidence because no one did this but you (along with the Lord’s sensible guidelines) My best blessings to you my new friend.

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      • Thank you for caring, Ellie. LOL-Yes, I meant grams and not milligrams. I don’t know why I always mistype this.

        I definitely do need to stay away from the sugar starchy stuff. I love it too much!

        You gave me some great tips about how to make less seem like more. I know, too, that if I eat slower I think I’ve eaten more than I have.

        I’ll keep you updated after I’ve gotten into the swing of my measured eating. I’m going to start with a healthful lunch today.

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  11. I’m so glad I found your blog, thanks to Matthew Winter’s current post with suggested links. Your link was broken but I was persistent and found you! I can’t wait to comb through your blog.
    After my husband’s heart disease, diagnosis, we finally got on track. The best description of what we’re doing is the DASH! For others who may get that same awful – but in the end, blessed – wake up call, here’s our journey. We’ll update it soon with our one year anniversary of heart healing health:

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    • So happy to hear that Matthew’s posts sent me your way. I love his blog because he uses such practical applications built on Biblical principles (as I hope I do as well.) He inspires through his words. (Even my pastor husband also enjoys reading his blog occasionally when he find time, 🙂 )

      YES! The DASH Diet is an excellent choice and one that you’ll easily stay on for a lifetime with its “normal” guidelines. I’m now a mutual follower and I can’t wait to read more of your posts. I see you are in front of a motorhome. We full-timed for 6 years and met the most wonderful people across this country. Please comment again, I’d enjoy getting to know you better too. Blessings back,

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  12. I love your blog & am following it!!! I am a nutritionist / minister and I am obsessed with applying biblical principles to my diet and health. It makes total sense when you start looking at the scriptures on health. Love what you’re doing!

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