Living Sanely in a Topsy-Turvey World

What a topsy-turvey world we’re living in – Lord, please come soon! Right is wrong and worshipping rebellion is king. If Christians defend Truth, professing “wait that’s against God’s Word!” we are vilified. Therefore the majority remain silent and fearful. Isn’t silence compliance? We allow that unknowing frog in the frying pan to get cooked without even realizing the frog is us.

“In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” (Judges 21:25)

Even if I knew I could riot and break into an establishment, snatch money, merchandise, destroying and taking someone livelihood and get away with it, I wouldn’t! Have you noticed some condone this? People resort to crime and the police are supposed to be the bad guys? All of them??? (Isn’t that the definition of prejudice which the lawbreakers profess to hate?)

I don’t care what someone looks like – if they smile, are kind, courteous, I immediately want to be friends. If they are cruel, cantankerous, complaining, I avoid them. Choose your company wisely.

“Do not be deceived: “Bad company corrupts good character.” (1 Corinthians 15:33)

May I ask you something? Do you like what you see around you? No? Then make changes, starting with the one in the mirror. Are you someone you’d like to be friends with? Do you exemplify a kind nature? Begin with one kindness a day and become the compassionate, decent human being God wants you to be!

Start allowing God control over your life. A happy person is a healthy person in mind, body and spirit.

Face it – it’s been a challenging year. Isolation has led to depression which has led to consuming comfort foods for energy and to mask loneliness, boredom and pain. It takes a lot of discipline to resist sugary treats which both energizes a boring, stay-at-home existence and calms the restless soul.

Now you’ve added at least ten pounds to your girth and you’re blaming the government and God for that too. Did it not occur to you that one can exercise inside the home, read a book, sew, paint, clean or write instead? It’s your choice. (I’ve used this time to complete one of my sequels and have 60,000 plus words on the next one.)

Even if I knew I could consume restaurant food every night, I wouldn’t do it. First I enjoy creating meals with my own hands. Secondly, I crave a healthy lifestyle for my husband and myself more than food.

As a nutritionist, I’ve seen what happens when people constantly eat unhealthy foods. Fatty foods simply make us sluggish. It takes longer (5-7 hours) to burn fat for energy. Unhealthy food creates an acidic pH which leads to heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, cancers and other illnesses. Is that your goal? “It’s my life, I’ll do what I want!” Okay . . . then own it. It’s your choice. Personally, I love God more than McBurgers and French fries. Don’t make food your idol.

Make healthy eating compliance easy. Anything is fine in moderation but primarily eat for nutrients!!! Fast food has very few nutrients but is awash in calories. Listen to your body and strive for a life filled with vitality, contentment and mental perceptiveness. A happy person doesn’t destroy other people’s property nor themselves!!!

“I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.” (Philippians 4:11)


14 thoughts on “Living Sanely in a Topsy-Turvey World

  1. Thank you for posting this.

    Personally, I am working on learning my faith, deepening my relationship with Jesus. I am praying for eyes to be opened and for the conversion of souls. Spiritual warfare all around us…so important to pray for clarity so our eyes see the evils…many eyes are not seeing the truth of what is happening because they are not focusing on their relationship with Jesus as their priority. They are blowing along with the wind with no clue of where the wind is taking them and our country/the world.

    May God bless you and keep you in his loving care!

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    • How wonderful to hear from you again Bernadette – I’ve missed you! I’m happy to learn you are growing daily in the faith. One word of caution as you do – make sure you rely on THE Book most of all, rather than so many new “spiritual” books written by (sadly) false teachers like Beth Moore or Sarah Young who lead so many astray. I’ve always trusted Christians, like D.L. Moody, Warren Wiersbe, John MacCarthur who honor God above all! As you will as well ❤

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  2. I totally agree. I had to change my entire eating lifestyle from whatever I craved and wanted to eating healthy as a renal patient with Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 2 (diagnosed in 2016). Thank you for sharing this information. Remain safe.


  3. Oh, Ellie, this is a very inspiring post. We are responsible for our bodies. We were given our bodies to take care of. To respect it by feeding it nourishing food, both physically and spiritually. It is something that I have to remind myself often. Staying at home makes it easier to get up and grab something to eat without even thinking if I’m hungry or not. It requires discipline and consciousness.
    I was happy to read that you are busy, busy being productive with your writing. ❤


    • Carol, I find it so hard to believe you wouldn’t exhibit the highest discipline at all times. Look how disciplined a writer you are!

      Yes, happily my newest novel is nearly finished – now in the final editing stages. As you know however, no author is ever completely satisfied with their work. I do love the cover I created – can’t wait to debut it. I sure hope you’re coming out with a new one soon. Warnings Signs was fantastic! Blessings back, stay healthy and if you need a boost of enthusiasm, just write me, ❤


      • Ellie, thanks for your kind words. ❤
        I'm thrilled that your newest novel is almost finished and looking forward to reading it.
        Covers are really important, just as titles are, I think.
        I've been working on another novel. Not quite ready yet. There's so much to do besides the editing. I tend to get my covers through Kindle and publish with them because it makes the entire process simpler. And then, there's the marketing which I don't put as much energy in it as I should. I'm glad you liked Warning Signs. 🙂
        Good luck with your novel. Hope all goes smoothly. You too, stay healthy ❤

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