Whole Life Challenge review

I absolutely love this intelligent and thought-provoking post. It’s so great to come across another dietitian who understands all aspects of nutrition (while calling out the false diet gurus who proclaim anything people want to hear.) I highly recommend finding and following her blog too:


You know what I’m sick of? Engineers and people with zero nutrition education making claims that you can “biohack” your life, undermining dietitians, and giving one-size-fits all nutrition advice. This rant seems appropriate coming on the heels of my post about the carnivore diet.

Earlier this summer my brother asked for my thoughts about this “Whole Life Challenge” that a bunch of people in his office were doing. He was a little sceptical about the nutrition advice they were providing and wanted to know my thoughts as a registered dietitian.

My first question was, “who is behind this challenge?” Well, we’ve got the founders: Andy who has a background in sales and engineering (quelle surprise) who then opened a crossfit gym and Michael who was a coach and manager at a crossfit gym, and has a degree in philosophy and culinary arts. Well, at least he’s got a…

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9 thoughts on “Whole Life Challenge review

  1. My sister in law introduced me to the Whole Life diet. I say that’s how we now eat-whole foods. I’ve never heard of this challenge. We’re grateful we discovered how to just eat healthy nutritious foods without all the hoopla! Thank You Lord for being our Guide!

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    • Thanks for your comment Debbie, ❤ My objection to Whole Foods Challenge is the theory that certain foods are "bad" for us: dairy, soy, beans, peanuts, corn, legumes, potatoes . . . God created all these and we can eat everything in moderation as it states in 1 Corinthians 6 & 10. Some people however, will always believe they are smarter than God. I'd rather not tell Him that He is wrong . . . would anyone? 🙂

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      • Good point!
        But what I did like is trying to evaluate if a food is harmful to us. Bill found out sugar is harmful to his health-but then he used to overdue it! When I had such serious problems with my knees, I switched from dairy milk to almond milk for breakfast. We mainly eat skim mozzarella cheese to help and it’s seemed to work.
        The key is everything in moderation and well-balanced nutrition. Preferably with few to little processing and preservatives. That’s helped us the most. 💝

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      • So true! Once again exactly right, God designed us uniquely. We each have a different DNA. A little sugar by the way, is better than an entire package of Splenda, which is dangerous to me and others! Check out my post on it found in my search engine.

        I’ve had a few who don’t seem to understand what I mean by “everything is fine in moderation” and it becomes a “gotcha” moment – like “I can’t eat strawberries or shrimp because I’m allergic to it, so you’re wrong!” (It’s similar to picking out Bible verses to fit into one’s own conviction without knowing the entire Hebrew or Greek word concept.)

        Praise God you understand what I mean! Gosh I hope our paths cross sometime on this side of Heaven – for fulltiming seems more attractive every day,


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