“Oh, Honey!”




9 thoughts on ““Oh, Honey!”

    • Your grandmother was a very smart lady,Joe! So many of our drugs come from common plants such as willow bark to create aspirin and sleep aides like valarian. We certainly could use a Garden of Eden today because all drugs have a side affect! (But they are necessary at times) Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it.


  1. We love honey here in Oregon and my own Honey Dude is going to start keeping bees this very month! We’re excited to endeavor into this new territory, because – as you’ve said – honey is a miracle worker. And yummy! Win, win.


  2. Thank you for your great endorsement! Oregon was the 49th state we visited and it quickly became one of my top three favorites. When I was a child I was treated by the vet on our NJ farm when I was attacked by a hive of bees – therefore I have a great deal of respect for them and stay as faaaarrrr away as possibile 🙂 Best wishes in your honey endeavor and let us know how it turns out. (How long till bees make honey?)


  3. Thanks Ellie for such an informative post! With regards to the skin part, once recently I had some problem skin and used honey to wash my face, the result seemed nearly miraculous!


    • What a great endorsement! Thanks Sofia – Maybe a “peaches and cream” complexion should add “honey” to that statement, hmmmm? You definitely practice what you preach!


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    • Hey great!! Place it in a prominent place so you remember to take it. (I once had a patient to whom I recommended Gingko for her memory. She left my office forgetting to take it with her – can you spell . . . irony?) 🙂 I’m so happpy when people take my advice – I pray it will work but even if for some reason it does not, it’s a sweet nutrious treat right? aaah, I’m sure it will help! Blessings my friend and I hope life is getting better for you as my prayers reach God’s ears.


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