Are You Happy With Crumbs?

One can learn quite a few Spiritual Lessons from dogs.

The other day as usual,we doled out our pups food and set it down in front of them. Our rambunctious female Lhasa Apso only sat and observed while our Cocker Spaniel dug right in!

Sebastian031208Now since he’s getting old, he doesn’t always dine as gentlemanly as we’d like.  Food sometimes spews forth from the side of his tooth-gapped mouth and much to our dismay, scatters all over the kitchen floor into crushed tiny pieces. But he’s always happy with what he gets.

“Dry crumbs in peace are better than a full meal with strife”  (Proverbs 17:1)

Meanwhile, our Lhasa isn’t content with her own dish of delicious chow. Oh no, she’s patiently waiting to pounce on the scattered disgusting leftovers cast aside by her messy brother!

How representative of one who isn’t happy with what their master has given them but lust after the “crumbs” of what others have. (Anything not done on Earth for our Lord are really crumbs anyway.)

Are we that way?  Isn’t that typical of some of us who are not content with all the wonderful bounty God has given us? We have a lovely home, great spouse, wonderful children, a well-paying job, adoration from friends and so much more.  Are we content? No of course not,  we tend to want what others have too! Our friends, family, neighbors have newer cars, more luxurious boats, better furniture, a more prestigious position . . .

Remember God’s Words as related by Paul in Philippians 4:11“Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.”

Now getting back to our Lhasa, she is certainly not in need of additional food because we provide well for her. Jewel051208She is healthy and fit. We could give her more but it would be unwise. More food would only make her sluggish and unhealthy. The practical application? More things don’t fill an empty void in our soul, we’d only want more.

What if we got everything we desired?  We’d most likely be spoiled, greedy and ungrateful. No, I care enough about our little dogs to give them only what is good for them and sometimes that means restrictions. Wouldn’t you do the same with your loved ones? Would you give your children ice cream for breakfast if they demanded it?

Contentment. Have we not yet learned that God desires to give us only what is good for us as well? But we still lust after more of the crumbs in life! Have we not learned that with additional “things” comes the need of upkeep, maintenance, overseeing, worry and more stress. Stress increases insulin levels which adds weight and causes debilitating illnesses!

Crummy food also causes stress. If we consume only what is healthy for us, our metabolism will also be content. But lusting after more  sugar, fat, preservatives, chemically-based food stresses the body, causing it to work harder to maintain a healthier metabolism. Don’t settle for an unhealthy lifestyle.

“For all that is in the world—the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride of life—is not from the Father but is from the world.” (1 John 2:16)

If we rely on God for our needs He will provide exactly what we need to be content! Store up treasure in heaven. Anything we can’t take with us are truly crumbs left behind.


9 thoughts on “Are You Happy With Crumbs?

  1. Apparently the Lord is trying to get contentment across to us because on March 30 I posted Contentment – a Biblical Posture on The Ruminant Scribe and used as the illustration for the thought our two MinPins fighting over the same toy. Have a great day, Ellie, and I appreciate how you tied in the nutrition with contentment. A lesson that I have trouble learning! Blessings.


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