Thank you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

Thank you Liam for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I have been a fan of yours since I began my blog just a few weeks after you did, so I appreciate your encouragement!

For those who haven’t found it yet, Liam’s “The Life of a Thinker” Blog,  is a lot of fun to read, so please do yourself a favor and check it out. He’s also been plugging away faithfully on his NoNaWriMo all month so I’m not sure he’s even come up for air yet. I can’t wait to find out what his novel is about!  Since he’s British, we’ll just give him a “Hip, Hip Horray, Cheerio Chap, Onward-Toward-Success Bloke,” cheer.

I thought Thanksgiving week would be a perfect time to post this and to thank all the wonderful people who have taken the time to comment on my topics and have told me I have helped them in some small way. So thank you, I value your input and I want to hear from you even more.

As per the rules for this award, I am required to admit 7 things about myself that might not be known through my blogging. So here goes:

1. I grew up on a New Jersey dairy farm that was later sold to a home builder who developed the beautiful Great Gorge Country Club on the site. The quarry, the silo and railroad tracks are all places I played as a kid. Have any of you played golf there?

2.  I had a pet skunk as a child. Or at least until he became a little too old for comfort.

3. I attended a three room schoolhouse during my first two years of school and when we were moved into a larger consolidated school, my family received a truck load of leftover school books which inspired my love of reading and adventure.

4. I attended college classes with Andy Kaufman of television’s Taxi fame and was one of the first to witness his famous Elvis impression.

5.  Being a tour guide in Europe for a couple of years, I actually got paid for escorting guests to Switzerland, France, Italy, along the Rhine River, to castles and monasteries! My favorite country is Austria where we were avid cross country skiers.

6.  We almost moved to Australia but 48 hours before the plane departed my husband got his “Uncle Sam wants you” personal invitation. We’d still love to live there.

7. My favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird. Fearless then, tomboyish and mouthy, I was totally Scout.

Our next assignment for the award is to nominate 15 other bloggers. I find this extremely difficult due to the fact that every blog I follow is special, thought provoking and inspirational. So my apologies to those I couldn’t include but if nominated for anything else, I’ll have an excuse to mention you in the future.


Whew, that was the hardest part because I wanted to include ALL of my 2649 followers. (Okay, okay, slight exaggeration, but I can hope.) Please check out these amazing bloggers who all inspire me to be a better woman, wife, mom, cook, athlete and child of the King.

Congratulations to all of you and again my thanks to Liam.


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