Water with Lemon to Lose Weight



Psalm 8:3,4 “When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?”


16 thoughts on “Water with Lemon to Lose Weight

    • Great question! Although the jury’s still out on this one and experts argue back and forth, he’s my opinion on that. Whenever you can get a real lemon go for it. Fresh is almost always better unless it sits around for a month in your fridge. Just be sure you wash the outside free from any pesticides and contaminants and you might add some zest as well.

      However if lemons are too expensive during certain times of the year, lemon juice can substitute as long as you’re not allergic to sulfates which some bottled brands contain. I guess I’d have the same viewpoint on fresh orange juice. Fresh is better than frozen but it’s a pain and impracical to juice an entire gallon of it! But then some people have a lot of time on their hands and money to burn.

      Thanks for the question and hope I helped you.


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  2. Hi Ellie. I have been drinking lemon in my water for about a week now and have really noticed a difference in my eating habits. I was constantly going to the cupboard looking for snacks, but now I feel a lot more satisfied and when I go to the cupboard out of habit I realise I am not actually hungry. Many thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. Mon


    • What great news and thank you for letting me know about your successes!!

      I am thrilled that you are seeing results from a little thing I said. Talking oneself into doing the right thing is powerful mind-set so I have no doubt you’ll be able to continue in other aspects of your life as well. As I’ve often said, “If one can lose weight, they can do anything because no one else lives in your body but you.” (well of course include the Holy Spirit too but I trust you know what I mean)

      Congratulations, well done!


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