Water with Lemon to Lose Weight??? God’s Incredible pH Scale!

On his television program the other night, host Bill O’Reilly, repeated his weight loss tip regarding drinking water with lemon before one eats to curb their appetite. Very true. It works. But how many of you wondered why? Was it just to make one full? Partly . . . but here’s why it really works.

When your body’s PH is alkaline, it’s not as hungry! Lemon happens to be an alkaline food.

So what’s important about that? Because it substantiates what an awesome bodily machine God created, which some view it as simply coincidence.

Psalm 8:3,4 “When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?”

Let’s discuss the body’s PH scale. Okay, okay, I can hear you grumbling now . . .  gosh I’m back in school. I promise I’ll make it interesting.  

Visualize a vertical line numbered from 1-14 with water right smack in the middle, neutral at 7.0. Anything above 7.0 is an alkaline item and anything below is acidic. The stomach is 3.0. It must be that acidic in order to aid digestion processes.

Most people who suffer from an illness are acidic. Stress creates an acidic environment. When you’re ill or under stress, your body is forced to borrow minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium from your bones or vital organs to neutralize the acid and remove it safely from your system. These same minerals regulate your heart function! Prolonged stress can cause acute diseases, so take steps to relax. Although the verdict’s still out on whether an alkaline diet prevents cancer, it does make biological sense, doesn’t it? By eating fruits and vegetables, the body maintains a healthy PH and therefore in most cases avoids disease and cancers.

Important: Soft drinks, especially those with artificial sweeteners, make the body acidic! Is it worth the risk??  (And now you’re hungrier so it kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?)

Keeping your PH between 7.3 – 7.45 is considered ideal. Remember your body is 55-70% water. Balance is the key! Alkaline foods consist primarily of fruits and vegetables.

Now I know what you’re thinking . . . “but Ellie, lemon is so sour, how can it not be acidic?” That’s true – lemons, limes, grapefruit begin as an acidic element but transform into an alkaline product as it metabolizes.  Isn’t God amazing?!  And some think this just “happened by chance.”

Therefore if anything below 7.0  is acidic, meats, dairy, sugars, caffeine, alcohol and anything processed are all acidic products. Now you’re saying, “But Ellie that’s how my family eats!”  Bingo, that’s the stereotypical American diet and that’s why we’re such a sick society today!!!  Asian countries don’t eat this way.  Their daily diet consists of vegetables, rice, very little meat. Asian countries also have less cancers.

Eating needn’t be complicated. An alkaline diet is mostly vegetarian. Remember what I told you before? Eat 5x’s more fruits, vegetables and whole grains as meat (3-4 oz) on your plate. Now it’s visual.

Here’s a partial list of beneficial alkaline foods, but remember that anything’s fine in moderation:

  • Fats: Almond nuts, olive, canola, flaxseed oil
  • Grains: Quinoa, wild rice, amaranth, millet, oats
  • Sugars: maple syrup, Stevia
  • Vegetables: tomatoes, mushrooms, potato skins, olives, carrots, corn on the cob, lettuce, beets, sweet potatoes, squash, green beans, cabbage, peas, raw spinach, asparagus, onions, raw spinach, broccoli, garlic
  • Fruits: apples, melons, mangoes, papaya, blueberries, oranges, pears, raisins, bananas, peaches, pineapple, grapes, avocado
  • milk: soy products, feta goat cheese

Bottom line: Eat Balanced.  A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, whole grains, soy products and plenty of water will build your immune system.  Processed foods, too much caffeine, dairy, white sugar, meats and white flour products will destroy your godly temple. Change your thinking, your family’s diet and leave a legacy of health to your future generations.


16 thoughts on “Water with Lemon to Lose Weight??? God’s Incredible pH Scale!

    • Great question! Although the jury’s still out on this one and experts argue back and forth, he’s my opinion on that. Whenever you can get a real lemon go for it. Fresh is almost always better unless it sits around for a month in your fridge. Just be sure you wash the outside free from any pesticides and contaminants and you might add some zest as well.

      However if lemons are too expensive during certain times of the year, lemon juice can substitute as long as you’re not allergic to sulfates which some bottled brands contain. I guess I’d have the same viewpoint on fresh orange juice. Fresh is better than frozen but it’s a pain and impracical to juice an entire gallon of it! But then some people have a lot of time on their hands and money to burn.

      Thanks for the question and hope I helped you.


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  2. Hi Ellie. I have been drinking lemon in my water for about a week now and have really noticed a difference in my eating habits. I was constantly going to the cupboard looking for snacks, but now I feel a lot more satisfied and when I go to the cupboard out of habit I realise I am not actually hungry. Many thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. Mon


    • What great news and thank you for letting me know about your successes!!

      I am thrilled that you are seeing results from a little thing I said. Talking oneself into doing the right thing is powerful mind-set so I have no doubt you’ll be able to continue in other aspects of your life as well. As I’ve often said, “If one can lose weight, they can do anything because no one else lives in your body but you.” (well of course include the Holy Spirit too but I trust you know what I mean)

      Congratulations, well done!


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