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Are You a Godly Role Model for Your Children?

Over the years, hundreds of books were written meant to uncover why adults acted as they did.

Each touched on:

  • what motivates us;, how to be successful.
  • how we should view ourselves,
  • what’s our “sign”
  • discovering what type of personality we have: Type A, B, and so on.

Notice the common denominator? It was all about “self.” These books were written with the distinct purpose of reflecting how people should view themselves. Everyone got placed in a box, tied up with a brightly colored ribbon. Formula!

What self-centered thinking! Quite the opposite of “God First, Others Second and I Am Third.”

We are a combination of many personalities, because God created each of us uniquely. Our uniqueness makes us special. For example, my husband and I respond differently to different stimuli. I’m more impulsive, my husband’s more methodical. I need to talk it out, he needs time to think it through . . .

Therefore, it’s extremely important for each parent to discover their child’s “Love Language” also. Authors studied and targeted older generations and forgot about children.

Have you ever thought, the way we treat our children shouldn’t be the same as we treat an adult? Our children are as individual as we are. Each child has a distinctive personality and a separate need for recognition, discipline, space, acceptance and approval.

An emotional or affectionate child responds better to physical rewards such as a hug rather than a toy as a reward. He wants to know he is worth more than “things.” No amount of materialism can purchase this child’s love. He needs to be assured that he is more than simply another possession you own or he’ll turn to food or drugs for unfulfilled, comforting emotions.

One child is more analytical, another is a studious bookworm. These children desire stimulating conversation even more than hugs. Praise and respect them for their curiosity and dedication to studies (and of course hug them anyway!)

Sometimes a child only wants time with their parents, but rarely finds it. Sometimes the parents are so busy keeping up with the ‘Joneses’, working sixty-hour weeks in order to reward their child with “things” rather than what their child’s soul longs for; attention.

This creates a chasm between a child-parent relationships, perhaps one which will never fully heal. This child could even grow up to be introverted, placing a protective shell around his heart to avoid perceived abandonment issues.

Or perhaps he becomes another workaholic for his parent’s sought-after blessing. As he matures, he might want to sit and enjoy a movie, snuggling with his child, but years of training taught him that’s considered “unproductive” time. So he continues to strive for approval through hard work.

We are God’s child but do we spend time with the Lord? Think he doesn’t love us; accepts us as we are, faults and all?  Our Lord understands our Love Language! If we simply want to spend time with Him, wrapped in prayer, He’s always available to listen. If we encounter trials, we can rest in our Father’s Arms, finding comfort rather than criticism.

If we are analytical, He’ll provide knowledge and wisdom through His Word so we can understand. God’s always attuned to our needs even before we know them ourselves.

We can learn so much from our Heavenly Father. Remember that most children first identify our Heavenly Father with their earthly father. Appreciate each child as the blessing from God they truly are!

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” (3 John 1:4)

Romance in Books – A Guest Blogger Invite

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and romance is in the air.  Here’s a suggestion: instead of giving your Honey a box of fattening chocolates, how about presenting her with a romantic book?  Perhaps one of romance bookpoetry which you will read to your Beloved over strawberries and champagne . . .  just planting ideas  . . .  After all, as it states in Proverbs 15:17,  “A bowl of vegetables with someone you love is better than steak with someone you hate”  aah, that King Solomon could sure spew romance.

I’ve asked my friend Liam of  http://thelifeofathinker.wordpress.com  to guest today on a subject he knows well.  Please check out his site because I guarantee you’ll enjoy it!  Besides, when he’s world-famous, he’s promised to thank the ‘little’ people (me) who gave him all this attention. 🙂

Romance in Books: Is it everywhere, and what can we learn from it?

Hello, it’s Liam from The Life of a Thinker here, and I was fortunate enough to do a guest post for my friend Ellie on this blog. So, I’m a writer (I write novels, poems, and articles) but an interesting question came my way recently which ties in very well with this blog, and the date…

Romance… Is it in every book, and how can we use it in everyday life?

To answer it briefly, in romance books, yes. But what about other genres? Like sci – fi, mystery, horror, for example? Another yes here. Personally, I believe it’s required in every book. Some form of relationship creates empathy between us and the characters, and is very important in a story, as that’s what gets them turning the page!

Romance, or any type of relationship, consists of friendship, trust, and telling people how you feel (which can link with trust). It is a great connection that allows other people to gain an insight into your thoughts, and offer possible advice which may be useful.

But it’s not just close relationships. It can be friendships too, any form of trust is useful for people. Trust is a useful thing in life. So today, value your friends, as well as your lovers…

The Blog Event:

Thanks for reading the post, I really appreciate it. But I would just like to say a quick word about my upcoming blog event – called “imPRESSive”. I aim to give some blog tips and inspire people to set up blogs. It starts on the 23rd February, so there’s plenty of time to get involved! Here’s a couple…

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