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Is the SBC’s Tent Big Enough for ALL Marginalized Christian Women?

What a powerful post linking the correlation between sound Christian doctrine and sound nutritional teaching. Michelle Lesley is a powerful Christian writer. I respect her for she stands courageously for Truth and so do I. I praise God for her strong testimony for the Lord.

As a Christian nutritional counselor I profess physiological truth when it comes to health. Sadly there are many more in this world who will follow what their “itching ears want to hear” than will follow Spiritual and physiological Truth.

Case in point: I’m not sure if you noticed the headline advertising “hot dog water” recently on the news lately? This hot dog water was being sold for $38 a tube – hopefully as a joke, but touted for weight loss. I’m not sure how many people actually bought it but in the mid 1990s, 41 signed up for Oprah’s fake hot dog and ice cream diet in two days! “itchy ears” again.

If I sold and promoted junk food as a weight loss program, I’d be rich by now. I continually battle false diet teachers who have a celebrity name or have a doctorate who profess unhealthy , unrealistic, quick weight loss, eliminating food groups and outright untruths to sell product. But professing the truth of Genesis 1:29, Genesis 9:3 and 1 Corinthains 10:23 as a legitimate health plan, doesn’t make one wealthy. I will continue to write and stand for mental, physical and spiritual interity, truth, praying you wil never become a sheep following blindly. Seek and hunger after the Word of God always, blessings,

Michelle Lesley

It started with Paige Patterson’s gobsmackingly horrible and unbiblical advice to an abused to wife to return to her husband. Then it was the lurid remarks he made about a teenage girl, with which he regaled a congregation during a sermon. Next came the allegations of his mishandling of two separate sexual assault cases at two different seminaries.

In response to all this turmoil, Beth Moore added to the conversation some vague stories of various unnamed men in Christian circles who had, in her perception, condescended to her or otherwise not treated her as an equal, leaving the impression that there is widespread, systemic misogyny within modern evangelicalism. Jen Wilkin, from a more biblical – yet, troublingly, similarly vague – perspective, joined the chorus, and has been afforded a wider audience for the “they can’t be pastors, natch, but we need more women in church leadership” platform she…

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Thank you for the Liebster Awards!


Thank you so much, His Perfect Timing (https://hisperfecttiming.blog  for two Liebster awards. It’s an honor to receive these from this lovely, dedicated blogger. I urge you to please check out her many diverse blog postings from healthcare and book reviews to lifestyle posts. It’ll really keep you busy and enlightened!

So here are the rules:

The rules of the Liebster Award are as follows:

1) Acknowledge the blog who nominated you for this award.
2) Answer 11 questions the blogger gave you.
3) Give 11 random facts about yourself.
4) Nominate 11 blogs.
5) Notify them.
6) Give them 11 questions to answer


How did you get started blogging?

A. I began this blog five years ago after I began to notice the many similarities of mental, physical and Spiritual health to food and godly living.

Where do you find your inspiration?

A. I found inspiration from Biblical illustrations, my husband’s sermons, my pets, my bookshelves as well as specific questions from followers regarding healthy living.

Have you learned any important lessons along the way? 

A. Those who focus on people rather than their Creator will always be disappointed. God gives us patience to not expect perfection from others. B. Many are hurting; searching for encouragement, validation and purpose in life. C. Words and integrity matter. If you say you’ll do something, keep your word

What is one thing you can share with others about blogging?

A. One can accumulate friendships from all over the world through blogging and I look forward to seeing these fellow Christians in Heaven where we’ll have eternity to get to know each other in person!

Have you found blogging to be profitable?  If so, what’s the secret?

A. Nope, my blog is a ministry and so are my books – although I would hope that those who promised their review, would keep their word. If they didn’t enjoy it, contact me privately.

How long did it take for you to develop your own unique style?

I didn’t realize I had a distinct style until a lady contacted me in Arizona for a seminar. She told me, “I googled, ‘Speaker, Christian, nutritionist . . .’ and congrats, you’re it!” When God moved us from AZ to Ohio, I spoke at her women’s group and we became instant friends going on 3 years now.

Who would you like to read your blog that isn’t reading it now?

Those who are attempting dangerous fad diets! Attempting to become healthier through crazy and illogical ways is not how God intended us to live.

How much time do you spend on your blog every week?

A.  Probably a good 10-12 hours by researching, composing, posting and reading/replying to follow up questions.

How long have you been blogging?

A.  5 years without missing a week – (it might be time to take a sabbatical)

Where do you see your blog in the future?

A. Hopefully continuing to motivate others.

What one word describes you?

A.  Enthusiastic


Okay, 1. I grew up on a poor NJ dairy farm where 2. I learned how to work hard and self-discipline at an early age. 3. Tough circumstances early in life, taught me to have gratitude for the good times. 4. I gave my heart to the Lord at age 14. 5. I’ve been married 48 years this month to the same guy who has been a military man, golf pro and now a pastor. 6. I find life is never boring! 7. I enjoyed change because I could get rid of the “old me” and morph into a butterfly. (Who asks for 11 facts??? Yikes) 8. My favorite place on Earth is Sorrento, Italy. 9. Have visited 39 countries and islands. 10. Lived in West Berlin Germany when it was divided and 11. Wherever I am, I am content in the Lord and NE Ohio is the best place yet!

Nominate between 5 to 11 other bloggers..

As someone who appreciates ALL my wonderful followers. I realize many have now created a “No Awards Zone Allowed” blog and I won’t offend them. Therefore, I am opening this award up to those who enjoy these and have the time to work on this project. It’s wonderful to discover more about those who write to me. Love you all!


If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why

What author (alive or dead) would you invite for a dinner party?

Favorite book

Favorite movie

What colors are in your home

What is your best talent

What were you like in high school

What was your first car

What’s your ideal vacation

Name an item on your bucket list

Are you a dog or cat person



Why Should My Children Suffer Just Because I’m On a “Diet”?

So why should my child have to sacrifice what they want to eat  just because I’m on a diet, you ask?

Who said it was a sacrifice?  Didn’t I tell you anything was fine in moderation? I Corinthians 6:12 states, “Everything is permissible for me – but not everything is beneficial. Everything is permissible for me – but I will not be mastered by anything.”

We are free to eat fast food, processed foods, donuts, cold cuts . . . just not every day because it would become a wrong habit, polluting our bodies with junk and not honoring God.  Our goal is to stay in control, know why we eat and ensure that any food doesn’t control you. There are actually two chemicals found in fast food, ghrelin and leptin, that stimulate a desire for additional sweet and starchy foods. So by giving in to your child when he screams for a fast food hamburger, you are setting him up for challenges later on.  Is that really what you want to do?

When you think about it there are only two things that could go wrong with reaching your family’s goal of eating healthier:

  • Long ingrained habits
  • Food choices

Try to establish a habit of sharing meals together. Strive to build only happy memories around dinners shared. This should be a time of fellowship. There is a wonderful film entitled, Avalon.  The movie begins with three generations sitting around the kitchen table, enjoying lively discussions and companionship. As time progresses, generations and society changes.  The film ends with one family sitting quietly, no more lively discussions – only consuming TV dinners around the nightly news. That scene states so much about the loss of family values in today’s world!  Strive to build happy memories and a solid foundation of closeness as you eat together.

Regarding your family’s food choices, train a child early so he’ll choose what’s best for his body and you will break the chain of events that lead to your own unhealthy eating lifestyle. 

I urge you not to become an enabler to your child.  He doesn’t need to place junk in his body any more than you do!  Consider it a life lesson in self-control.  How many of you when you see a child staging a temper tantrum in a store because he expects something now, want to take that child home with you? “Oh isn’t he precious?!” you say, don’t you?  Not on your life!! When we see a child however, who is well-mannered and in control of his actions, we know that the parents have trained him to be at an early age to be self-controlled.

Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it.” (NIV)  Good eating habits become ingrained in your child. By your personal actions of instructing and educating your child in healthier ways, you’re setting him on a path that won’t lead to the common illnesses that plague so many today, such as diabetes and heart disease. Your child will be a better scholar and athlete  Your child will excel at independent decision-making and begin an upward spiral of success!  That’s not sacrifice, that’s accomplishment!

What are some great snacks for a child?  Apples or graham crackers with peanut butter, cut vegetables with an herb yogurt dip,  fresh fruit dipped in a sweet yogurt dip or with dark chocolate, unsalted popcorn without butter, crunchy granola made with Chex or other whole grain cereals, raisins and nuts, Triscuits and white cheeses. Make snacks together and create warm memories together!  Happy eating! Ellie


So What Does This Mean to Me in “Dog Years”?

I don’t know about you but I get so frustrated listening to these well-known dietitians on television explain to viewers that one should “eat only this many fat grams” or “consume only 2,000 milligrams” to achieve a healthier lifestyle.  They never get around to explaining what a gram/milligram is.  I’ve never heard a nutritional expert explain it so  the average dieter knows what it means to them. I want to shout at the TV, please at least tell them what it means to them in “dog years”! (You know, if I said my dog is 11 years old but in human terms he’s the equivilent of 77.  Now you understand why he’s a little stiff in the joints.  You can relate to it.)

So how many of you know how much a gram is?  Probably very few right? What the heck does that mean to you in dog years???  Now, if I explain that there are 4 grams in a teaspoon, you can finally relate to it. Everyone knows the size of a teaspoon.  It becomes even more real when you look at that soda can label and discover that there are 36 grams of sugar in that 12 oz. drink.  All of a sudden you realize that you have been consuming 9 teaspoons of sugar! Belly up to the sugar bowl and dive in!

Now anything is fine in moderation and sugar isn’t off-limits nor is a soda every once in a while. But why fill your body with something that is void of nutrients and the phosphorus in soft drinks gradually deplete your bones?  1 Cor 6:12, “Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial.” Eat for nutrients!

Use visualize skills to help you. Count it out in your head; one, two, three, four, and so on. You wouldn’t think of adding teaspoon after teaspoon of sugar onto your sub sandwich but that in essence is what you are doing every time you drink a soda with your meal.  If you’d like a drink similar to a soda without all the sugar, try this: get a glass of ice, orange juice and can of seltzer water (there’s no sodium in seltzer water).  Add half of the juice and seltzer water over the ice and you’ve created a refreshing drink with a lot less sugar.

Oh by the way, 2,000 milligrams equals a teaspoon as well.  That’s about the maximum amount of sodium we are cautioned to consume all day.   Almost every natural food contains sodium, so remember it’s not just the salt you add from the shaker. There is a lot of hidden sodium in processed meats, packaged foods, fast food and cheese. Salt is an acquired taste. My rule is that if I wouldn’t add salt to it anyway (like cheese or ham) then it’s already in it. Tip: Use herbs or vinegar to add flavor to your pasta sauce or a little coffee or balsamic vinegar to your pot roast.

4 grams and 2,000 milligrams each equal one teaspoon. Now it’s real, you can take control.  . Be smart and be in charge of your body’s health!