“I want it, I want it!!!” But Should You Have It?

We are a demanding culture today, are we not?

Currently we have no children living at home but we do have something just as challenging: “Mr. No-No”

That little dog has a myriad of toys to choose from but never seems satisfied with what is right in front of him! I am perpetually putting his toys back in his box. He brings them out but gets bored quickly.

When we allowed him to choose from several items, he sticks his nose up at them and demands a new chewy or toy. Instead of getting what he want, he gets a trip to “time-out.”

Aren’t we the same? We live in such a materialistic society that keeping up with the Joneses and acquiring more toys is the goal. We never stop to enjoy the bounty God has already given us. When we act spoiled rotten, sometimes God has to give us a “time-out” too. It’s called a reality check.

According to Psalm 37:4, God says He’ll give us the desires of our heart: “Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

What do we want? Perhaps a grilled steak every night? A larger home, better job, a spa day, a Maserati, to win the lottery? Whatever. But whatever it is, we want it now!!!

God is not a vending machine! Nor will He give bad things to His children. Just because we want it however, doesn’t mean it good for us! Perhaps we’d better read the next verse:

Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him, and he will act,” (Psalm 37:5)

Our hearts must be right. We shouldn’t have selfish motives and expect God to deliver. God knows that spoiling a child isn’t good in the long run. Giving in to a child will only create a habitually demanding adult who no one enjoys being around.

We live as we learn.

When I young and we were dirt poor farm kids, dinner was placed on the table and we got to eat what was on our plate and we better like it!!! One of our Mom’s favorite expressions was, “You can have anything you want . . .  and this is what you want.”

We learned to appreciate fresh vegetables, fresh air and one more thing: fresh thinking. It wasn’t recycled robotic thinking. We used our imagination, created the first “pet-rocks” to create forts and castles, read books and thought ideas through. Those disciplined habits stay with a child.

Now, going into a restaurant, I still retain discipline as well as frugality. To order the most expensive item on the menu would seem like a waste when I can be just as satisfied with less.

We have so many choices today – actually, too many. Growing up, we didn’t have the internet or 565 television channels; we played outside. Our choices were climbing trees, kicking a ball or biking. Nowadays, children play primarily inside and must decide among video games, texting their friends, checking their email or watching television.  We reap what we sow. No movement means no energy, weight gain and health challenges. Inactivity and food became our god.  Philippians 3:19.

So if God granted us instant thinness, would we appreciate it? Probably not, we certainly wouldn’t have the knowledge to choose the healthiest items at the grocery nor the discipline to maintain a healthy weight. Therefore God knows it wouldn’t be for our best.

We should earn our healthier lifestyle, it’s much more satisfying!

“I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”  (Philippians 3:14)



10 thoughts on ““I want it, I want it!!!” But Should You Have It?

  1. My mother must have been your mother’s sister. There wasn’t all this mess about cooking multiple meals. Mama decided and that’s what we received. We were required to taste it. It was our choice whether to eat or not. If we didn’t eat, there were no snacks. I think that is good sometimes. You are right that I wouldn’t appreciate thinness if it came too easy. The things in my life that I have worked the hardest on I appreciate the most. Thank you for sharing. It’s great to live in God’s love.

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  2. I’m generally a non materialistic and frugal woman, happy with the basics. I rarely buy myself anything, but do confess to having a bit of a penchant for good food. My groceries are really the only things I personally spend money on (can’t say that about my husband).

    I will cry when I have to replace my 1998 Honda Civic. Last week my therapist made a big deal complimenting a pair of sandals she saw me wear a couple of times. I thanked her for the compliment and said they were old. I didn’t mention how old (17 years old).

    I used to get very impatient with long projects. To fight that I worked as fast as I could on them. As a woman with bipolar disorder, when hypomanic or manic fast was super charged fast. I have learned patience over the years. I was forced to. Things became more and more challenging. In these cases, one could feel sorry for themselves and possibly give up, or keep moving forward, even if at a snail’s pace with occasional falls backwards. It is true that reaching goals (or even interim goals) is particularly satisfying for me. Interim goals are important. Some goals can be overwhelming.

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    • I really appreciated your input and you brought up quite a few great points, thanks.

      I also am very frugal but I think that’s all because I grew up extremely poor and value a dollar. And I can identify with your sandal story and keep them forever! But I have a hard time finding comfortable shoes, ha!

      I think some place too high a standard on their goals too. It can become overwhelming an thus they give up! Reaching small goals definitely gives one a sense of accomplishment and it’s done well for you – so as I say, if it ain’t broke and it works for ya, keep on keeping on, 🙂 We are each created uniquely and God is Good. Appreciate your comment,

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