Why Do People Reject the Poor Carb???

I’m sure my fellow nutritionists and dietitians have similar frustrations when they hear someone gleefully announce, “I’m giving up all carbs to lose weight!

Before you swear off all carbohydrates, STOP and THINK. Here are some important facts for your brain to digest:

The brain feeds primarily on glucose. Glucose is a carbohydrate. The most important carbohydrate in the body. I don’t know about you but I intend to retain as many brain cells as I can; especially during this era of ever-increasing dementia.

Glucose circulates in the bloodstream as sugar and is also necessary for cell respiration and energy.

I’ve heard people declare they’ve sworn off peanuts, lentils (Paleo Diet) and that they’d NEVER eat bananas because they’re “fattening.” What false beliefs! All the above carbohydrates contain valuable tryptophan which turns into the feel-good neurotransmitter, serotonin. The body needs serotonin to remain happy. (Pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds are also excellent.)

By lumping all carbohydrates together, it causes confusion. There’s a difference between simple versus complex, good and not-so-great carbs:. Donuts, cakes, cookies, pies, Twinkies, Pop Tarts and candy are much different from cherries, apples, oranges, broccoli, spinach and sweet potatoes. One group contains a great deal of nutrients and the other . . .  not-so-much. Yet they are all classified as carbs.

Beneficial complex carbs contain nutrients while candy and other simple carbs contain little or none. Simple should be eaten for pleasure and in moderation. For a special treat, try a piece of fruit dipped in melted dark chocolate (with valuable antioxidants.)

Wholesome, complex carbs contain fiber. Fiber is essential for good health because dangerous toxins, preservatives, dyes and other chemicals attach themselves to fiber and are moved out of the bloodstream as well as through the intestines. Carbohydrates are only found in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and herbs. (No matter how tough that steak was it contains no fiber!)

Without beneficial fiber, toxins fester in the cells, creating the possibility of cancers or implementing metabolic syndromes. Without fiber, parasites and other disgusting creatures remain in your gut and thrive. Lovely.

When someone avoids carbs and then goes back to them once again, they complain they’ve gained weight and thus blame the poor carbohydrate. Of course, it’s a physiological fact that fibrous carbs retain water which expands fiber – so someone on a high protein or high fat diet, will lose water weight rather than fat.

Those on a high protein or high fat diet, are usually crankier because their pH system becomes acidic rather alkaline.

Carbs produce energy in approximately 15 minutes and are burnt up within 2- 3 hours. To maintain your body’s efficiency, keeping it running like a well-oiled machine you desire, attempt to eat nutritious mini-meals throughout the day.

God could have placed Adam and Eve anywhere . . . on a beach, in a desert or on a mountain top. But He didn’t.  He placed them in a Garden. Why? For that is where all the nutrients to sustain life are found! He then gave them dietary instructions found in Genesis 1:29. Later in Genesis 9:3, mankind was told to consume meat.

We live under Grace and we’ve been told we can consume anything in moderation. (1Corinthians 10:23) It’s a matter of balance. To say what God has created is “unclean” or “bad” is like a slap in the Face of God. Strive to honor God always with our all our mind, heart, soul and strength.

“For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking but of righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.” (Romans 14:17) 

28 thoughts on “Why Do People Reject the Poor Carb???

  1. Thank you for writing this article, Ellie! Though it may be difficult to change the minds of die-hard low carb dieters, I hope that others wondering about a diet aproach will consider this.

    Maybe 8 years ago, my blood work showed particularly high triglycerides and other results. I decided to go to a dietitian. She did put me on what she said was a “low carb” diet. I joined a low carb diet forum that had many very low carb dieters. When I mentioned my daily carb allowance they basically told me I was NOT on a low carb diet. I was shocked! I felt I was struggling very hard to stay within my daily allowance. Not only did I eliminate refined sugars, but most other carbs, as well. I was barely eating any whole grain foods or beans, and some days lamented that I hardly had allowance left for a variety of fruits and veggies. Yes, veggies! Well, I did lose weight, but it was not a sustainable diet for me. When I reached my weight goal, I incorporated good carbs back into my diet.

    One CAN lose good weight eating good carbs. In fact, most healthful diets recommend them, though of course in proper proportions to other healthful foods. My triglycerides have been fine for a while and I enjoy healthful carbs in reasonable proportions. I feel satisfied and healthy when I do. I can easily maintain this type of diet.

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    • Oh Wow! What an excellent comment, endorsement and testimony my friend! Everything you said is absolutely correct. One must know physiology and what each nutrient does and how the body mentally craves certain foods when it lacks that nutrient. Therefore it’s not a matter of “willpower.” Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to my post, Blessings back, ❤

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  2. I have always had problems with “swelling” after eating carbs. I try to eat the ones that I should be, but I have often wondered if my “Adtkins Diet” of some 25 years ago messed me up? And of course my wheat intolerance……great post. Again of course!

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    • Yes Tammy, I can imagine. Since fibrous carbs retain water, I don’t doubt you swell after consuming good veggies or whole grain bread. Have you ever been tested for celiac disease, diverticulitis or IBS? Or you could ask your doctor about a paralytic ileus, which is a blockage at the base of the small intestine (just a suggestion, remember I am not a doctor!)

      People should get about 25 or more grams of fiber but no more than 45 to prevent blockage in the intestines. Soluble fiber might be easier personally on your system, applesauce, oats, carrots, beans, berries, milled flaxseed, sweet potatoes, etc. Perhaps you might also have to go gluten-free for awhile too to eliminate pain. Hope this helps, my friend, gotta keep ya healthy! ❤

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      • Thank you for your information. I have not had wheat products for several years due to a wheat intolerance. So I was almost “gluten free” before anyone knew how to serve a sandwich without a bun! 😉 At any rate, I try to stay with the soluble fiber. I will discuss this with my doctor if it continues. And, it seems to occur when my monthly would have appeared. I am not sure….but I so appreciate your advice.

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  4. This post has some fantastic information! It also does beg the question that I hear floating around all the time in martial arts: does carb loading work?

    Old school sensei’s will say some silly things like you should eat a candy bar or drink a soda between sparring matches (all after months of eating “clean”) to keep your sugars high, and while I do NOT recommend that, I can say from personal experience that there is a weird boost of energy by eating high protein for a week then switching to high carbs (oatmeal, bananas, rice, apples – not junk food) the day before and day of a tournament. Is there any validity to that practice or is it all mental?

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    • First, I am so honored that you are following my blog and I appreciate your great question.

      I have always recommended eating primarily, for nutrients, not particularly calories or even those three food groups, carbs, fats and proteins because most all foods, even bananas, potatoes, eggs and avocados contain a combination of each.

      Our God is a God of Balance and wants only good things for us, which does allow for pleasurable foods like candy, cakes, pies and cookies sometimes, but not creating an uncontrollable idol out of them. (Making them a god of one’s life.) We’d drive ourselves crazy tying to follow some false diet guru’s “rules.” Therefore, I follow God’s Biblical Direction. 1 Corinthians 10:23.

      God doesn’t make mistakes. He wouldn’t pronounce His Creation Good and then say “whoops.”
      I love sensible followers!!! Thank you so much for becoming one of mine. ❤


      • You are welcome! I love comparing information with others, but you are the first person I’ve read who takes a biblical viewpoint on nutrition with the fullness of the new and old testament. No “daniel diets” or kosher! My husband and I are working towards teaching our own students martial arts, and nutrition is a big part of that. However there are a lot of myths and rules that many practitioners tout as gospel when it comes to food. Some are reasonable ideas, others are crazy. 😆 Thanks for writing from a perspective of moderation and balance!

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      • Thank you so much for doing what YOU do! So true – health is all about our mental, physiological and spiritual connection to food. You just voiced my concerns exactly. I also get disgusted with all these false diet gurus, 🙂 Many have urged me to promote my blog for monetary gain but I refuse. First I’m old and God has blessed me enough not to worship money. Secondly, how could I possibly charge when God gave His Son freely for us? (Full disclosure: I do however promote my book when I speak at Conferences, which I love!!!) Love your kindness, thanks again. ❤


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