Should moderation have a place on your plate?

This wonderful dietitian stated it as well as I ever could. I believe her sensible, encouraging posts should be read by all those who desire actual healthy living, not another fantasy diet profession.


I found myself getting annoyed by this article as I was reading it. While I agree that “moderation” is not the best term to use when referring to eating habits, I don’t agree with the way that this article characterized it.

According to the article, “moderation” should be done away with because there are some foods that we should eat lots of and other foods that we should avoid. I’m more inclined to think that we should do away with “moderation” because it’s not clearly defined in terms of a balanced diet. I see nothing wrong with the sentiment that all foods can be a part of a healthy diet. However, instead of “moderation” we should probably be talking about “every day” foods and “sometimes” foods.

As the article states, we should be eating plenty of vegetables and fruits. Few would dispute that. Where the article and I disagree is…

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6 thoughts on “Should moderation have a place on your plate?

    • Thanks Wendy, I hope you will check out her blog and follow her as well. I am impressed with her down-to-earth common sense posts – no false diet assertions yet, 🙂 !

      Hope you received my reply to you asking for recommendations on staying motivated. I compiled a post about that Tuesday and hope it will present additional ideas? Stay focused on health my friend!


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