Where Have All the Relationships Gone?

I came across a cute cartoon on Facebook which was created entirely of emoji’s and icons. (not this one, wasn’t sure if other had a copyright) It professed that after more than 3,00o years we’ve returned to speaking through modern day hieroglyphics. How true!

Real one-on-one communication today seems to be disintegrating as quickly as paper books. Twitter, Texting and Facebook have emerged as conversations without actual voices. A happy face icon is replacing actual laughter and a physical hug and in this extremely mobile modern world, even close friendships can dissolve quickly.

A study conducted by the University of North Carolina indicated that stress levels were lowered when participants hugged each other. Hugging releases chemical feel-good endorphins such as oxytocin, described as a hormone of love and the neurotransmitter, serotonin. This allows us emotionally to feel safe, secure and in trusted hands. No amount of x’s, o’s or happy face icons attached as an internet hug can replace a physical one!

God, time, communication and laughter in my opinion, is the glue that holds friendship together. Your spouse should also be your friend.

GOD is the Anchor. He instills a moral compass as well as the Golden Rule. There is no coincidence with God. He brought you together for a reason. Do you care? That which you treasure, you take care of. Protect each other’s feelings through a lifetime commitment of respect, courtesy and love.

LAUGHTER keeps a relationship young-at-heart. What seems like a crisis  in a relationship can often be a learning experience which over time is usually laughed about when relating that story to family and friends years later. Don’t sweat the small stuff, as the saying goes. In perspective, it’s all small stuff. Only what we do for our Lord matters.

TIME. In a strong, loving, balanced relationship, a couple should continually allocate more time together than apart. Never stop supporting, learning and growing together! God created us as complex creatures. It’s exciting to discover new interests that add to a couple’s extensive memory portfolio in marriage!

Communicate! Don’t let your relationships become complacent! Complacency leads to boredom. Sadly, many marriages are disposable in today’s throw-away society. How many times while counseling did I heard the phrase: “We used to talk for hours, but he doesn’t communicate with me anymore!” Wouldn’t most women prefer good communication from the heart than a gift from the store?

I can’t believe in life you can’t find something to talk about:  vacation plans, politics, sports, travel, world events, work, music, television shows, a joke you heard, a Bible study point of view . . . there’s literally a world of items to discuss!

We surround ourselves with such busyness and noise and yet more and more, as humans, we are so lonely. Then we reach for anything that temporarily satisfies, food, drugs, alcohol, shopping. We find ourselves in a void, falling further and further away from God’s love. Get back to the Word!

Surround yourself with godly people who encourage, build you up and believe you are worth speaking to. It takes commitment, patience and the Lord as the center of any relationship to ensure longevity. Reach out!

 “Whether it is pleasant or unpleasant, we will listen to the voice of the LORD our God to whom we are sending you, so that it may go well with us when we listen to the voice of the LORD our God.”  (Jeremiah 42:6)


20 thoughts on “Where Have All the Relationships Gone?

  1. In one of my pastoral care and counseling classes, our professor said “We need at least 7 hugs a day for good mental health.” And we can always count on at least 1 of those 7 coming from Abba! Great thoughts!

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  2. Love it Ellie! I never thought of emojis as hieroglyphics, but it does make sense. How right Solomon was when he said there is nothing new under the sun, lol! But we do need more human, 1-on-1 contact in our world, for sure. So please accept my long-distance hug!!

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  3. You are so correct. What a beautiful blog. I long for human contact, for eye contact, for attentive attention where you feel you are the most important person in the world. Where I see the problem is that those things are now missing as the younger generation is raising kids. I feel we will have more children suffering from emotional problems as human contact and full attention is now gone. Great blog

    Depressed Divorcee

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    • Amen! First thank you for your lovely compliment and I give God all the Glory. You are so right about the children. I grew up in the era when the family either worked together on farms or the mom stayed home with the children. After our father deserted us my mom worked three jobs to keep us off welfare. I was so proud of her strength and integrity. But also longed for comfort of the mother I only saw at church and Sunday dinner before she went off to work once again. I found a True Father!

      The only answer for children in these past few generations is to know they are loved by Jesus and our Almighty Father. He has us in His Hand. He provides safety, comfort, proper morals and boundaries. However, this country has blocked God from our schools and they receive no moral teaching. Then wondered why Satan then knocked on the door! How sad. Catalina thank you so much for writing and may you continue to pray because Jesus also became depressed – yet never lost Faith in us. Blessings back, ❤


  4. In the end all will be great. I believe that God/Jesus Christ is always the answer. He will touches us all regardless of what government does. Ha! There is no greater power, no greater love so we just must know that in the end, nothing will keep Jesus from our children. And Satan, another one that doesn’t have a chance. Love your beautiful writings and your beautiful heart.

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