Why Does It Take So Long to Obey Our Master’s Voice?

I’ve written about our pup, affectionately called “Mr. No-No” a few times. In all honesty he’s the most affectionate little dog we’ve ever had – but he’s also the most mischievous.

Every morning before breakfast he begs for a toy or chewy bone which we give him because he’s such a (insert baby talk) “good little boy.” But sure enough, a little while after it’s been gifted, he runs over to the couch attempting to frantically bury it under a throw pillow or loose blanket.

Afraid he’s going to tear up our beautiful couch, I get up from the breakfast table, gently “urging” him to “StoP THat!!!” He immediately stares at me, jumps down and runs away.

Great. I go back to the table. Sure enough I suddenly hear him digging under a throw rug in my husband’s office, struggling to hide his treasure beneath it. Once again I warn him to stop, which being the good dog he is, does . . . at least for a few seconds.

Looking at his deceptively cute expression, I can see his brain calculating: mmmm, if she’s here, that means the COUCH is free! He runs over to the sofa once again and proceeds to dig a hole to China to bury that blasted toy. By now I’m regretting giving it to him at all.

“Okay Buster, you’re getting a time out right now! Get. Into. Your. Crate!” Dejectedly, he scurries into his personal condo and looks mournfully at me. (Oh seriously? Please don’t feel sorry for this little mutt – that’s where most of his toys are!)

Don’t worry, he gets paroled within a short time in dog years and currently he’s on top of that same couch, happily watching people and pups walking along the path outside. Occasionally he’ll glance over with sad black eyes, as if questioning why I’m not taking him for a walk too. Like I’d really reward bad behavior?

Aren’t we the same though?  Don’t we expect to get rewarded even if we fail to do the right thing?

God only desires our good. He laid out a healthy diet when He placed Adam and Eve in the Garden.  (Genesis 1:29 & Genesis 9:3) and yet He also urged us not make our stomach our god. (Philippians 3:19) Yet we continue to act irresponsible, lusting after excess (gluttony) and usually unhealthy food. Even knowing it will hurt our health eventually.

I know now how frustrated God gets with us! He doesn’t want to take away good pleasures anymore than I desire to take away Mr. No-No’s toys. But sometimes we also need a reprimand or “time-out” too when we stubbornly demand our own way. We pursue selfish gluttony rather than listen to God’s Voice of Reason and Moderation. (1 Corinthians 10:23) Our own actions are the cause our troubles; yet we tend to blame God for them.

I continue to encourage everyone I know: eat anything in moderation. Yet most believe they’ll be able to continue in rebellious behavior, consuming chemically-based, unhealthy foods and get away with it.  Not true! Actions have consequences.

I’ve counseled many who have suffered strokes, heart attacks, developed diabetes and other illnesses. I’ve encouraged (nagged?) them to consume less fatty foods and choose fibrous fruits, vegetables, lean protein, good fats and whole grains. Will they listen to my voice? Some do. Others seem to have an excuse for eating unhealthily. Well . . . until they receive a health “time-out” courtesy of County General Hospital.

Your body is your earthly temple, honor it for your sake and His Sacrifice.

“For you yourselves know how you must imitate us: We were not irresponsible among you;”



19 thoughts on “Why Does It Take So Long to Obey Our Master’s Voice?

  1. Your message as always is timely. Been very busy at work and grabbing a quick sandwich or something unhealthy – not fast food and since I make it at home it has less sodium and sugar, but still unhealthy choices. Tomorrow some healthy leftovers from dinner a few nights ago and my carrot chips (carrots slices like chips). A few times I thought I would pop into a MacDonalds or Arby’s roast beef since I was too busy to cook and you will be happy to know I heard a voice (thought it was the Holy Spirit, but now I think it was you!! Lol) tell me NO…..so I ate my packed dinner before my meeting. We know God uses others in our lives to get our attention – thankful He sent you to be in my head. 🙂

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      • Thank you Ellie – its been a long month and as I near the 5 yr mark this time of year is always difficult – but Jesus carried me though it. He is always so faithful. I find myself not grabbing for snack foods like I would normally do thank you for showing me to be confident not only with the physical part of my life but also spiritually. Blessings my friend!

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      • Thank you Ellie – I appreciate the love and support. You are one of my many blessings. Good report from doctor a few weeks ago – weight is good and blood sugar level is perfect! WOO HOO….which means I better get to work, God has more for me to do. 🙂

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    • He is Risen indeed! Hubs and I attended my sister’s church (it’s huge) last night (she lives about 70 miles away) where they had the most moving performance of the Passion Play. One had to have a hard heart not to be “embarrassingly-blubberry.”

      Have a fabulous Resurrection Sunday also my friend. Thanks for the compliment on my post, it’s one of my furry category favorites, 🙂 too. Blessings,

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