How Do You Like Wearing Your Choices?

I Cor. 10:13,  “No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear.  But when you are tempted, he will also provide  a way out so that you can stand up under it.”

“But I have NO willpower, Ellie!”

So you don’t think you have any willpower, do you? What’s that technical term again? Oh I remember: “Hogwash!”

That same willpower which prevents you from telling your boss or that rude sales clerk what you really think of him/her, is the same willpower you should tap into to prevent yourself from losing control.  You’ve kept your “get healthy” goal for 28 days, but now you’re beginning to waver?

You have willpower, you simply have to recognize  and claim it.

Think about it logically. There are only three things that happen in any situation:

  1. The event itself.  
  2. The self talk 
  3. The reaction

Let me give you an example.  Your husband just called and suggested going out to dinner tonight to check out a new Mexican restaurant that just opened. Sounds better than the soup and salad you were preparing for tonight.  You’re very tempted. So what do you do?

That call was the event. You’re faced with a decision: stick to your weight loss plan or give i

You’ll go through a little self-talk:  I’d hate to disappoint my husband you know. The soup will save. I’ve been so good, maybe I could just give in this once. I could simply walk an extra mile when we get home tonight. But I’m sooooo on track to fit into that gorgeous New Year’s Eve dress. Do I really want to chance it won’t fit?

Finally,#3; reaction:  Whatever you decide, you own.  It was yours, no one elses.  No one else lives in your body but you!  Willpower is personal integrity – choosing to do the right thing. You already know what you should do. Talk yourself into success.

Another tip to build willpower: Tap into your visualization skills. Imagine that Mexican food smeared all over your body. Now imagine walking into the New Year’s event looking your best, most confident self!  Which is more important? A lifetime memory or a momentary pleasure? Which would make you feel more confident and special everyday, not just for one night?   That’s precisely your goal; a lifelong commitment of feeling special because you are!  Don’t give in to a fleeting moment’s temptation, be stronger than that! Feel great every day!

Create positive thoughts throughout the day to strengthen you.  Tell yourself, “I am a strong, competent person because I am a child of a very important King.” Memorize Scripture verses to assist you.

You were bought with a price by our Lord Jesus Christ. God stated that out of control eating is a disgrace to our Lord. (Philippians 3:19)

Did Jesus die for our out of control eating habits; for the sake of an entire Pepperidge Farm cake which we ate in one sitting?  Seems a little crazy, but sin is sin and Jesus died for all our sins . . . even making an idol out of food.

He’s already provided a way for you to overcome temptation. Now. Hold. Fast! Think ahead, strategize. Write down what you can do besides eat when you are  tempted: Create more flavorful, colorful meals/snacks, get out of the house, walk, avoid bringing favorite snacks into your home, watch a movie.

Be proactive – decide who is Lord of your life, food or God?



18 thoughts on “How Do You Like Wearing Your Choices?

  1. Amen! Great food for thought! Lol
    I’m grateful after 41 years of marriage and my husband watching me play yoyo with my weight, he’s now on board! Sadly it took a life threatening disease to change how he eats…..thankfully he won’t tempt me nor will I tempt him! We’re 3 weeks away from our one year anniversary of eating a heart healthy diet – or DASH. It’s great as the cravings are now gone, too!


  2. Very timely message! Just like everything else in our Christian walk, it comes down to choice and what we believe about our choice. If we believe we can’t, we will give in to temptation; if we believe we can, we will choose to overcome.
    Although I also believe that a Mexican dinner every now and then is okay :-). It’s when “every now and then” turns into daily – that’s a problem.
    As I go into this day and this holiday season I’ll keep seeing these words. Thank you for putting this out today, and I hope you have a very blessed holiday season!

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    • So true Mary. In fact you wrote about it beautifully in your fabulous book, Intentional Fitness. As you know, (speaking of Mexican food, or ribs, hamburgers, pizza, ice cream, chocolate, etc.) anything is fine in moderation and that’s the key word: “moderation.” If one doesn’t, then he’s basically created an Asherah pole out of food. Blessings back,


  3. Reblogged this on Faith1st Ministries and commented:
    What a blessing a healthy body is! In most cases, we have been given a strong, healthy body and it is our responsibility to maintain it. However, as often is the case, we get so busy with the day to day responsibilities of life that we tend to forget to take proper care of ourselves.

    In this powerful post via New Creations Ministries Blog, Ellie shares with us the wisdom we need to maintain a healthy body. Please take a moment to take in the wisdom in this post, as well as other posts from my Sister and dear friend by reading New Creations Ministries Blog.

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    • Thanks Carol. Yes integrity has always been what one does when no one’s watching. It’s one characteristic I’ve valued in others as well as myself, since I was a small child. (Actually, it’s one I’ve seen in you my friend, You actually kept your word when you said you would write a review of my books after reading them. That’s integrity and I appreciate you.) ❤

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  4. This was sentence was just what I needed: “Willpower is personal integrity – choosing to do the right thing.” thank you for sharing. Please keep writing! ♥

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