Change Your Mind Before You Change Your Body

Six years ago I took the “KLOVE Challenge.” It urged us, as Christians, to listen to only KLOVE radio for thirty days and see how it would change our life for the better. Now up until then I had listened mostly to Country, Oldies and Soft Rock stations.  However at the end of the thirty day challenge, I realized I not only thought differently, but seemed happier and more content. So I continued until it seemed I was only listening to good quality music with an uplifting message. It began to change my life for the better.

As time went along, I found myself editing what television programs I watched and what books I read too. It’s amazing how much smutty TV our children are subjected to! Then it becomes influential. So is it any wonder why our youth today have potty mouths, no boundaries and show disrespect for authority? What’s the children’s Christian song which begins, “O, Be careful little eyes what you see . . .”

The same can be said about everything in our lives which becomes habitual. Therefore strive for a healthier mindset.

“And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through him to God the Father.”   (Colossians 3:17)

A positive mindset even changes our nutritional habits!

When I worked in the corporate world, I considered myself “too important” to stop for lunch. If I did eat lunch, it was a fast food burger with fries and a shake. I woofed that down in ten minutes and rushed back to work.

Since I wasn’t consuming anything of quality, I was stressed out and sick quite a lot. It wasn’t until I left the fast-paced world of public relations and pursued a counseling degree that I began to slow down and consume more nutritious food. As time went on, I realized how invigorated and healthier I felt. Eureka! I thought, I’ve found the answer!!! Why doesn’t everyone know this?

As a curious person, I began to pursue more classes on psychology, physiology, biology, anatomy, a Biblical worldview . . . and I was hooked into Christian nutritional counseling. Science was proving how wonderfully designed by God we are! My greatest goal became encouraging others to change their diet and lifestyle sensibly, so they could see how much more energetic and vibrant they could feel also.

As time went on, the similarity between Christianity and nutritional applications became clear. And  like Salvation, I couldn’t make a difference until someone desired and recognized how and what needed changing. More times than not someone had to reach bottom before that determination kicked in. Usually a serious health issue or doctor’s warning did it.

Leaving old lifestyle habits behind and becoming a new creation is necessary! However, a pastor can preach Biblical Truth until he’s blue in the face, but until someone accepts that personally, there is no noticeable difference in a life.

Regarding nutrition, no suffering necessary! God gave us a bounty of wonderful choices to select from. He doesn’t expect us to eat unappetizing, tasteless food any more than He expects us to read only the Bible or watch only religious stations.  I had a friend who only read the Bible. No other books. I guess that’s commendable but there’s a world of Christian authors to pursue as well as great reads like To Kill a Mockingbird. So nutritionally speaking, having an occasional fried food isn’t terrible, but every day???  Use discretion and common sense. We should strive to honor Him in all we do, watch and say.


19 thoughts on “Change Your Mind Before You Change Your Body

  1. Of course this CCM radio announcer believes in the power of a positive message!! If ever at your laptop you can also tune in to our 24/7 station,
    I totally 100% believe in this…as I always said to my boys growing up…”garbage in, garbage out” both spiritually, emotionally and physically! Hugs to you sweet friend!

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    • So right! The same with small goals which accomplish so much. It make the process not only easier to manage but you see your goals reached quicker which makes life more fun. I urge my patients to create a chart and each week, with each pound lost fill in a blank so they can tangibly see how much they are losing. Then reward themselves with a non-food goal for every few pound lost. Life is meant to be vibrant and fun!


  2. Great post! I had a similar experience – listening only to Christian music after our divorce. And I began to consume God’s Word. Within a year, we reconciled and remarried! Strange I also began to eat better as well….


  3. Hey Sister! Hope all is well. Been meaning to tell you that my husband and I rescued a dog from our local Humane Society. Her name is Ginger and she is now “little sis” to our awesome pit/lab mix Kona. I have been walking the girls separately to get more exercise and been eating better. Question: Due to my Hashimoto’s disease, I struggle with finding the right diet. Is the Paleo Diet healthy? Look forward to hearing back from you.



    • The Paleo Diet is the most unhealthy diet out there next to Atkins so quick answer: NO! Besides being a complete fad and unbalanced, it’s totally against physiological Truth!
      Continue to consume a Mediterranean, Volumetric or DASH diet plan. I’d urge you to check out a new (and quickly becoming a favorite) follower, Debby Lees of the blog: She can attest to the DASH and it probably saved her husband’s life. I’ve written about the Paleo one previously – check out my through my search engine on my blog page please. thanks for valuing my advice my dear friend. Hope this helped, ❤


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