Are You Goal-Minded or Wandering Aimlessly?

My husband and I have crossed this country twelve times, as well as lived and traveled extensively in Europe. During my husband’s military career, when it was necessary to transfer to a new duty station, I would always be curious about our next home. I’d research as much as I could about the area, contacting the Chamber of Commerce for information, search for a realtor and so on.

As we traveled, we always had a map and a daily mileage goal. Without an intentionally defined goal we would have wandered aimlessly. We probably wouldn’t have reached our destination without a lot of frustration.

Doesn’t that also sound like many without a clear health goal?

The same principle applies. Before a smart person can accomplish an objective, they lay out a strategy of how to get there. As much as we’d like a “beam me up Scottie” instantaneous weight loss result, it’s not going to happen this side of Heaven. Besides that, the journey is as important as the destination. If we could have instantly arrived in Monterey, California from Washington DC, we would have missed the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, Graceland and so much more! What a loss.

With health goals, you’d also be missing out too. Since 0nly you physically live inside your body, only you can develop strategies, overcome challenges, gain confidence and become victorious.

Don’t make goals complicated. Start with only one and build upon it.

Write out realistic goals and track progress.

In spite of advertising claims proclaiming, “you can lose 10 pounds in a week!” it ain’t gonna happen healthily! It takes 3,500 calories less each day to lose one pound of fat. Do you even consume that many daily calories daily? (Probably the only time I did was on a cruise and I was miserable!)

A slow, steady weight loss of 2, maybe even 3 pounds per week will allow your body to adjust and keep the weight off. If you lose too quickly your metabolism slows; believing you are ill, it attempts to hoard calories as protection.

Remember anyone can lose weight on fad diets but as a nutritional counselor for over twenty years, I haven’t met ONE person who kept it off on a crazy diet. Why?

“But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire”  (James 1:14)

Analyze why you eat as you do, (another blog.)

Eat for nutrients!

If you consume good quality nutrients, your body receives all you need for healthy living, creating an active metabolism. Then you’ll overcome cravings when, for example, your brain’s hypothalamus nags you for magnesium. Of course broccoli contains magnesium, so does chocolate – which one do you think you’ll choose?

Create small, reachable goals and make them fun!

Create a weekly spread-sheet chart. For each pound lost, fill in a block. For every five pounds you lose, reward yourself with a non-food reward. The more lost, the larger the reward: bath salts, body lotion, nail polish, new scarf, a book (maybe mine?) a CD, DVD . . . then a BRAND NEW CAR . . . sorry just kidding.

One important factor in weight loss: the only good diet is one you’ll be able to live on forever. God doesn’t expect you to suffer through rice cakes, sticks and twigs. He provided a bounty of natural, fantastic foods to enjoy. The more your body consumes nutritious choices, the more junk food cravings will disappear. Trust me, it happened to me.

Lastly, establish a close support group of positive, encouraging friends!

“Without guidance, people fall, but with many counselors there is deliverance.” (Proverbs 11:14)



10 thoughts on “Are You Goal-Minded or Wandering Aimlessly?

  1. Well said. Good solid advice. I am one who tends to grab an idea without mapping out the route. What happens? I never meet my goal, I look flaky and I don’t achieve positive changes. I am praying and asking God to change this in me. I appreciate you, Ellie, and the way you give us a push and ask us to own our choices.


    • Why thank you Wendy. How I wish I could motivate everyone as I seem to motivate you. But the answer is your motivation must come from within, – we’re human so success is always an up, down, advance, retreat, forward, backward motion. The secret to success is to keep going in spite of setbacks, learn from it and go forward. You have already done that so “keep on, keepin’ on” my friend! Reach whatever goal you set for yourself, ❤


  2. Excellent point! We so often have a “Get around to it.” attitude. I like the acronym SMART. Goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-driven. Much of what you said and this dovetail together.

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  3. I always get something useful here, Ellie, and appreciate you personally minister and bless us. I sometimes share your posts on my Biblical Health FB site. Mmmmm… if you are on FB look it up and join. Guess you will have to copy and paste it. If you are on FB then friend me. Blessings your way. I am reading Dt. 28 and 29 and that dovetails with your Dog Blog on obedience. I also read the 10 commandments and see a strong, direct connection to health and obedience. “Children obey your parents, that your days may BE LONG!


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