“You believe whaaaat . . . ???

There have been many myths regarding nutrition; many I have already written about over the years.

My Litmus test for truth has always been, “What does God say about it?” Would God instruct us to consume anything in moderation and then say,”Whoops!” I doubt it because my God doesn’t make mistakes.

My go-to for accuracy has been the Bible. Contrary to science and some intellectuals, it holds no mistakes. The Bible declared the Earth round, a fetus has a beating heart and man lived with dinosaurs long before science had to retract their theories.

Over the past 15 years some “bad” foods have come back into acceptance again. Yet some diets still declare certain ones off-limits. For example, the Paleo diet plan claims lentils, beans & potatoes are forbidden. Silly, if God made it for food, it shouldn’t be unless you’re allergic to it.

Let’s address some nutritional fallacies you might have believed in the past.

Nuts: Yes they are loaded with calories but all foods should be eaten in moderation. Walnuts especially are helpful in reducing the bad LDL cholesterol while increasing the good which protects against heart disease.

Red Meat:  Do you know that red meat is one of the few places we can find B12, a vital nutrient in fighting fatigue and neurological damage? When given to dementia patients, most saw improvement. It also contains zinc, iron, B6 and niacin among other important elements. But choose wisely: select anything labeled “round” or “loin” as the best cuts for health. A 3 ounce serving is approximately 150 calories and 4 grams of fat which is less than dark meat chicken.

Eggs: When I first began my career in 1990, eggs were considered unhealthy. I wondered how a God who made everything good could make a mistake. Well, as I researched I discovered that eggs contained, A,D,E, B6, B12, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, zinc, iron, choline, folate, selenium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and vital amino acids among other nutrients. Does that sound like something we should avoid? Of course not, my God doesn’t make mistakes!

Chocolate: Any food becomes fattening when we lose control and overindulge but chocolate has gotten a bad wrap. It’s like giving a child a bunch of crayons and when he draws on the walls, blames the wall. Use common sense and set up boundaries. An ounce or two of dark chocolate chips or two Hershey Kisses won’t destroy your health plan. Losing control does and that’s a counseling challenge!

“But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire.”   (James 1:14)

Chocolate contains many vital nutrients such as magnesium, iron,  selenium,  and  phenylethylamine which actually affects weight management, stimulates the nervous system and assists in digestion aid. It also of course emits the same emotion as love. When God told us to consume every green plant and tree in the garden, it didn’t surprise me to discover that the cocoa bean comes from a tree.

Pizza:  A good source of calcium and iron if you make your own with limited cheese and plenty of mushrooms, peppers, black olives, etc.. Pizza can be fattening if one consumes an overabundance of sausage, pepperoni, and 80% hamburger. However if you order one with Canadian bacon and pineapple why not enjoy a couple slices?  BBQ chicken is excellent too.

Shrimp: “Too much cholesterol,” they cry! It might surprise you to discover that the cholesterol in shrimp works to increase the good HDL while lowering the bad LDL type. Over the years, similar revelations were found with butter, coconut oil and nut butters.

Anything is fine in moderation (1 Corinthians 10:23) so choose wisely and enjoy God’s Bounty!

17 thoughts on ““You believe whaaaat . . . ???

    • Oh Robert I so enjoy hearing from you – you always keep me on my toes! So true about Proverbs 11:1. Great verse and comment except moderation is under the “umbrella” of balance. Balance is nutritionally-based, while moderation is maintaining control and not consuming everything on the buffet.

      For example, I could consume a moderate diet for a month of only fruit, but I’d be missing out on 50 other essential nutrients by doing so and be unbalanced. Therefore dieters must structure their daily menu to include whole grains, lean protein, phytonutrients, omega 3’s, etc. to absorb a nutritionally-balanced one, while not overindulging, losing control. ❤ Don't be a stranger my friend. I hope all is well with you! Stay healthy & blessings back,

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  1. Ellie, I am sure you have already addressed this, but I’m going go ahead and comment. What is your take on gluten free? My endocrinologist has never given me dietary restrictions for my Graves disease. In fact, all she does is check my numbers, she never talks about lifestyle changes. There are many books out that say that grains can cause Alzheimers, depression, rashes, etc. I am seeing a naturopath that has told me to avoid dairy, grains, eggs, etc….So much confusion.


    • Hi Wendy, I’m flattered you asked me. Going gluten-free is necessary and excellent for those who really need to avoid gluten (those with celiac disease) and it certainly won’t harm your health if you already get enough fiber from fruits and vegetables. But basically I consider gluten-free a fad and this will pass as so many others have. Try to eat as naturally as possible and you can certainly try it for a while. It might make you feel better and less bloated. (Or try something like Ezekiel or an unleavened bread.).

      Gluten is basically a protein that gives bread it’s chewiness and expands to make baked goods rise. You know what happens when water touches bread or pizza crust – it expands. So fiber expands in our stomach making us feel full and helps pass toxins.

      I’d recommend consuming natural good-quality yogurt like Dannon Natural or any which contain elements like the watery part (called whey) which will help flatten one’s stomach. (For an old gal, I have a very flat tummy, 🙂 ) Stay healthy my friend and feel free to ask any other questions, blessings back,


  2. I was told shrimp was not a healthy food. Being a bottom feeder it contains more toxins and market methods to keep it fresh involve chemicals not good for digestion or the body. What is your take on the toxic chemical claims out there for shrimp?


    • Thank you for asking this question I love it Sandra! We live in a society of fear lately, don’t we? Yes we have messed up our world thru so many environmental issues, but God directs my paths and I still consume anything in moderation.

      When you stop and think about it, many fish are bottom feeders: catfish, swordfish, cod, grouper, Swai, tilapia, crabs, flounder, sole, halibut and the list goes on and on . . . I still consume “wild caught” fish as much as possible – but I’m not going to give up Lobster or crab legs!

      By the way let those who say “don’t consume shrimp” realize that pigs, goats, chickens also (and I’ve seen some of our cows) eat some disgusting items during my farm days. Casually ask the person who mentioned one should never consume shrimp, if they would give up bacon which contain dangerous nitrates and other chemicals?

      I don’t know if the food industry has changed much since Upton Sinclair wrote his famous book, The Jungle, exposing the food industry. So maybe we should all become vegetarians? Unfortunately veggies are sprayed with so many chemicals today one should be careful with that! (And usually organic is only as good as the farm next to it.)

      I don’t live in an atmosphere of fear. I eat anything in moderation and allow God’s wonderful bodily design of filter out toxins by consuming pure water and alkaline foods while eating for nutrients as much as possible. Hope this answer helped – now “take two shrimp cocktails and call me in the morning.” 🙂

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