The Importance of Sleep, Heavenly Sleep

 “It is in vain that you rise up early and go late to rest, eating the bread of anxious toil; for he gives to his beloved sleep.”  (Psalm 127:2)

sleepy personHave you ever had a friend or acquaintance who worked shift work, had too many activities to sleep, or joked, “Well, I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”  First of all that’s bad theology and second, they didn’t recognize the importance of sleep!  Sleep is essential for life’s regeneration and for renewed mental health and weight control.

Even God insisted on rest: Genesis 2:2. “By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work.”  A God of Balance, right?

In this high-tech world of computers, Kindles, iPods and cell phones, if we didn’t recharge our battery-operated devices every so often, they would eventually run out of steam.  Same with our physiological electrical systems as well.  In order to work properly, our bodies need recharging and sleep is how we do it. Sleep boosts our immune system, reduces stress and restores energy levels.

Our pineal gland, located in our brain, releases the hormone melatonin which monitors our sleep cycle. As we get older, our hormone levels and other systems start to decline. Thank Adam and Eve for that.

When one can’t sleep, it creates stress. We tend to toss and turn and our minds can’t relax! This produces physiological changes, increasing the risk of heart disease and a weakened immune system.

For sleep, we can take melatonin supplements but I recommend them only for a short amount of time, 1-2 weeks. Here’s why:  Current research is professing that if the body is receiving hormones from pills, medication and supplements, the body will stop creating its own hormone and begin to rely on outside sources. So be cautious about using any hormonal supplement for too long a period.

Some foods naturally contain melatonin so  I would highly recommend getting your supplementation naturally.  Melatonin is an amazing hormone and isn’t simply for sleep. It’s powerful benefits include antioxidants, cancer & heart disease fighters as well as anti-aging properties.

Here a list of nutritious foods to incorporate into your diet to get a good night’s sleep:

  1. Cherries! It’s cherry season and this wonderfully delicious fruit contains a great deal of natural melatonin. Try consuming a handful of cherries about an hour before bedtime.
  2. Having a small bowl of magnesium rich cereal has been known to help some people fall asleep at night.
  3. Tryptophan,a calming amino acid found in milk and turkey, is a solution too.
  4. Black and other beans, bananas, dark green vegetables contain a lot of magnesium which relaxes the body.
  5. Salmon, (also chicken, wheat bran, peanuts, apricots)  helps convert vitamins B3 and B6 ( found in bananas, rice, shrimp, carrots) into melatonin.
  6. Add oats, sweet corn, tomatoes, barley, chicken broth, avocados to your diet.
  7. Herbs like lavender, lemon balm, juniper or passion-flower will produce a soothing relaxation to your bath water.
  8. Having a cup of chamomile or Sleepy Time tea in the evening has seen results as well.sleeping baby

Sometimes our bodies can’t rest because we have too much on our minds. So have a piece of paper beside the bed, write down your anxious thoughts and get to them in the morning!

Best of all, when you can’t rest; pray, count your blessings or sing a hymn in your head and it’s amazing how quickly you’ll fall under His protection and sleep like a baby!

18 thoughts on “The Importance of Sleep, Heavenly Sleep

  1. Confession time! I have been wanting to share with you what has been happening with me! I believe that you know that I have to watch what I eat, due to sensitivities to MSG, aspartame, and sulfites. For many years now, I have done very well avoiding those things in my diet to avoid the symptoms they brought to me…migraine headaches, chest pains and palpitations, stomach issues and muscular/nerve pains. I have been symptom free since I made those changes. (I do not eat many processed foods at all, cook from scratch, do to eat bottles dressings, or any marinades, or gravies that are remade from stores or restaurants. So I went on my merry way, feeling good about all the fresh fruits, veggies, and healthy foods we eat.

    Except….for the last few months, I felt miserable. Bad pains in every joint. Neck, shoulders, back, knees, hands, ankles and my hands were going numb and tingling a lot. All of this pain made it difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

    Now here is the confession: Even though I was eating healthy foods, I could not give up the french fries and fried fish a couple times a month, or the desserts (processed sugar) that morphed from a “treat” to an almost everyday pleasure. Too much cheese is also my weakness.

    Sooo….I went for my physical and my cholesterol and sugar levels were high. Although my good cholesterol is at a wonderful place, the numbers are getting too high to ignore.

    For the past three weeks I have removed the half and half from my coffee. I now drink (and enjoy) it black. I am eating dessert once a week instead of everyday. I am still enjoying great, healthy fruits, veggies and meats, but have cut down on the crackers and chips that I allowed myself. My husband and I walk A LOT. At least 5 times a week, anywhere from 3 to 6 miles.

    The moral of my story??? I have been completely pain free since the first few days of limiting my sugar consumption. I was at the point of not being able to function without Ibuprofen twice a day. (which I hated because I do not want to take drugs) I have not taken an ibuprofen since, and feel better that I have in years. I am once again enjoying “heavenly sleep.”

    Sorry this is so long, but I wanted to share with you in case it helps anyone else. It is not hard to change your lifestyle when you realize how good you feel! Oh, and although it was not my intention, I have lost 5 lbs without really trying. In fact I need to make sure I eat nuts, or healthy snacks because I really don’t wish to lose more at this point.

    May God bless you and your ministry to share God’s saving truth about life and how the foods we eat are either good fuel for our bodies, or are damaging toxins.

    Love and blessings,

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    • Wow Bernadette, what a trial you’ve endured! Thank you for writing all of this and I too hope your testimony helps and inspires others. You have been so patient and diligent in discovering what would work for you, very impressive my friend. You made my day!

      What a tribute to God’s healing power, right?! (And yet some people think they are smarter than God or worse disregard His physiological, perfectly designed Truths for a quick buck.) Each of us is chemically unique and that shows in what you wrote and what it took for you to recover. It truly makes me sad to see how many CHOOSE to fill their bodies with chemically-laced, hormonal junk foods and totally disregard my warnings. I eat very balanced, a variety of foods and enjoy a vibrant life. I’m sure you will hear God saying, “Well done my good and faithful servant, well done!”

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      • We will see what the cholesterol and sugar levels show in September when I am rechecked. Hopefully, these changes will effect a positive change in my health…otherwise, I will make more changes!

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      • I was never diagnosed with anything except arthritis…symptoms all disappear when the “offenders” are removed from my diet. I know I would have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia if I hadn’t cut out the MSG, aspartame and sulfites.


  2. Oh…and I was the one that figured it all out by research about MSG. When I was once admitted to the hospital due to chest pains and palpitations, I was told that I was having panic attacks. I didn’t buy that diagnosis, and that was when I started doing my own research online. I found many people suffered the exact same symptoms and when they toll msg out of their diets the symptoms disappeared.


    • I thought of one more thing Bernadette. When I began my nutritional career and throughout, I would always try any herb & product before recommending them if necessary to ensure I knew what I was talking about. That’s when I discovered 25 years ago that God created us uniquely. I discovered I was allergic to echinachea (unusual but not pertinent to your case) but Splenda, found in so many products, is especially harmful to many people. I experienced heart palpitations, weakness, headaches, sweating, muscle pains (and Splenda harms the liver an kidneys,) I hope you avoid diet sodas and any product with this in it. Sugar only has 16 calories per teaspoon while Splenda contained 20 per tsp at the time too! Remain healthy! Proud of you my friend, ❤

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      • Thank you for the info! My husband and I drink NO soda at all. We also use no artificial sweeteners. (Have to read all labels and ask lots of questions in restaurants). You are right…so many people would stop suffering symptoms if they paid attention and listened to their bodies:-)

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