What in the World is Metabolic Syndrome???

If your doctor ever told you had metabolic syndrome, you probably wondered what that means. The term metabolize is simply how your body processes calories for energy. But what is metabolic syndrome? Is it good or bad? If diagnosed with it, you might be wondering, how did I get it and what can I do about it?

Let me provide a simple illustration to help you understand this term:

Have you ever seen dominos set up in intricate patterns before? Think about how those dominos line up and then fall after the first domino is pushed over.

Now relate the domino effect to health because it’s similar to how metabolic syndrome works. Many factors are involved in creating this pattern.

For example, the first domino could represent insulin resistance. Insulin is the hormone which regulates blood sugar. Insulin resistance is the term for insulin’s failure to be utilized (metabolized) properly. This can eventually lead to diabetic challenges, diabetes produces nerve damage, nerve damage leads to stress, stress to weight gain, which creates heart disease and on and on. One health challenge advances to many others.

This exact pattern can be applied to those who continually eat fattening foods, creating plaque which hardens and narrows arteries, which then creates extra stress on the heart, causing heart palpitations, chest pains and eventually heart attacks.

“Scary stuff. Okay, I’m in – how can I change my risk pattern?”

If you truly want to see improvement, change your lifestyle. Only you can do that; and only if you’re ready! As much as I want you to be healthy, you must want it more!

Metabolic syndrome is usually linked to obesity s0 improve your eating habits.Begin today to clean up your menu with more fibrous whole foods which will escort toxins and bad cholesterol out of your system. No need to suffer. Eat sensibly and balanced. (Avoid quick-fix, fad diets!!!) Add flavor with healthy herbs and spices instead of fat.

Do you consume many fast-food meals, donuts, and fatty meats like cold cuts or sausage? How about processed snacks like potato chips, Twinkies, or Cheez Doodles? STOP! This raises dangerous LDL cholesterol levels.

“LDL? HDL? What??? It’s Greek to me!”

Good cholesterol, HDL, (healthy) protects the heart and blood test results should be over 60mg/dl. (LDL (lousy) should be kept low. Strive for 130-150 mg/dl in a real world. Triglycerides are the blood fat levels created by consuming donuts, pies and other sugary snacks.

High blood sugar insulin is usually a sign of early diabetes. I’ve lowered many a diabetic patient’s levels simply by increasing their high fiber food intake; whole grains, beans, cruciferous vegetables, legumes, sweet potatoes . . . Still on the Adkins or Paleo Diet? Get. Off. It!

Another change I’d recommend is to incorporate sufficient exercise into your lifestyle. Finding exercises that are enjoyable to you is essential: dancing, swimming, tennis, walking, badminton, etc. If you get your children involved, the entire family benefits.

With each fall of a domino your risk of Metabolic Syndrome increases. I’d rather not play Russian roulette with my health and highly endorse the pure enjoyment of a high-energy lifestyle. Sure, sometimes there’s a genetic factor involved but don’t get discouraged. I inherited my mother’s osteoporosis and father’s familial cholesterol. Therefore I take medication, but also fight to be healthier with weight bearing exercises, avoiding dangerous fats while consuming a balanced Mediterranean diet.

“I will praise You because I have been remarkably and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful, and I know this very well.” (Psalm 139:14  HSV)

Your life, your choices. Please choose an abundant life!


17 thoughts on “What in the World is Metabolic Syndrome???

  1. Ellie,
    Thank you so much for this post. I have been seeing a naturopath and it has greatly helped me with my thyroid issues. She recommended the Keto and Paleo diets to me. What are your objections? The fact they are low carb?

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    • Hi Wendy, thanks for your question. I’m grateful you value my opinion.

      Since we are all created uniquely, different diet plans work for different challenges but these two should be highly monitored. Please use my search engine on my blog page to read about my opinion on the Paleo Diet. Ultimately you are an adult and can choose what you feel is best. I only pray this naturopath is qualified in physiology and really knows how the body functions and works together in balance.

      In the case of Keto, I am concerned. 70-80% of fats and proteins are used as fuel on the Keto diet to produce energy.Think of a rocket lifting off at Port Canaveral. As it lifts off, the thrust and waste material creates energy, distributed into the atmosphere. Great for those engines, not so great for humans! If one doesn’t drink enough water, the waste material of the ketones remain in our system, creating acidosis and an extremely acidic pH. (This also makes a person extremely grouchy among other changes like greyish skin color.)

      One risks high cholesterol, kidney stones/disease, osteoporosis due to such a great amount of calcium in the blood. they also risk the loss of important vitamins/minerals on an unbalanced diet. I guess you can figure out my opinion of it, 🙂 I’ve always recommended a diet high in fruits, vegetables, lean protein and good fats like the Mediterranean diet. Please be careful if you continue using it. I appreciate you too much to get hurt using crazy plans. ❤


    • Hi Wendy, since you received an email previously I hope you’ll get this timely article someone sent me. I

      It’s entitled: “Is this proof food can be better at fighting disease than medicine? Meet the mother who eased her MS with a daily dose of flax seeds and the dad who eats chickpeas instead of taking statins.”

      It speaks of the Mediterranean diet for healthy living against common diseases. It’s nice to be vindicated from another outside source. 😊 Ellie

      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-4683144/Is-proof-food-better-fighting-disease.html#ixzz4nDWWmef2


      National MS Society explains exactly what multiple sclerosis is
      Increasingly, evidence suggests that diet should be more than just a part of the treatment package, it should be seen as integral — sometimes working as well as, if …

      Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook



      • Ellie,
        I agree with you that healing and health can be greatly improved with healthy food and natural supplements. I’m down 8 lbs so far and feeling clear headed. I am using flax seed to help alleviate hot flashes. Called my best friend and set up a cooking day to prepare healthy meals and hang out together. Thanks for your support.

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  2. Wendy I wonder why your request didn’t show up on my blog? (I responded on my blog, strange . I’ll check my comment data page) The fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, good fats, nuts and seeds should improve your over-all health, especially your entire kidney, liver and digestive system. You know your body better than anyone – but I know the Med diet doesn’t do any harm to any natural functions. I’m praying for improvement my friend. ❤


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