Why Make Dietary Rules Complicated?


While on Earth, Jesus didn’t insist on complex, laborious, ritualistic do’s and do not’s on how to live a pious life. Rather than repressing his disciples with a lengthy, involved list of rules and regulations, Jesus encouraged Believers to live by God’s Ten Commandments which are clear-cut and simplistic. These principles projected explicit guidelines on leading a Holy life and honoring God as well as the personal temple of the Holy Spirit within us.

In  Matthew 22:34-39, the Pharisees and Sadducees approached Jesus with a question to test him.  Those leaders still believed  in following complicated religious ceremonial regulations and practices. But Christ had come to fulfill those requirements. Over 450 Old Testament Scriptures prophesied of the coming Messiah. (And He Fulfilled Every One!)

As those Jewish leaders tried to trap him, Jesus silenced them by declaring that they failed to know the Scriptures and that’s why they couldn’t  understand!  The truth is that one will never be misled by false beliefs if he comprehends and memorizes God’s Word!

Even today, many false preachers are trying to ensnare unbelievers into following ritualistic practices. Some declare that Christ’s sacrifice with its simplistic act of Salvation through Faith alone is too effortless as well. There must be some additional rules that we must follow, they declare, which the Lord inadvertently forgot to tell us about . . . or added afterwards.

Not so. It is through the uncomplicated belief that Eternal Salvation is through Faith alone that we are saved. There is nothing else we need to do to receive Salvation except ask forgiveness for our sins and accept Christ’s gift. 

During my nutritional practice, some believe that the uncomplicated, healthy formula of consuming whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, as God advised since the world began, and then meat after the flood, is too simplistic as well! There must be a magic formula, the say, some complicated process to suffer thru in order to find truth . . .

There are some false diet guru’s today leading many astray through false, ritualistic eating plans. I’m continually researching false claims where others profess certain foods are now unhealthy: potatoes, eggs, nuts, red meat, dairy, bread. I bet you know where I stand on that.  (Gee, did Jesus make a mistake when he declared that he was the Bread of Life?)

Now as a former farm girl, I know the process of raising crops has changed over the years and tomatoes don’t taste like real garden tomatoes anymore, but I mean,  Seriously??? Fibrous whole grain bread is not unhealthy!

So many Christians fall for half-truths! Many are trusting in these complicated, formulaic diet programs which were never God’s plan from the beginning. (Genesis 1:29 and 9:3God’s guidelines for sound eating were given to Adam  in the Garden of Eden and are still true today.

God NEVER changes, nor does He make mistakes.In Hebrews 13:8 we read, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”  What a comforting thought to anchor our beliefs upon.  Since God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, what would make us question whether His physiological design, rules and commands would change through the ages? 

Take care that you won’t be misled by false teaching or mistaken dietary claims.  We should live by sensible culinary guidelines because we strive to be holy and God-honoring, not become fearful through professing man-made false claims.

6 thoughts on “Why Make Dietary Rules Complicated?

  1. Nailed it! Galatians speaks to this. We have freedom in Christ. Freedom is not license; freedom’s flipside is responsibility. We have guidelines to follow and we do best when we follow them. Hey, God knew we would make mistakes, we are fearfully and wonderfully made. TA DA… the Liver! Just don’t over do it, okay and we will be just fine.

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  2. Interesting post and I used to feel exactly as you do until my health took a huge turn for the worse. Due to my diet being reasonably the same as the one you’ve suggested, my GP had nothing to offer except more medication which had horrific side effects and only controlled some symptoms and worsened others. Once I began to clean up my diet, with much prayer and sacrifice, I regained my health and now avoid Dairy and Wheat and refined Sugar. My persistent sinus infections have completely disappeared after decades of quarterly repeat antibiotics, my IBS has cured itself, my hormones levelled out and immune system is second to none. I don’t consider myself on a diet, I eat healthy according to my bodies cries for help. Have you ever wondered why so many are now gluten intolerant or allergic? Perhaps it has something to do with the chemicals used to kill off the last few wheat ears before each harvest to save money, hurry the crop and save the machinery repairs. How can we trust putting anything into our bodies that has been approved by today’s standards. We only have to look at genetically modified food to know that food today is a far cry from anything God created, or Jesus consumed. It really is outrageous that it costs me so much more to buy real food as opposed to modified chemically enhanced produce that makes me sick, and many others too. Some thing has to give. Blessings to you xx


    • Yes Water Bearer, I do agree! As I wrote, “Now as a former farm girl, I know the process of raising crops has changed . . .” Today over 2/3 of Americans are obese and there more hyperactive, autistic children, so many more diabetics, allergies and other disease-laden humans then ever. All traced to what we eat. I am so happy you are healthy and follow healthy guidelines. I do too.

      We are all uniquely designed by God, with a different chemical make-up. He also created us with common sense. Placing all those different chemicals into our bodies (which remain in our liver) is exactly like pouring chemicals indiscriminately into a chemistry set . . . Kaboom! Manufacturers, man’s greed and desire for instant gratification has ruined our health.

      I wouldn’t recommend gluten to those with Celiac disease anymore than I would suggest wine to an alcoholic. My primary purpose of this blog was to warn “dieters” to avoid jumping blindly on all these crazy proclamations that their false diet is better than God’s. Eat for nutrients, in moderation, drink water exercise, etc. instead. But I could write a book about this . . . oh wait, I already did! 🙂 Stay healthy my friend, blessings back

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