Godly Lessons Learned From a Pup!

cj-with-chewy-bone-from-dave“Mr. No-No” turned one year old Friday. He is the cutest, fluffiest and most loving dog we have ever had. A new breed, Cavashon is a cross between a King Charles Spaniel and a Bischon. They shed little, are very affectionate and gentle. I can remove a toy from his mouth without getting my hand bitten off. Quite a change from our Lhasa or even our sweet Cocker who sadly we lost last year.

It takes a lot of energy to keep puppies occupied.  I take ours for long walks rain or shine, but since we have no sidewalks, when it’s icy or snowy as it was yesterday, walking is too dangerous. I kept him entertained at home.

I’ve learned many lessons from him and the first was that puppies are meant for younger people.

The second: self-discipline.

Puppies are similar to toddlers. Our floor looks like a bone yard: bones, chewy toys, Kongs are currently strewn all over the living room. No matter how many times I put toys away, he seems to prefer his life disorganized. Sometimes he looks like Yoda rifling through Luke’s pack, throwing items to and fro from his toy box, butt in the air.

As we mature, we should prefer order not disorder in our lives. Order keeps us disciplined and God is a God of Order. A disciplined life evokes what is right even though we don’t feel like it. Yes there are days when it is raining, snowing or 27 degrees when I don’t feel like walking. But if your child is crying and really needs you, you can’t ignore that. Our pup is counting on me too. After I have overcome “self” I feel I’ve conquered negativity while disciplining myself.

Second lesson: Realize what’s truly important. 

Observing all those toys flung over the floor, I wonder if he has a clue how fortunate he is?! “There are thousands of dogs starving in China who would appreciate all he has!”  (Sorry, flashback to being six years old and refusing to eat peas.) The point is, to our dog, those toys are primarily a means to an end. He brings me the toys so I’ll have time with him. It’s the process of playing together with the tuggie or bouncy toy that means the most to him.

Do we understand how blessed we are with the many “toys” God gives us? Or do we long for even more, never satisfied. What’s truly important in life? How much is enough? It’s all just stuff. It won’t last but next year’s new toy is calling your name; “work harder and you’ll be able to purchase it!” If you ask your child what he’d prefer, a new television or hanging out with you at the park, would he answer “I’d rather be with you?” Or have you taught him that the one with the most stuff wins?

Thirdly: Be content with what you have.

I observed Mr. No No lying on the floor watching his sister happily chomping away at a small bone. There was another larger bone and several toys right beside him but he wanted what he couldn’t have.

How like us! God created us uniquely with various body shapes and personalities. Does that make us happy? No. We want to look like Beyonce, Angelina, Brad or Clooney. Appreciate what you have. Strive to be your best for God. You’ll be much happier and content.

“And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:19)

Lastly God’s Love is unconditional and so is our dog’s. Oh, they grow up so quickly! Love unconditionally too.


14 thoughts on “Godly Lessons Learned From a Pup!

  1. “Mister No-NO” is so cute!
    Ellie, I enjoyed this post so much. You have some beautiful analogies.
    So many of the examples remind me of times of struggle in my life, be it with my kids and their lack of self-discipline, times when health struggles led to chaos instead of organization and times when our animals wanted another’s toy, too.
    It’s fantastic to be able to realize God’s unconditional love, and so sweet that He gave us animals to illustrate it for us!
    Blessings to you, sweet friend!


    • Aaah thanks Robbye. Yeah, he’s a real mess, no matter how much he gets brushed and it’s daily (!) he always looks like an unmade bed or a crazy professor. Of course that’s not his real name but we’ve had to caution “no-no” so much he’ll even answer to it, ha!

      What a great comment and I am touched that my little analogies filled you with (I hope) good memories of your past. I am so grateful you are feeling so much better. Many blessings back,

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      • Ellie, I kind of suspected that wasn’t his real name, but it is a cute nickname!
        I thoroughly enjoy reading all your posts, you have so many wonderful insights. Even though I don’t always comment or like please know, they always bless me. (I read a lot of posts during the wee hours of the morning when I caught up in the throes of insomnia, and though I can appreciate the words I have read, I can’t always string two of them together in a coherent sentence!)
        Blessings, my friend!

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    • Thanks SSF We didn’t know what he would look like when we found him because he simply stole my heart and we had to have him. I thought he’d resemble more of a King Charles but he doesn’t look like either to me. As I told Robbye (above) he looks more like an unmade bed most of the time, 🙂 But he has such a sweet personality, he’s impossible not to love. Blessings back,


  2. Love Mr. No No !! We have a couple of 2 year old puppies and you are right about puppies are for the young. If we get anymore they will have to be age appropriate !!! Your comment about being content with what we have, really spoke to me. We have been made by God with different shapes, sizes and personalities and instead of being thankful and content we try to conform ourselves to what others say we should be. Thanks for the reminder that we are God’s workmanship.

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    • HI Kathy, thank you for your kind comment. I’m so grateful that you immediately knew what I wanted to convey. It would be a boring world if we all looked and thought alike. Our uniqueness makes us special to our Lord.

      My best to you on the training of your puppies, 🙂 As God professes, tribulation worketh patience” right? And with two puppies to train, you must have even more than I do!!! 🙂 Blessings back,


  3. Love this! I think you furry guy and mine would enjoy each other. My husband and I have talked so many times about the lessons we learn from our “furry boy”. My word, we are even considering taking him when we travel now! Never thought I would see the day…but he is so content. As we should be….such a great reminder, and you know how I love those “everyday moments”! Have a great weekend!


      • Well if you come our way in that RV we will have to meet! Just finished your book and it was so good! There were a couple of surprises that I did not expect, which is always good. I will rate it online soon! Always good to hear from you! Much love….

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      • Oh Tammy, thank you! My aim was to create a novel with twists, turns and an ending which would be unpredictable. And yes, someday wouldn’t it be lovely to travel the US to meet some of my favorite followers? I love you all so much! I’d only be concerned I might be a disappointment in person (but I’m usually more bubbly than my blogs indicate.) I’ve just gotten a few more wrinkles in the four and a half years I’ve blogged and need a new photo. 🙂 Thanks again for a future review!

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