Before You Begin Your Weight Loss Resolution

“But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.” (2 Chronicles 15:7)

Most of us will endure another week of holiday eating before our weight loss resolution kicks in. Initially, January 2nd, we start out so determined, this time I’m really going to do it! But then the first football play-off party, bridal or baby shower invite arrives and bam, you lose your resolve and cave in before that chicken wing idol.challenges-are-what-makes-us-interesting

Now you’re discouraged. Why bother, I’ve failed again! No you haven’t. Life is a process, a learning experience and a journey of successes and failures. Only one person was perfect and we are not Christ. Weight loss isn’t easy but it sure is rewarding when you conquer any addiction. And you know what? Success gives you confidence.

Before you begin, understand physiology:

Weight, among other reasons, fluctuates with stress, the time of day, (or month) or the sodium you consumed. Rather than trust your scale, ask yourself: how do my clothes fit? How much energy do I have? How does my complexion look? All these are much better indicators of healthy or unhealthy living.

Weigh yourself, then put away your scale. Weight is relative, health is not! A pint equals a pound. A couple of cups of coffee and you are a pound heavier. Take a shower, your hair is wet, you’re heavier. It’s an illusion, it’s not unhealthy weight. Excess fat is unhealthy.

Besides weighing oneself daily is discouraging – if it doesn’t come quickly enough, the tendency is to give up. We are an instant gratification society but instant anything doesn’t teach us how to strategize against challenges. On the contrary, it makes us spoiled, demanding children. So weigh yourself every couple of weeks or better yet go by how energetic you feel and look.

Don’t forget to breathe, enjoy life and take time to laugh! Find ways to relax. Stress increases toxic conditions. Toxins increases insulin levels, making the body work harder which tires us. When one is tired the body nags us for food to regain that energy. The quickest energy is sugar which raises insulin levels and thus it’s a vicious circle.

Start cleaning out those toxins. All those sugary desserts, alcoholic drinks  and fattening foods contribute to an unhealthy acidic pH. This ages us while stressing out the kidneys and liver, making them work harder to detoxify our system. Our pH should to be around 7.3 which is a healthy alkaline level (that’s another post.) Simply consuming the most colorful fruits vegetables will supply many wonderful nutrients as well as fiber, to get you back on track.

Begin by flushing out toxins with lemon water, consuming lots of green leafy vegetables and fibrous fruits. Try cleansing your digestive tract with water-based foods such as vegetable soups and juices for several days. Steer away from the cream-based soups for now. Consuming tomato, vegetable beef, chicken noodle, hearty pea or bean soups instead as wonderful alternatives.

Vary caloric intake too. It’s shakes up metabolism. If you normally consume approximately 1800 calories per day, one day consume 1200, the next 1500, the next 2200 and the following day 1600. But do not starve! When one loses weight they’ll also lose muscle, which burns fat. When they gain, especially without exercising, they’ll gain fat back. One can’t outsmart a fat cell. Starving will simply slow metabolism to a crawl which begins “yo-yo” dieting.

Be determined! God wants you healthy and so do I, so stay tuned for more practical healthy tips over the next weeks.



14 thoughts on “Before You Begin Your Weight Loss Resolution

  1. wanted to let you know – just two weeks into TOPs and over the holiday – no gain…no loss granted but no gain! But then I have been exercising more and really paying attention to what I eat….so I am off to a good start. You are my inspiration! Also finished Casey’s Journey and just want to say I hope book 3 will be out soon!! Great book – you are a great story teller. I feel as if I truly know your characters. I would love to email you but don’t want to publish my email on line…do you know of any way I can send a private message through word press? God bless your New Year!


    • Oh Patty, I am so proud of you! Do you realize how unusual it is to simply maintain over the holidays? You are determined and special! Now you’ll continue to lose in the New Year!

      I’m so happy you enjoyed my sequel, that’s music to my ears and encouragement to my heart. Thank you for being a blessing to me! Happy New Year. By the way I messaged you on Twitter with my email address. Happy New Year dear friend, ❤


  2. On one of your posts, you suggested to do a two week plan of doing something new every day. I thought it was a great idea. I made a chart but did something new on day 3. I have created a new chart (again) starting Sunday, Jan 1, 2017. and penciled in 5 new tasks for the first 5 days. Baby steps. Since I am sharing it with you, I may have a better chance of completing this project! Fingers crossed ◔‿◔ . Thanks for the nudge!


  3. You made my day, thank you. Okay, go for it! Small goals will continue to bolster and bless you as you gain confidence that you alone, with God’s help, tackle and overcome challenges. It’s not easy but it sure is rewarding. I’m here for you if you need a support buddy and a few “atta-girls” 🙂 along the way. So grateful for your comment – it’s the best I’ve gotten this year, 🙂 Blessings for success,


  4. Happy New Year Ellie!
    Thankfully I never had any weight problems, but problems with getting to new outfits, my weight didn’t change after I was 21. I suppose we have to always follow our personal body’s and mind’s advise and never use anything chemical and artificial, that’s all. I also find that following any campaign type of advise is just wrong, these advises have been misleading for so many times. Using one’s brain is the best for making the right decisions.
    May you have pleasure, health, joy, love and abundance in 2017!

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