The Evolution of Diet Plans

I was speaking to someone regarding a controversial Biblical subject when he stated, “Ellie, you can’t argue with science.”

Oh really? Of course I can. God is Absolute, man isn’t.  At one time humans believed a flat earth was carried on the backs of turtles, elephants, serpents and other creatures. They were wrong. God professed in Isaiah 40:21-22 , Job 26:7, Luke 17:31, 34 and Proverbs 8:27 that His Earth was round. Man however conveniently ignored that Absolute.

And how can scientists believe in evolution and yet ignore the Second Law of Thermodynamics which truthfully states the world is deteriorating not improving? There ARE absolutes found in science: mathematics, physics, physiology . . . but evolution is not one of them!

cabbage-soup-dietDiets have evolved too. In the 1960s do you remember the AIDs fudge candies before dinner? Yes, eat candy before dinner and you won’t be as hungry. Along came the Scarsdale Diet, grapefruit, cottage cheese, fat-free, carb-free, cabbage soup, rice, bananas or all fruit diet. Then came chocolate shakes, Atkins for Life, South Beach, Zone, Cookie diet (no joke) and dangerous diet pills in which sadly, people died to be thin! And let’s not forget the current celebrity endorsed diets of Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and NutriSystem.

The one diet in my opinion, which has evolved more than any other is the Paleo plan. Launched in 2005, it was strictly an “eat this, not that”plan. Modifying allowed it to blend in with the world of more “traditional” diet plans, gaining followers, producing more income. In other words it “adjusted to one’s own relativism.”

As it states in Judges 21:25, “In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” There was no strong leadership – no one to stand up for what was right! Relativism watered down morals, blending the principles of Absolutes into “feel-good” moments.

It takes a lot of discipline to do what is right when all around us others are saying, “If it feels good, do it!” I enjoy the Chinese quote, “Even if 5,000 men are wrong, they are still wrong!” In other words if someone states that a blue shirt is really yellow, no amount of convincing could make me believe it’s yellow.

Sometimes I feel like John the Baptist crying out in the Wilderness of Diet Relativism, “Don’t blend into the fad diet plans when there is no physiological truth behind them!” Sure I wish I could eat bacon, Dove Bars and BBQ ribs every day with no health consequences but that’s not physiological Truth.

Today we live under Grace. It’s fine to consume all foods in moderation and I encourage you to do so. Since God didn’t create robots, we can eat pretty much anything we wish according to 1 Corinthians 10:23. “I have the right to do anything,” you say–but not everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything”–but not everything is constructive.”

Please do so sensibly. Consider smoking; it’s permissible but is it constructive? No. Why would we want to risk lung diseases and cancer? We’re playing Russian Roulette with our body. In the same vein, we can consume bacon double cheeseburgers every day but the risk of heart disease and diabetes is a distinct possibility too. Our choice.

Bottom line: trust the best Scientist ever! Enjoy a healthy, vibrant godly lifestyle within God’s abundance of healthy choices set before us.



15 thoughts on “The Evolution of Diet Plans

  1. Good advice. I wish more people would listen to you.

    My dad used what he called the “push back diet.” He’d push back from the table when he was satisfied rather than full. Smart man.

    Once back in the 80s I tried diet pills for a week and gained 10 lb. The reason: I was a compulsive overeater and the caffeine made me jittery so I ate more. Several years later OA helped me get back on track. While I no longer attend OA meetings and have gained some poundage, it’s not my diet, but my exercise disinclination that has added the weight – but not near what I used to weigh. It’s been stable for quite a long time. sd


  2. If we all followed God’s plan instead of our own, we would be a lot healthier. A lot of our physical and mental illnesses are caused by making poor choices in what we eat. Eating unhealthy foods likely played a large part in my recent stroke (along with way too much stress of course). Now I have no choice but to follow a healthy diet. It is so important to take care of our bodies…we only have one!!

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  3. Great post, Ellie. When you come down to it, it’s about Lifestyle, isn’t it? Living right, making good choices, and all in moderation. Although we do follow an Italian diet plan here in our house. One my husband invented. It’s the Mangia Meno Diet. Which in English translates to Eat Less Diet. But we just call it the M&M Diet, which always gets quizzical looks! And we have actually had friends tell us they do the “other” M&M Diet. Mangia Molto – or Eat More! Guess they don’t have to wonder why they’re gaining, not losing! lol!

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