Run An Individual Race

running a race“You were running the race so well. Who has held you back from following the truth?” (Galatians 5:7)

We are each unique. Isn’t that wonderful? However there are always people who want to live someone else’s life: desiring a larger home, more income, even a smaller waistline. Truth is, many will get sidetracked and run a meaningless rat-race to win a worldly prize which turns to dust! Goals are beneficial but should always fit into God’s plans for our life. It’s only what we do for our Lord that lasts.

Embarrassing Confession: When I was in high school I was downright ugly. How I had wished I had been born pretty. Even my son once, after he found my yearbook photo joked, “Mom, did you like yourself back then?” So believe me, I was quite plain. I figured since I was never going to a beauty I better develop a personality to be noticed. So that’s what I worked on.

My favorite book during my teenage years was Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. I kept striving to be friendlier, kinder, interested in others, etc. and eventually succeeded when I was elected VP and then president of my school. That  book’s basic principles, along with The Bible, became my learning tools throughout life. God taught me that if I ran my own race, I’d never want to be anyone but me. That produced a happier life.

People who are never satisfied with the bounty God has given them are not joyful, contented residents on Earth. They rush around striving for what they’ll never achieve and even when reaching a goal, are never satisfied with the final result. They are like spoiled children at Christmas who open present after present and after opening them all ask, “Is that everything?”  They were happy for a moment and then looked around, wishing for even more.

Trying to be someone else enslaves us to another’s opinion. Remember God looks at our spirit! A grateful, contented smile is the most beautiful asset you’ll ever own.

“For you have been called to live in freedom, my brothers and sisters. But don’t use your freedom to satisfy your sinful nature. Instead, use your freedom to serve one another in love.” (Galatians 5:13)

True freedom is powerful! Even a prisoner will find freedom within his confines if he has godly peace within. For in his chains, his repentant Christian testimony will inspire others. What imprisons you? Are you imprisoned by smoking, weight gain, drug use or other harmful habit? Look for godly ways to conquer these addictions, taking it one step at a time. There is no instant gratification.

Yes, it’ll take time. Therefore make your goals realistic. For example, if someone is large-boned, they will never be a size 2 without looking emaciated. Second, develop discipline. If one is small in stature, eating smaller portions and creating a workout to keep that physique is essential. Everything in life has a cost but remember, you are the only one who lives inside your body. Choose wisely.

Allowing God to be your Coach will get you past the Finish Line. Overcoming an addictive habit for some might be a sprint, for others a marathon. Run your own race. Stop comparing yourself to others. Start finding success in small personal goals because accomplishing a goal builds confidence! A confident attitude will draw others to you; for by conquering addiction, you have conquered the chains of a sinful nature. You’ve become a New Creation in Christ!


17 thoughts on “Run An Individual Race

  1. Oh Ellie, I do love your way with words. You also made me laugh with your criticism of yourself in high school. It seems we were two peas in a pod. Our self esteems didn’t allow us to see our own beauty. We compensated with our personalities, and look at us now! LOL ❤

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  2. Ellie, how are you my sister? I really needed this post, thank you! As I age, I feel worse and worse about myself which is NOT what I want. And my memory is getting fuzzy, which really bothers me. What are some good foods and supplements to help with that? I appreciate the story you shared about your childhood. I am still struggling with food issues and it is a good reminder for me to realize this is probably going to be a marathon for me. Thanks for being such a blessing and caring enough to address these issues with us. Hugs!


  3. Oh Wendy how I wish I could run this race for you. As it is, I can only run beside you and cheer you on.

    I know you can overcome! I see your beauty through your words and by your loving heart. Please see it for yourself and start turning your life around today! I’ve heard that wonderful phrase, “I never knew I could feel this good!’ (I want to hear that from you) You are worth more than precious gold in God’s Eyes. When will you see that for yourself, my dear friend? Hugs and blessings back,


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