“Casey’s Journey”

Casey's Story Cover photo for CanvaEvery author who devotes their entire heart and soul to writing realizes how exciting it is to see a finished work come to life. For me, writing will always be a labor of love.

Isn’t writing a novel similar to birthing a child? At first, you’re excited about the prospect, happily announcing it to relatives and friends, then a little nervous wondering if you’ll even be good at parenting (or in this case, writing.)

As you discover your characters coming to life amidst an emerging plot, you can’t wait to see what the finished project will look like! But along the way, perhaps constantly editing, you’re wondering why you ever thought it’d be a good idea and simply want it over with! Did I really think I’d be the next Harper Lee, Sidney Sheldon, or Jodi Picoult? (Come on, I’m sure all writers felt the same at one point.)

Casey’s Journey is classified as Women’s Fiction, Christian Fiction, and YA and is a perfect beach read! It’s a coming-of-age age, nostalgic story, partly based in Europe, mostly based in the low country of the Carolinas. As in the first novel, this is a stand-alone novel but one that has a built-in sequel, so while reading, look for hidden clues. I hope you’ll enjoy and publicize it. I’d love to hear from you if you do.  In appreciation, Ellie


Why does God allow bad things to happen to the innocent? The second novel in the Katherine LeVay series answers the question as to what happened to her abducted child.

When Richard and Katherine LeVay Madison’s five-year-old daughter is kidnapped in New York City on a family outing, we discover that even the evil events in our life can be molded into beauty if God is the Potter.

Katherine’s resentment toward her husband’s indiscretion is but one of several events which ultimately lead to the downfall of her marriage. After years of living with the hopelessness that her daughter will never be found, Katherine leaves the States for a new life in picturesque Sorrento, Italy. But even her flourishing Bed & Breakfast set in a renovated Renaissance Inn won’t quell her heartache and longing to discover what really happened to her beloved daughter.

Casey is told her parents, aunt and uncle are dead and she must remain at the “orphanage” until someone adopts her. A year and a half later the child feel’s unloved, unwanted, and rebellious. There is one couple however who sees the child’s potential and brings her into their gypsy military lifestyle. As we follow Casey’s journey through the twists and turns of life into adulthood, she sees how those who now love and protect her format her thoughts and dreams for a more promising future.

Stationed in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, golf comes calling and Casey exhibits many of her birth parents’ athletic characteristics. She discovers a talent and a competitive atmosphere she thrives. That is until a family tragedy occurs, challenging her beliefs and enticing her into a scandalous situation. If it’s true that tribulation builds character, then Casey has an abundance of it.

Throughout the novel we question which shapes us more, our heritage or environment? Will Casey discover the truth regarding her past and is it possible that God meant all these tribulations for good?

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding; think about Him in all your ways, and He will guide you on the right paths.”  (Proverbs 3:5,6)

Now available on Amazon Kindle: HTTPs://www.amazon.com/dp/B01GGKTH56  \

Casey’s Journey available for $2.99

Sometimes Marriage is a Real Crime reduced to 99 cents.



33 thoughts on ““Casey’s Journey”

  1. Congratulations! How very exciting. I am looking foward to reading both of the books. Again, congratulations. I know the Lord will use them as you spread His Word through them.


    • Oh Linda thank you! I’d be honored to have you read my work. Each is a stand alone novel so I don’t think it matters which one is read first. I’m currently re-editing and streamlining Sometimes (because authors never seem satisfied.) I hope you write me and let me know what you think of them Blessings back,


      • I will be glad to do so, but I anticipate they will be wonderful. I have absolute admiration for those who write fiction … I am much more like Sargent Friday “The facts, Ma’am, just the facts!”.

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  2. Congrats again Ellie. And I remember since publishing my first book, I loved to use the term ‘birthing my book’ for it is our labor of love. Looking forward to reading. 🙂 ❤


  3. Just noticed it was a book two….better order book one – (you twisted my arm! ha ha) If you know me and book you will know it was not much of a twist. lol

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      • Oh Patty, I’m so grateful! Thank you.

        Being around my age, I trust you will enjoy the nostalgic angle of book one. I should tell you that the first is not considered Christian fiction (but certainly isn’t an embarrassing read.) Casey’s Journey is and is one answer to why bad things happen to good people. If you enjoy it I’d love a review. (I’m so appreciative of two 5 star reviews already, wow! humbling.)

        The last in the trilogy will continue on with a Christian theme.


      • We are going on a bus trip next week and I am bringing your book along…if I don’t talk too much and read I know I will enjoy it. lol It sounds really good and I trust you to have a good book that is not an “embarrassing” read. They are rare these days aren’t they?


      • Oh my, pressure!!! thank you so much for the purchase (hopefully now I’ll be able to buy meat.)

        Boy I sure hope you’ll enjoy it. Which one are you reading first? “Sometimes” was updated and has a lot of nostalgia for women our age, but couldn’t be called a Christian novel, just identifiable innocent chick-lit. The sequel, Casey’s Journey, is a Christian novel and hopefully realistic and fast paced. Love you lady! Let me know when you finish it? Have a great trip, blessings,


      • Ha ha. Glad to help with your grocery shopping!! LOL. I will start with the first one and then the sequel. I am looking forward to reading it. It is important for me to support my friends who are writers – have never been disappointed yet. :). Face it I have talented friends!!

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      • Sorry did not start your book, sat with a friend and we talked all the way down and back!! lol Me talk too much?? never!! LOL But this weekend will be hot and humid – perfect day to stay inside in front of the a/c and ready my heart out. 🙂


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