Cholesterol and Fats – The myths and the legends!!

Sally Cronin is one of the most knowledgeable and practical nutritionists I know. There is a ton of information in her article and I simply had to pass this along. Enjoy and take heed, blessings

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This week the focus has been on cholesterol and the nutrients that maintain a healthy balance in the body. Cholesterol is not a random substance and is essential for many of the major functions in the body including the production of hormones. I cover that function tomorrow in the serialisation of my book Turning Back the Clock.

Today I wanted to focus on fats which also play a massive role in the balance of LDL (potentially unhealthy cholesterol) and HDL (healthy cholesterol) See yesterday’s post. B3 and cholesterol

It can be tricky because the good fats are fairly easy to spot but the harmful fats tend to be hidden and disguised in the packaged and processed foods we buy. Responsible manufacturers have mainly moved away from using the highly toxic ‘trans fats’ but unfortunately the cheaper your processed family meal for four is, the more likely it is to have…

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2 thoughts on “Cholesterol and Fats – The myths and the legends!!

  1. Fats, and oils are similar organic compounds, been reading a good bit in the OT which I am reading on where and when oils (fats) were used. EO or essential oils are absolutely necessary for health. I can’t do everything I would like to as $$$ is always a consideration. EO’s are on my to do list of things to buy. I don’t think it is an coincidence, that myrrh and frankincense were given to the Lord at His birth. There are EO’s one can purchase online.

    Sadly these oils are expensive or of poor quality. I did find one vendor on Amazon, that has good quality oils. I don’t like to post specifics so as to endorse something. I am glad to share what I found to help others, but that is my only motivation to help get oils into your life as this article recommends.

    EO’s are so great. One other way is to get them in by just consuming plants that have them and consuming them. There are also fish that have these too, they are a good source, but again, sadly you have to beware.


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