Tea and Comfort

th0S03L7ZJSince I’ve lived in the South and West most of my life, drinking hot tea wasn’t one of the beverages I sought out.  However, now that we reside in the beautiful but very cold northeast Ohio, the tea pot is constantly boiling.

Tea has already been shown to be a healthy weight loss aid. Last year I wasn’t even trying to lose and discovered I lost anyway. Chalk it up to green tea which I wrote about last year.  Now I’d like to extol the benefits of flavored chamomile teas.

I was never crazy about plain chamomile tea so I was so happy to discover all sorts of flavored chamomile teas on the shelves here.  My personal favorite is Celestial Seasonings Apple Cinnamon Spice.  (Now that I let that cat out of that bag, it’ll probably be sold out!)

There are so many benefits to Chamomile, where should I start?! You see, not only is it great to drink, it’s an excellent medicinal tonic. Tea is so healthy with its antibacterial, antimicrobial and antioxidant powers, I’m sure there must have been a lot of teas in the Garden of Eden!

Under Stress?

  1. If you find the kids staying home for yet another snow day, reach for this calming   beverage. (And NO! I don’t mean a glass of wine!) Chamomile is a natural stress reliever which reduces anxiety and calms nerves.
  2. Tea not only reduces stress but it is also a muscle relaxer. So if you perhaps are prone to muscle spasms or those monthly cramps, put your feet up and have a cup of tea. It probably will help.
  3. Remember the heart is a muscle. Since chamomile contains small amounts of coumarin, a blood thinner, be especially aware of any (rare) abnormal heart reactions during any exercise routine. I don’t recommend imbibing this before you work out.
  4. Since chamomile reduces stress, it’s an excellent beverage to consume an hour or so before bedtime. You might sleep better and it’s much healthier than taking a sleep aid.
It restores youth!
  1. Say goodbye to blotches, acne, rashes and stress related break-outs. Since it is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, it aids in restoring beauty to the skin.  It has even been known to fight eczema.
  2. Due to its anti-oxidant powers it will protect against sun-damaged skin. (Ski Runs, Here We Come!)  But still wear a sun screen every day.
  3. You’ll have more energy because your body will have fewer toxins that build up and stress your system. Who doesn’t feel great when they have natural energy? It’s a revitalizing circle!
Chamomile targets disease
  1. Since it is antibacterial it improves the immune system. Feel like you’re coming down with a cold or flu? Reach for the tea before the Nyquil.
  2. These teas have anti-microbial properties, which mean they fight germs. Perfect for you when your child’s runny nose and cough runs rampant and they want those extra comforting hugs.
  3. Chamomile contains cancer fighters called apigenin, which reduce dangerous cancer cells.
  4. Their antioxidant properties build up residence to diabetes with it’s debilitating side affects (blindness, kidney and nerve damage.)
  5. In the same area, chamomile is a great wound healer and fights infection.
  6. Since it is anti-inflammatory, it fights joint pain.

Well if that’s not enough to get you to put the teapot on the stove  . . . a comforting pot of tea also gives you a spirit of contentment on a cold day. Try it, God says you’ll like it!


15 thoughts on “Tea and Comfort

  1. Latvian herbal medicine which has ancient roots agrees with your recommendations 100%! Perfect for prevention, treatment and improvement. However, one shouldn’t expect the effects within 20 minutes. Herbal tea is fantastic, but it has to be used regularly.
    Great advise!

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  2. Many teas have wonderful benefits. It’s funny you say you didn’t drink tea as much when you lived in the desert. I drink tea every night at home and since I’ve been here, none. LOL, The party will be over soon and the tea will be back on! 🙂

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  3. I had no idea how beneficial chamomile tea was, thanks so much for sharing this info. I also really love the Celestial Seasons Tea you mentioned. The going as been tough for me, not always taking such good care of myself, then I read one of your entries and I get re-motivated. Thanks Sister, love and grace to you.

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