The Stubborn Culinary Child in All of Us

Sometimes as little children occasionally do, we’ll stomp our feet and declare, “But I want it now!”   Afterward when the regrets th1NDE1W02kick in, we ask ourselves, “Why did I think that was a great idea?”

Have you ever stopped to think that our Heavenly Father loves us so much, He will give us the desires of our heart even if those are bad for us?  It’s called “free will.” Naturally God hopes we’ll choose what’s best. But it’s our choice.

Have you ever debated if you should consume something even though you understand it’s going to create an illness? Then shake a fist at God and ask, “Why’d you do this to me?”

I know very few children who choose vegetables over candy, cake or even cheesy fries. After a few tummy aches however and children usually instinctively learn to choose better. Do we really think eating all that fattening, processed, chemically-laden packaged food is good for us? We need to conquer our food cravings and resist the tug of gluttony. We are not children anymore.

No food is bad (1 Corinthians 10:23) but our reaction to it sometimes is.  Who’s in control, you or are you lured by manipulation? Have you ever lost control, giving in to a decadent food only to become discouraged because you couldn’t stay on your health plan?

As God’s child we also need borders which will assure a healthier lifestyle. When young, our children need boundaries to keep them safe and healthy. Certainly you wouldn’t feed your child only candy? They need real food to grow and thrive. God laid out our diet plan in Genesis 1:29 and 9:3. Follow His plan and achieve a healthier lifestyle. So why can’t we resist temptation?

Unfortunately some never grow up. When presented with a menu of grilled fish or chicken or hamburgers and fries, they’ll still go for the fattier selection every time! THINK! Once in a while that’s fine but choosing an inappropriate choice every day and you’ll wind up with debilitating diseases and parasites, lovely.

Why do we fail to understand we answer to a Higher Authority? If I am out walking my pooch, I’m her authority. I want her to enjoy her journey but if she misbehaves and wants to chase squirrels across the road, I reign her in because I don’t want to see her run over! God provides boundaries for the same reason. He wants us to be safe! And because He is All Knowing, He realizes what will happen when we give in to temptation.

Emotional eating is not healthy. If you desire something unhealthy, work it off by exercising and you’ll remain in control.  If you’ve kept your food journal for two weeks as I encouraged, you might understand why you give in for reasons other than hunger. Continue to journal; asking yourself, what happened just before I gave in to my desires? A disturbing phone call, an argument? Are you lonely – food offers comfort. Bored? Eating is something to do. Angry? Crunching on food is a stress reliever. Sad? Chemicals in food release happy endorphins.

For example, chocolate contains  phenylethylamine which makes us feel loved. Since God created chocolate, it’s fine in moderation.  But if we’re motivated by a chocolate commercial on TV, losing control, we’ve become manipulated. Give in and you just made that food an idol before our Lord.

 “I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.”  (Galatians 5:16)

Remaining in control and conquering addiction is a wonderful feeling. Conquer self and honor God.


13 thoughts on “The Stubborn Culinary Child in All of Us

  1. Good advice, Ellie. This is why I gave up dieting years ago. I eat what I want and allow occasional treats. I don’t keep sweets in the house. I weigh a bit more than I’d like, but my weight is stable, not fluctuating as in the past. More healthy over all.

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  2. Great post! It’s a constant battle to control our emotions but if we could just start focusing on a positive habit like healthy eating, instead of the negative habit of dieting, it would have better results.

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    • Thanks Confident, so right. Concentrate on the positive steps, enjoying all the items we can eat. Perhaps a post about all those items will be next.

      Almost everyone knows WHAT to do to become healthy and eat better. However they fail to do so. That’s when a nutritional counselor comes into the picture, (like me 🙂 ) Change begins from within and until some learn why they do what they do, nothing changes. For some it’s an underlying self-loathing or rebellion. For others it’s a lack of physiological knowledge (why the body craves certain nutrients). We are a fascinating creation! Blessings,


  3. Great reminder Ellie! Yesterday I brought a great Kale-Citrus-Pomegranate salad to work as a snack, however, I kept craving the decadent, eye-catching, drool inducing, gourmet cupcakes in the staff fridge. Finally I gave in and grabbed one. As I walked out of the kitchen the cupcake flew out of my hand and landed on the floor. Yuk.
    I was so hungry, I went back and got my Kale salad.
    I wish this would happen every time I choose to eat junk food instead of nourishing food 😀


    • Great story! Thank you JM and good for you! – at least you didn’t follow the three second rule, 🙂 Actually I’ve suggested the rubber band on the wrist trick to some of my patients when cravings arise. Snap it when you crave an item which isn’t nutrient dense.
      Sometimes it worked sometimes not. Keep trudging on toward victory!


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