A Word About Fat versus Carbs

thKTHNDXC7The diet trend headlines are once again recommending consuming more fats and limiting carbs.  “Avoid carbs!” experts professed.” After all, we’ve conducted a “long term” (one year) study of 150 people” (and how many people live on this planet???)

I wonder if those experts ever counseled a high-fat dieter whose skin color has turned grey from consuming unhealthy fats while limiting vegetables or fiber-based foods? I have. My friends, please don’t be taken in by diet gurus who tell you that consuming bacon is better than beets. We wish!

Yes, of course we should limit simple carbohydrates like sugary donuts, candy and empty calorie foods. However, nothing in this article distinguished complex from simple carbs such as candy and donuts.

Some people actually believe they are smarter than God.  Complex carbohydrates: fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts, seeds and herbs (Genesis 1:29) metabolize differently from simple sugars.  It’s all about nutrients, physiology and balance!

Our friend, the Fat Cell: It’s about balancing healthy fats.

A person is born with basically all the fat cells he’ll ever have.  Surprisingly men and women are born with about the same number. Unfortunately for us women, men lose weight faster than women, due to muscle, enzymes and hormone distribution.

1.  Muscle is an efficient fat burner. Men have more muscle, eerrrgh.  Women must find a fun way to exercise, developing more muscle and increasing heart-rate efficiency; dance, play with the baby, walk the pup to develop muscle.

2.  Regarding enzymes, (see “Our Mother’s Were Right! ” post)  they are like 3 assigned movers in one moving company, transporting your chewed food into the room it needs to go in. Humans have an innate desire to chew our food which releases enzymes.  Unfortunately women have more fat storing lipogenic enzymes, while men have more fat producing enzymes.

3. The hormone estrogen sends stored fat to hips, butts and thighs. (I sure don’t want a larger butt, do you?) Women were designed with a higher percentage of estrogen in order to bear healthy children. Women, we need to accept that fact graciously.

4. Don’t restrict all fats either – it takes energy to make energy – it’s the first law of thermodynamics. Good Fat produces Good Energy.

Balance fats with proteins and complex carbs. Not eating healthy fat stresses the body in this capacity:

  • Non-essential body parts such as hair and nails, become thin, brittle and break.
  • Creates loss of brain, bone, muscle and healthy skin tone. Skin tone becomes sallow.
  • Produces a loss of protective brown fat which cushions and warms vital organs. Once gone, it’s gone!
  • Consuming healthy fats metabolize the fat vitamins, A, D, E, K.
  • But consuming too much fat produces toxins, creating an acidic environment, weakening the immune system, risking illnesses, heart palpitations and possible cancers.

As a Christian I would trust you wouldn’t follow false prophets blindly but rather research the Biblical common sense principles endorsed by God. Don’t believe everything your “itchy ears” want to hear. (2 Timothy 4:3)  Especially this time of year when everyone’s trying to lose weight and by now might be either discouraged or desperate, willing to follow nonsensical advice. Who would you rather trust?

A fat cell is our friend and it’s purpose is to store and release energy depending on what our metabolic needs are at the time, filling and reducing, depending on how much we eat. Don’t overeat. This is God’s perfect, intricately designed plan.

“Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous–how well I know it.” (Psalm 139:14)

10 thoughts on “A Word About Fat versus Carbs

    • Thank you Susie. Reports like these keep me on my toes. We must discern truth from fiction. There is no miraculous way to lose weight. Getting healthy is an individual, common sense long term event but the process is so invigorating. It restores confidence that the individual is in control and therefore can maintain for a lifetime (as I have) if they truly want healthy living. If not, that’s when a counselor like me comes into play, 🙂 Some need a hug – some a kick in the pants, 🙂 Blessings for success Susie,

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