“Isn’t Weight Loss Complicated?” Not really

We certainly live in a complicated high-tech world today.  Everyone wants the latest gizmos and gadgets and can’t get along without them. Disagree? Okay, how many of you type on a typewriter or change the TV by an attached knob? Right, didn’t think so.

I enjoy new things too. But when it comes to weight loss, I’d urge getting back to basics! By that, I don’t mean some old ’60s & ’70s diet plans. Go back 6,000 years. Begin the diet encouraged by God. (Genesis 1:29 & 9:3) 

building wilpowerAvoiding processed foods, sugary sodas, chemically produced fast-food, dyes and questionable preservatives will ensure healthier living and honors our Lord.

“Put on the new self, created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness” (Ephesians 4:24)

  1. Eat as naturally as possible. I like organic but there’s no need to go that far. Frequent supermarkets which carry locally grown. Purchase farm-fresh, local produce and lean meat as much as possible.
  2. Exchange your sugary sodas for seltzer water with fruit/cucumber slices or a splash of fruit juice.
  3. Use your lunch plates for dinner.  You’ll eat less.
  4. Eat balanced mini-meals throughout the day which increases energy, decreases temptations.
  5. Remember that B vitamins, which turns fats, protein and carbs into energy, are water-based. Therefore they will only last in your system approximately four hours before washing away.
  6. Consume fibrous foods:  whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and herbs. (No matter how tough a steak is, meat has NO fiber!)
  7. Consume water  I’ll have an entire post about this essential nutrient soon but suffice to say, increase your pure water intake to approximately 6-8 glasses of water daily. A few cups more if you weigh over 200 pounds.
  8. Slow down while eating! Practice putting your fork down between bites. You already know it takes twenty minutes for a brain to know its tummy is full, so savor your food.
  9. Find an exercise you enjoy. Whether it is walking, jogging, swimming, dancing, gardening or group sport, you’ll only continue if you find pleasure in it. I’ve always disliked calisthenics but the WII videos are fun. If you get your children involved they’ll appreciate the bonding time spent with them.
  10. Keep it simple and know what and why you eat. Create a food journal.

Keep a food journal for two weeks. It’s eye-opening!

Let me explain why a food journal is important.  It instills accountability.  You alone are responsible for everything that goes into your mouth!  Do you really want that item or are you only provoked by a feeling?  Let’s say you are watching TV and an ice cream commercial comes on. You think, mmm, that sounds good . . . There are Dove Bars in the freezer!!!  Are you hungry?  Probably not.  How do you like being manipulated, becoming a lab rat for an advertising company?

In your food diary write down the date, time of day you eat, why you are eating,  how you were feeling, (hungry, bored, anxious, tired, etc.) and what you ate. Only eat if you’re hungry. No one sees this journal but you, so be honest.  In two weeks I’ll tell you what it says about you.  Stay tuned . . .

Many believe if one loses weight, he must suffer to succeed. Wrong. I call that the “penance principle.” God is not Charlie Brown’s friend Lucy who pulls away his football and laughs at his failures. You can TRUST God, He wants your health quest to succeed.  The way to health is no more complicated than the Simple Plan to Salvation! I urge you to do as He says!



11 thoughts on ““Isn’t Weight Loss Complicated?” Not really

  1. Never thought, Ellie, about cucumber slices in water. Gonna have to give that a try. These are great tips! And no, I don’t want to be a lab rat. Good thing we have no TV! 😉


  2. A question about 6-8 glasses of water a day. Does herbal tea count?
    I tend to not stock stuff like Dove bars or chips (my HUGE temptation) in the house. Funny how it’s usually these items that go on sale. But really I prefer to spend more money (per chip) on a small bag than a big one to satisfy my chip craving. Still, I always find myself in front of the chip isle and longingly looking at them.
    Thanks, Ellie, for this post. You are a wonderful support to the blogging community’s health. 🙂


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