First Question Regarding Weight Loss: “Are you ready?”

Okay, as promised, I will be writing more frequently, hoping to motivate others to strive for a healthier lifestyle this year. As you know the #1 resolution last year was to lose weight.  So how has that worked for you?  Wait, don’t tell me – not great, or why else would you be reading this?

That’s not meant to be snarky because I understand your frustration! Every year the #1 resolution is the #1 failed resolution. Why? Perhaps many are conned by false diet gurus claiming quick weight loss or the “ten pounds in ten days” myth. Diets fail. They’re too complicated or the food tastes like cardboard. (Eat for nutrients!)  Now you’ve gained that back and more.

Ever think you were attempting weight loss from the wrong perspective?

Important – A healthy lifestyle begins from the inside out.  “But that diet plan worked before!” you say.  Sure it did, for awhile – but you gained it back.  I can put a new miracle cream on my face that claims to prevent wrinkles.  I can even place an expensive hair masque over my head which professes to restore thick luxurious, shining hair; but unless I eat nutritious foods, by the end of the day the wrinkles return and the hair still gets dried out in the sun and wind.

True health begins from the inside out – physically  with what nutrients we consume, mentally with what we understand about physiology and spiritually with how we react to God. th76V8R7TH

Therefore, let’s start by asking a basic question:   “Why do you want to lose weight?”

Are you losing the for right motives?  Can’t fit into that special outfit?  Want to brag how disciplined you are? To show snooty Ms. Thang that you look pretty darn good in that little black dress during the Valentine’s Day Dance? For your class reunion or daughter’s wedding?  For your family’s wishes or so hubby stops ridiculing?

Only one reason is right. Because you’re mentally ready to honor God and do what He commands! If you lose for a special occasion then what?  Afterwards do you go back to eating “normally” again? God is not asking you to eat sticks and twigs, He loves you! He’s not demanding  you sacrifice flavorful foods and suffer. He is asking you NOT to trash the Holy Spirit which lives within you.

Improve your health because it’s the thing to do. Desire vitality. You want to feel better. You want to respect your body and keep it holy (1 Peter 1:16 “Be holy – for I am Holy,”)  Yet so many times our god is our stomach. We worship the god of the Buffet or before the throne of the fast food counter.

Honor the body as the wonderfully created object it was designed to be. We were created by God in His Image.  Looking around at our world today, how do you think He views us? As apathetic, disrespectful or appreciative? I believe we are wonderfully and fearfully made (Psalm 139.)

Our Lord, Jesus Christ had enough self-discipline to go to the cross on behalf of our sinful, gluttonous nature, but we  sometimes don’t have enough discipline to reject a donut or a bag of fries.

Don’t make resolutions. Create goals instead! You’re in a battle, so prepare yourself. Victory is at hand!

“For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.”  (2 Timothy 1:7)

Change your mindset and visualize a new you this year. If you are truly willing to lose weight, get ready to be motivated!  Mentally, Physically and Spiritually prepare to become a New Creation!  Stay tuned . . .



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