Intentionally Great! Mary Graziano’s Scro’s New Book

As a Christian counselor, whenever I feel discouraged, my first reaction is to delve into the Scriptures for serenity and direction. My next step is to reach out to another “Wise Woman of God” for counsel.  There is so much comfort in knowing that another woman truly understands.  When you purchase Intentional WarfareWinning the Daily Spiritual Battles, you will find you always have that Wise Woman of God by your side when challenges or discouragement arises. Just flip to any chapter and put on another protective piece of the Amour of God.  Intentional Warfare

Mary Graziano Scro, author of another of my favorite books, Intentional Fitness, has once again written an empowering book!  Based on pertinent, authoritative Scripture  such as Ephesians 6,  her book is filled with godly insight and common sense applications for living in today’s world. (How do we react to those who might disrespect us?  How do we live in the world and not lose our Christian testimony? How does one patiently rest in the Lord?)

Using the acronym: W.A.R.F.A.R.E, each chapter addresses the challenges we mentally, physically and spiritually encounter in our typical walk with the Lord.  Her action packed “Daily Training Exercises” at the end of each chapter will empower you to confront and acknowledge that “yes you can overcome the slings and arrows”  Christians face daily.

Here’s one of my favorite passages from Intentional Warfare to emphasize that point:

“When we do get hurt, we have the opportunity to choose one of the greatest activators of God’s love: forgiveness. We can forgive those who hurt, persecute, lash out at, and betray us. We don’t have to feel like forgiving. We don’t have to tell the one we’re forgiving that we’ve done so unless God directs us to do so. Often we will still feel hurt or angry. Fully experiencing forgiveness—no more hurt or anger—is a process that takes time. It starts with our choice to forgive and continues to completion with ongoing choices to keep forgiving (Matthew 18:21-22).

This is the type of book you’ll want to read book multiple times. The first to motivate, the second time to empower and the third time to savor as you tackle the challenges and eventually enrich and energize your Christian testimony.

A1tH-+XJslL._SX80_[1]Today only!!!   Don’t miss out on Mary’s generous offer to pick up a copy of her ebook for only 99 cents on

After reading you’ll not only be able to face and overcome normal day-to-day life struggles; you’ll also emerge victorious.


10 thoughts on “Intentionally Great! Mary Graziano’s Scro’s New Book

      • You are right Bob. We are all imperfect but should strive to honor our Lord’s sacrifice for our sins. If we only recognized that we ourselves are not perfect, perhaps we would strive to be a little more patient with others. Mary Scro has written a wonderfully reflective book we can all use! Blessings back my friend,


    • Thank you Energy. In a perfect world, we WILL rest and reside with each other in harmony but that won’t come until heaven. Unfortunately, until then, we must endure the imperfect humans we live with, me included. I really admire you Energy if you have learned to tame the tongue, for you continually express kindness. I also pray that my mindset will represent those who profess Christ as Lord. Of course Mary has already addressed that issue in her book, 🙂 Blessings abound,


    • Glad you mentioned that, energywriter! Much of the book is about learning how to rest in the Lord and in what He’s already done for us at the cross, and about knowing how to walk in our identity and authority in Christ. Spiritual warfare is not a battle like most people think of battles – it’s not about engaging the enemy, it’s more about being *aware* of how the enemy tries to steal, kill, and destroy us and our relationships so we don’t inadvertently help him. Thank you for commenting!


  1. Thank you, Ellie, for sharing this review and recommendation. I’m glad the book blessed you – I’ve re-read parts of it, too, as a reminder to myself :-).


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