Happy Thanksgiving!


Make this holiday a social occasion and not an eating occasion. Enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



11 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Some good thoughts. I consider Thanksgiving as the most authentic Christian holiday. In it we are to give thanks to God. How strange to give thanks to God on one hand and sin in the other by gorging ourselves and committing the sin of gluttony. One way we can give thanks is by moderation and balance.

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  2. I’ve learned to omit certain foods from the holiday plate because for me personally they are a waste of calories if you are limited. I skip the dinner rolls, canned cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes. This leaves room for foods with more nutrition. I also skip the pre-meal snacks that people love to serve like chips, spinach dip with bread, juice and pop, those sorts of things.
    Sooo many choices during the holidays, but I’ve never felt deprived. Thanks for all your excellent tips.

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      • So glad to hear Ellie. And about sensible, I’m no so sure lol. Sure Thanksgiving is a lot of preparation, only a month away from Christmas, but I think it enhances the holiday feel. Well, maybe because I’m not cooking the turkeys, lol 🙂

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  3. Good ideas Ellie- especially the point about the festivities being about enjoying the company and not about the food. The main thing is to be focussed and to concentrate on our goals and not on the food.

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    • I really enjoy reading your comments Susie, they are so insightful! Yes, you are so right, it is important to understand that food is for nourishment, enjoyment, comfort and vibrant health.

      When a person eats to mask feelings, it creates a problem that some ignore. Root out the “why” a person eats/self-destructs and they can begin to overcome challenges – but they must WANT to change and that’s why being a nutritional counselor is so interesting. Appreciate your wisdom Susie, blessings,


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