Combating the Common Cold with Common Sense Choices

thOW2HVFS5Winter is just around the corner and with it comes the cold and flu season.  Not fun, so how do we build up a resistance to the common cold, or even worse, the flu?

“Dear friend, I pray that you may prosper in every way and be in good health physically just as you are spiritually.” (3 John 1:2)

First, build a strong immune system with exercise. Get out into the fresh air and walk. Not only does this release healthy endorphins but it raises your body’s resistance to infection and gets one closer to God while strolling through His beautiful world.

Secondly, find ways to relax and reduce stress. Stress will actually make you sick. Stress releases toxins throughout your body and changes body pH into a dangerous acidic environment. Therefore find ways to reduce stress with exercise again or with tranquil music, reading, bubble baths, massage therapy or any relaxing hobby that you enjoy.

Then of course there is food.  As Hippocrates stated sometime around 400 B.C., “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.”  Start eating better now!

Colds and flu are viral infections. When one has a cold, the throat, lungs and lining of the nose become inflamed. Anything that will make your nose run will open up your bronchial passages. Hot, spicy foods like cayenne pepper, horseradish. salsa or spicy oriental food should be on the menu as a perfect decongestant.

Garlic is my favorite healthy food. It contains antibiotic, antifungal, antibacterial, anti-carcinogen properties among others. In fact, it has at least 25  germ-destroying properties that combat infections!  Now that’s what I call a Super Food!

Homemade chicken soup has been a staple for fighting a cold since Noah’s time.  I always make mine spicy with lots of garlic and red pepper. The hot, savory broth loosens phlegm and of course the garlic is amazing for strengthening the immune system. Chicken soup also contains cysteine, an amino acid that helps thin mucus and relieves congestion.

Any tangy tomato sauce loaded with garlic and chili pepper will clear out your sinuses, acting as natural decongestants. Perhaps Shrimp Diablo should be calling your name tonight?

Foods with zinc will combat viral infections and shorten colds if taken early enough. Good sources of zinc are shrimp, oyster and other seafood, lean red meat pork and lamb, pumpkin seeds, wheat germ and beans.  Warning:  Don’t over imbibe on zinc. Various studies have shown that too much zinc is harmful but here’s where expert findings vary. Some say as much as 40mg over a long time is detrimental, while others declare 100 mg would be too much. I say, use common sense. 60 mg. seems like a reasonable compromise.

Consume foods which are high in vitamin C.  Of course everyone knows about the orange, but red peppers actually have more vitamin C than an orange. A nice spicy pepper steak might be just what the doctor orders.  Other foods high in vitamin C include:  Cantaloupe, mango, grapefruit, broccoli and cauliflower.

Get plenty of fluids. Of course it should be obvious that fluids move dangerous toxins out of your system faster, so whenever you pass the faucet, grab a glass. If 8 glasses of purified water is tough for you, consume herbal or green tea, or consume a good quality orange, grape, cranberry or other juice with pure seltzer water. Avoid caffeinated drinks due to dehydration factors.

Avoid sugary foods. Sugar lowers the immune system and that’s certainly not what you’d like right now. The only sugar you should consider are fruits with lots of nutrients.

Remain healthy this season!


9 thoughts on “Combating the Common Cold with Common Sense Choices

  1. All sounds like good information. I have just started woking with aromatherapy. Using a diffuser and topical application of the oils. I also have necklace that I put a couple of drops in a take it with me. It’s really quite fun, blessings for a healthy and happy winter season ❤

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  2. What an excellent post, Ellie! I’m going to print this one off and have it handy for this season, and also share it with my mom and dad. And I’m going to put on a nice big pot of chicken soup very soon!! Bone broth is so full of nutrients in addition to cold fighting properties. And it just makes you feel good :-).
    Thank you for sharing, have a very blessed day!


  3. You’ve got it covered as usual Ellie. 🙂 My naturopath has me on 50mg of zinc, every other day. Of course, dosages should vary with each individual. Hopefully I’ll keep those nasties at bay! ❤


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