Healthy Habits Learned from Biblical Personalities

Every once in a while do you ever feel like having a pity party?  A “no one understands . . . they never experienced what I’ve gone through . . .” type of moment?  Yeah, I bet we’ve all felt that way at one time or another. thYWKWZ5YH

Sometimes we look at Biblical individuals as being larger than life, without faults. But the Bible contains many examples of those who have suffered through the same experiences we have.  Ever wonder why these imperfect examples are included in the Bible? Perhaps to show us that God accepts us as we are.

Adam and Eve were perfect when created.  They were 100% pure!  Then they fell to temptation, were thrown out of the Garden and became 99.9% pure. They became Ivory Soap humans. Being perfectly designed by God they would live a long time living within a 2nd Law of Thermodynamics world.    (Everything winds down and deteriorates.)  Sorry evolutionists, we only improve with age IF we don’t believe that Universal Law of Physics.

So how can we expect to become perfect if Adam and Eve weren’t? We can’t, but we can certainly strive for excellence. How joyous it is to overcome temptation! Example: choosing apples over donuts.  If we fail, so what? We’ve learned what NOT to do. Learn to forgive yourself and strategize for a better alternative next time.

Moses: Excuses, excuses! I can’t do this, there’s too much for me to handle, I’m not a leader, these people are sabotaging me . . . You name it, Moses had an excuse for it! But Moses turned himself around and discovered that he really could do all things through God who strengthened him! He led by example, do we?

Become a Caleb. See that mountain and visualize how you are going to conquer it. Sure you might have mountains of pounds to lose but creating small ways to reach health goals will have you saying, I can climb this mountain!  Victorious living is amazing!

James, the half brother of Jesus, didn’t believe his brother was the Messiah. (John 7:5) His head recognized Jesus only as his brother, not Lord and Savior. Then he saw Jesus risen and this produced a lasting heart change. Head knowledge without heart knowledge isn’t true change. James became the pastor of the Jerusalem church and led many to the Lord. Are you a positive example in your family of victorious living?

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything” (James 1: 2-4)

Those who go on diets, have lots of head knowledge. They know what to do but fail to do it because there’s something inside their heart that keeps restricting that desire. Perhaps food became their idol?

Become a Joseph. Yes, I’m sure he was heartsick over his betrayal and wrongful imprisonment but he never allowed that to fester into resentment. Maintain a positive mind-set. Joseph was able to forgive and create something positive out of an unfair experience. Allowing yourself to dwell in heartache only destroys you. Don’t live in the past. Will you live abundantly or dwell on something you can’t change?

There was only one perfect human, Jesus. But even in his perfection, he experienced trials and heartache too. When we get discouraged, remember all that Jesus endured while on Earth. He endured temptations, sorrow, hunger, thirst, rejection, pain, taunting and belittlement.  He endured all that we endured and more, yet overcame adversity. What will you overcome?



10 thoughts on “Healthy Habits Learned from Biblical Personalities

  1. In the great heroes Hall of Faith, it was people. People, God gave us human examples to follow or not. We are to be Godly examples so others may follow us as we follow the perfect example Jesus Christ. He is our pattern. In Hebrews 12 at the end of the Hall of Faith chap. 11, we are to look unto Jesus, the perfect example.

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  2. Ellie, this was great. I love it and will save it. If I am able to can I put this on either in our church newsletter? I am going to post it on facebook. This was such an encouraging post to help us through our hurdles of every day living in addition to caring for our bodies.

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  3. It’s been way too long since I’ve been on your site, Ellie and this post reminds me how inspiring you are and how helpful it is to me, not only in terms of my health but in my life in general and interaction with people. .


    • God is simply amazing! Over the weekend, as I was working on my sequel to my novel, I was just thinking about you and was planning to email you today.. I was wondering if, and when, you would return to blogging because I sure missed you! Then BAM, out of the blue here you are, (Look for an email soon)

      I always appreciate your encouragement and the lovely compliment. Thank you and blessings,

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