Healthy Habits Learned



10 thoughts on “Healthy Habits Learned

  1. In the great heroes Hall of Faith, it was people. People, God gave us human examples to follow or not. We are to be Godly examples so others may follow us as we follow the perfect example Jesus Christ. He is our pattern. In Hebrews 12 at the end of the Hall of Faith chap. 11, we are to look unto Jesus, the perfect example.

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  2. Ellie, this was great. I love it and will save it. If I am able to can I put this on either in our church newsletter? I am going to post it on facebook. This was such an encouraging post to help us through our hurdles of every day living in addition to caring for our bodies.

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  3. It’s been way too long since I’ve been on your site, Ellie and this post reminds me how inspiring you are and how helpful it is to me, not only in terms of my health but in my life in general and interaction with people. .


    • God is simply amazing! Over the weekend, as I was working on my sequel to my novel, I was just thinking about you and was planning to email you today.. I was wondering if, and when, you would return to blogging because I sure missed you! Then BAM, out of the blue here you are, (Look for an email soon)

      I always appreciate your encouragement and the lovely compliment. Thank you and blessings,

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