Vibrant, Healthy Living from the Inside Out!

            “Watch and pray that you may not enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”  (Matthew 26:41)

Do you feel you are worth the arduous struggle to become healthier? How do you psych yourself up to desire a healthier lifestyle? Or do you need to? Are you happy with yourself the way you are now? Are you strong? Content? Energetic? Great! dieting good and evil

It’s okay to have a waistline that’s slightly larger if you:

  1. have enough energy to walk upstairs without heavy breathing.
  2. chase your children all afternoon without needing a nap.
  3. if your skin radiates a healthy glow.
  4. aren’t sneaking in snacks when no one’s looking.
  5. aren’t giving in to friends who sabotage your healthy habits
  6. aren’t stressed, giving in to emotional eating.

You get the picture. True change always begins from the inside out. Women especially have a desire to please. So who are you pleasing, self or God? God wants us to live abundantly but He doesn’t want us to make food an idol either. (Exodus 20:3)

Some get healthy for the wrong reason: pride. “Oh look how great I am. I have a 22 inch waist, aren’t I a goddess?”  If you felt you had to compete against a perfect human specimen and face comparison or embarrassment, why would you ever try???

Run your own race: (2 Timothy 4:7.) If someone strives to be the best they can be, God appreciates those intentions. Be happy how God created you, you don’t have to be thin! Few in this world look like Miss Universe. But be beautiful inside! A beauty who spews forth foul language isn’t beautiful in God’s eyes and that is what matters!

The question is, are you the best person you can be? Are you slacking off? Can you visualize yourself healthier? No human is perfect, only Jesus was and he’s experienced our weaknesses in his humanity. When Jesus was hungry and tempted by Satan, he resisted. How?  By memorizing Scripture. Put on the entire armor of God. We must love Jesus more than food!

If my patients weren’t mentally ready for change, it wouldn’t happen.  A health quest is tough enough without asking yourself if you really want to suffer through all the self-denial and discipline it demands. I’ve stated this illustration before:  what one cherishes, one takes care of. You wouldn’t use your grandmother’s antique wedding dress to wipe bugs off windows, would you? No, you would place it in a protective box and cherish it. Isn’t your health more important than a thing? Cherish it!

I ask again: think you’re worth the struggle? Mentally ready? Then you’ve already declared that you’re worth the cost of the uphill battle, let nothing stop you; not sabotage, nor discouragement or temptations by Aunt Maude’s fudge cake. I promise you, once your body becomes healthy, you will walk by the donut aisle and head for the fruit in the supermarket. Your body will crave and cherish those beneficial nutrients rather than empty, sugary energy.

Becoming a New Creation inside and out is an exciting endeavor! It’s a fabulous feeling to conquer one’s demons and come out victorious. Remain in control and have a preplanned strategy when temptations strike:

  • Memorize pertinent Scripture:
  • Turn the channel when that tempting food commercial comes on
  • Take a long walk when everyone eats dessert or go in the other room.
  • Go brush your teeth or chew gum or a peppermint instead of eating
  • Place your goal on the refrigerator.

Live vibrantly each day for you are special and worth the price Christ paid for you!



6 thoughts on “Vibrant, Healthy Living from the Inside Out!

      • Hey Ellie! You’re the second person to tell me they could not “follow” PHDinMeBlog:/ I am looking into this and I hope to get it resolved soon! I will let you know when I do:) Thank you so much for encouraging me with your visits! And thank you for sharing such informative and uplifting posts on your site! Light and Love, Shona

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  1. How do you know exactly what to say EXACTLY when I need to hear it?!! I went to see my doctor the other day due to debilitating pain in my back. I have never had that issue. Within seconds of examining me she exclaimed, “Wendy, you are NOT taking care of yourself at all”! She was pretty appalled at my condition and I am now signed up for PT appts. I waited until I left her office to break down. I cried a little and then decided not to engage in a pity party. I am praying daily for God to give me a heart that wants to honor this body He has given me. “What one cherishes, one takes care of.” So true. Please keep “kicking our butts” with truth. And please keep praying for me.


    • OH Wendy, how I wish I had pixie dust to take the pain go away and keep you focused on success. The very struggle however is what will make your success so great! Only YOU can go through this alone and emerge victorious.

      Your heart is in the right place, now you just have to realize that you are worth the struggle. I know you are, now you must come to that conclusion. If not, why not? Who has filled your mind and heart with these lies of the devil that you are worthless? God says you are an amazing human being and so do I. My blog would be less bright without your comments. Hang in there. Each day is another battle which you can overcome with God’s help. 1 John 4:4. Love and blessings,


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