Want to Live Longer? Be an Optimist!

happy peopleRecent studies have shown that those who live the longest have usually embraced life with an optimistic view. As Christians, that should be no surprise to us; after all, didn’t Paul actually profess,  “For to me, to go on living is the Messiah, and to die is gain”  (Philippians 1:21)

Being a Christian has no down side. Either way, we exist with HOPE.  It might be tough going now but we only exist here on Earth for a short while and our eternity is so much brighter. We live in a world of Grace and get to choose whether we’ll walk in the Light or grasp onto decadent darkness along the way. During my curious youth, sometimes I made foolish choices but quickly learned that Light is Better!

How we individually approach life is up to us, but wouldn’t you rather choose JOY? Are you an optimist? Here are some of the characteristics that optimists display:

1.  Optimists embody the present. I can personally attest that my patients who continually lived in the past, never outgrew the pain and sorrow they experienced. Those thoughts only provided a pathway of sorrow because they never dropped their heavy chains of memory, which they dragged behind them. But those who have accepted the fact that their past trials made them stronger as well as smarter, went on to achieve most goals they set out to accomplish.

2.  Optimists can shrug off stress more easily. Stress kills! It increases heart rate while releasing toxins which creates a acidic pH causing the possibility of debilitating diseases such as diabetes and cancers. On the other hand, smiling can boost one’s mood. By being an approachable personality, you’ll also create supportive and proactive friendships.

3.  Optimists are always growing, learning something new and different. They don’t live in a rut but are usually curious people and would rather experience, in moderation, all the great bounty the world has to offer. They don’t limit themselves to a ritual of “good” and “bad” food choices, believing the lies of diet gurus, but rather believe God’s Word of Genesis 1:29 an Genesis 9:3.

4.  Optimists look younger! They know what to eat and choose to eat as cleanly as possibly, without chemicals, dyes and artificial preservatives which ages. They’ll consume more garlic, onions,  legumes, high fiber whole grains and omega-3 fatty acid foods such as olive oil and fish than fattier alternatives because it offers a less aging lifestyle. They’ll avoid artificial sugars such as Splenda, choosing either less sugar or natural Truvia or Stevia instead.

5.  Optimists are “take charge” individuals and will discover a way around a challenge. They not only have a Plan B but a C and D as well! They experience life as one big chess game, becoming proactive rather than wallowing in self-pity. You’ll rarely hear a Christian state: Why did God do this to me? Rather, convicted by Faith, they accept personal responsibility and attempt to  live honorably. Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven. Remember, as Christians our bodies house the temple of the Holy Spirit and we should adhere to the commitment we made to our Lord: “For it is written, “You must be holy, because I am holy.”  (1 Peter 1:16) 

6.  Optimists rarely make the same mistakes twice. Which brings me to this point: We live on Earth once, which coincidentally is the only time we can either accept God’s eternal Salvation or choose Hell. Please choose an Abundant, Happier Life: Choose Christ, Choose Joy!


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