Don’t Settle!

The other morning as I was feeding our two dogs, I placed a normal potion of food into our Lhasa’s bowl and since there was a bit left in the cup, I placed that leftover amount into our Cocker Spaniel’s bowl, intending to fill it up with more.  He immediately began chowing down, not waiting for me to finish giving him all he required.

When I attempted to replenish it with the rest of his food, he gave me a warning growl.  Whoa! . . .  that wasn’t like him at all, he’s not the territorial one! So, giving him the “desires of his heart,” I simply let him enjoy that little bit, oblivious to the bounty he had lost out on.

thD2J7L93NI believe when we kneel before God, our eyes will be opened and all will be revealed. And with it, I suspect we will understand all we could have achieved, how joyfully and abundantly we could have lived,  if we had only followed God’s Divine Plan for us instead of resisting His wise counsel and following our own. We’ll discover how rewarding our life would have been if we had simply allowed Him to replenish our “life’s bowl.”  Instead, we tell God that we’re happy with less than what He desires for us.

“The steps of a man are established by the LORD, when he delights in his way;” (Psalm 37:23)

Don’t Settle!

That is one of the recurring themes of my book. “Life’s Too Short to Eat Bad Cheese . . . ”  We settle for less. Instead of choosing God’s vibrant life filled with wholesome foods, we select chemically-processed, dyed and less-than-nutritionally-beneficial products.  As we learn in 1 Corinthians 10:23, “Everything is permissible,” but not everything is helpful . . . “ any food is fine in moderation, but if I only gave my dogs treats, they wouldn’t be as vibrant and happy at their age as they are now. Since I love and care for their well-being, it hurts me if they become ill.

Therefore, isn’t it reasonable that God cares as much about us? He loves us enough to have designed us with Free Will. We get to choose if we follow His nutritionally- sound guidelines or some advertiser’s false claim that “you can lose 16 pounds in a week!” by following an unhealthy diet plan. How it must grieve Him to see us suffer from these foolish, unhealthy, personal choices we make!

His Plan gave us a bounty of highly nutritious foods and yet we choose junky, processed foods or quick-fix diet plans more often than not. Does the world’s chemically-created bounty tastes better than God’s to you? We can become toxic from these acidic food choices, which establishes a breeding ground where chronic illness will fester, destroying our earthly temple. It’s a Free Will choice but if He had wanted us to eat only processed foods, He would have placed Adam in a McDonald’s, not a garden!

When we choose convenience over nutritiously-dense foods, we also settle for a world of mediocrity. Why go through life within a sluggish existence when we could live the focused, energetic, vibrant one our Lord wants for us? He wants to fill our bowl with energetic, bountiful JOY but some choose to go through life with a cup either half-full or on empty! a vibrant life

Nutrients were created to allow our brains to work like well-run computers and our bodies to run like a well-managed machine. Choose daily 80% wholesome grains, vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts and seeds and enjoy a little dark chocolate along the way. Discover for yourself how abundantly God wants us to live!


16 thoughts on “Don’t Settle!

  1. Huzzah! What I ate as a child and what is available today at the supermarket are two different things. It seems every time I find a nutritious snack or even main menu items that I like, the next time I go to the store it has been replaced by a more sugary, more chemically “enhanced” item. My food choices seemingly get less and less as the years go by.


  2. Hello my sister, love getting your posts. Congrats on the award! This post resonated with me due to one of my sister in laws having been recently diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. She and my two other sis in laws are on a road trip and are currently staying with us. Basically, they are helping her to make memories and to say goodbye. It is hard to watch one of the other sisters sit outside in our back patio smoking, especially since she just lost her husband of 33 years to COPD. It made me think of choices I make, knowing full well what the consequences can be. God’s plan is so much better for us. I am making better food choices, not perfectly, but I find I am not eating mindlessly. I am more convicted about what I choose. And I am walking faithfully, a pedometer really helps to keep me motivated. Our sweet dog Kona, who needs to lose a few pounds, is my walking partner. Keep speaking truth in this world of lies….thanks for your prayers.

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    • Oh Wendy, how wonderful to hear from you – where have you been? I’ve missed you! (But I never impose on anyone)

      I’m so sorry about your sister and those habits they surrounded you. It’s so hard to see someone go down the wrong path when you know the right way to health. It really does affect your life when you see others not care about themselves as much as you do about them.

      So proud of you that you are taking control of your actions little by little! Keep going and I guarantee that those habits will become second nature after awhile and you won’t long for the days of donuts and candy but crave great nutrients that make you feel vibrant and alive. Strive for health. Blessings,


      • Ellie, I have missed you too! I never miss your blogs, but have been busy and have not always responded. Thank you for the support and for cheering me on. It means a lot that you are proud of my efforts. I will continue to focus on health, not fad diets and quick fixes. You are such a blessing. Hugs to you, sister.

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  3. What a great post Ellie. I love how you tie in healthful eating with God’s intent. I especially love your line “When we choose convenience over nutritiously-dense foods, we also settle for a world of mediocrity. ” So sharing! 🙂 xo


    • Good thing I have God, my hubby and dogs to keep me grounded or I’d be flying high with all your compliments! (My book,” Life’s Too Short to Eat Bad Cheese . . .” ties in the mental, physical and spiritual connections to food. The theme consists of “Don’t settle because God doesn’t make JUNK and we’re not junk!” I really enjoyed writing it but I certainly needed a good editor to assist me. Well, there’s always the next book . . .

      Oh! I wanted you to know that I posted a review of YOUR book, “Meno-What?!” on Amazon. I absolutely loved it and would recommend it to all women! Blessings,

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