Have Thyroid Challenges? Please Read:

Have you tried everything to lose weight; dieting, exercise, denying sweets, but are still unsuccessful?  Perhaps you need to detoxify a tired system. As we grow older, the second law of thermodynamics kicks in; body functions start winding down. But we can live more vibrantly by enacting certain age fighters.

thJ82R282UThere are three vital areas of our bodies that could be affected through years of abusive eating habits.  If the above sounds like you, on your next physical, specifically discuss your thyroid with your doctor.

First, it’s amazing to me, how some believe that all of our complex bodily functions simply occurred by accident! The more I studied, the more I learned how intricately we were designed! But according to certain non-believers, two organisms coincidentally developed at the exact same time, over “billions” of years of history at the precise location in this huge worldbecoming male and female at specifically the right time.  Sorry, it takes more faith to believe that crazy theory than to believe a Godly Designer created us! As for me and my house, we’ll believe in God’s Divine Design.

Psalm 139: 13-14, “For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.”

Thyroid hormones control the body’s major metabolic systems. If our thyroid is sluggish, (Hypothyroidism)  it will affect our mood, weight, cholesterol levels, as well as produce low energy, dry skin, arthritic conditions, cold hands and feet.

Hypothyroidism also affects:

  • The speed at which  organs function and metabolize food, causing digestion problems and constipation.
  • Pancreatitis, an illness of decreasing insulin production. Insulin is the hormone which processes sugars.An imbalance with the body’s ability to thermogenetically burn fat.
  • Feelings of fatigue or weakness.
  • Possible muscle aches which discourages exercising.

As you can see, this is a downward spiral of thermodynamics. We live in a more toxic environment than ever, so how do we counter this? Processed foods, hormones added to meat, pollution, everyday stresses, lack of scheduled exercise, certainly add to the challenges. It can be discouraging but fear not, you can take steps to fight back.  God gave us brains for a reason! Use them!

Fighting Back:

  1. Change your diet to one that reduces hormone-added, meat protein in your system. Ever wonder why little girls are ‘budding’ earlier? Increased hormones in food sources is one answer.
  2. Find ways to de-stress with massages, warm baths, aromatherapy, music, exercise and fresh air. These reduce adrenaline and cortisol, the stress hormones.
  3. Protect yourself when exposed to x-ray radiation.  Request and insist on a thyroid shield to block thyroid radiation exposure.
  4. Lightly steam cruciferous vegetables, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage to kill thyroid suppressing elements.
  5. Add Kelp (inexpensive tablets) in moderation to your diet which adds iodine.  It is also found in seafood such as shrimp, cod, halibut and other saltwater fish.
  6. Add foods containing A, C, B Complex and E which strengthens the thyroid gland.
  7. Add zinc (25mg but no more than 60mg) and 3mg of copper.  Foods containing zinc are crab, shrimp, low-fat beef, wheat germ. Dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds, oysters and lobster contain both.
  8. Increase fiber and water to rid the body of toxins.

Usually a sluggish thyroid begins for women at the onset of menopause but I caution; hormones are nothing to fool around with!! Speak to your physician or implement strategies gradually! We’ll discuss how the other systems affect us later this week.


3 thoughts on “Have Thyroid Challenges? Please Read:

    • Oh D.G, you are such a great encourager! I just came from a successful LTSTEBC Conference this weekend and I am so pumped! What a wonderful, warm, welcoming group of women. You would have fit right in! (And they purchased my book too!) Now that it is over I can get back to posting on a regular basis. Blessings back to you dear friend,

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      • I am blessed to have learned much about the topic, and many you write about. But it is you who so kindly shares all this info for those who may not be so fortunate to know about these things, and that is a wonderful thing. So I like to do my part and share around. 🙂 Wishing you a happy week. 🙂

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