Creating an Idol Out of Food

“When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it . . .    (Genesis 3:6a)thQTXZ6O1V

Human nature never changes does it?

Eve disobeyed the Word of the LORD, making something she ate more important than God.  Therefore, she made food her Idol.  She found that forbidden item pleasant to look at. Now before we become too smug, have we ever glanced at a fancy desert on a restaurant cart and lusted after it?

Mmmm, those deserts are pleasing to the eye as well. And did you find it desirable even after you’ve stuffed yourself with a prime rib dinner complete with baked potato, topped with sour cream and cheese and salad with croutons swimming in creamy dressing? All that culinary bounty which God has blessed us with and we can still want more!

Eve had the perfect body, lived in a perfect environment with the perfect man, and still she wanted more!

Dissatisfaction with our circumstances continues to trip us up today. No matter how new our car is, how large our television or luxurious our home or even how much food we have in our cupboards, we still lust after more! The dark side of human nature desires it all!  More willingly, our minds should focus on our blessings and aspire to be holy,” as God commands us in 1 Peter 1:16.

The word “Obey” is mentioned at least 223 times in the Bible and yet it is probably the hardest commandment for us to submit to. Humbling ourselves before God and obeying His commandments is impossible within our arrogant flesh. Christ was the only perfect being and we are not Him.  Therefore accept the fact that we will make mistakes, but remember no mistake is unforgivable, except our sin of not accepting our Lord as Savior.

Satan is the great deceiver. He wants us to doubt our strengths until we cave in to despair. He whispers that we should desire to be gods too. We become dissatisfied with all God has given us and therefore, desire more.

Have you ever wondered why Eve was tempted by a food item? We can only speculate, but Satan discerns our weaknesses even today. He continues to tempt us with what we desire most. Since controlling our body is the ultimate power, perhaps Eve exhibited our similar thoughts: I don’t care; I want it NOW.

Interesting speculation: Chocolate (still a temptation) comes from the cacao tree (a tropical plant) and the tree grows fruit pods. Could we classify chocolate technically as a “fruit?”  Interesting possibility. It has been the downfall of plenty of women’s diets throughout time!  Please cling to 1 Corinthians 10:23 “Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial . . . ” for even exercising five hours daily to achieve the perfect body image can become an idol if we do so for the wrong motives.

This is Truth: The more we allow Him to take control of our weaknesses, the stronger He gets and the less we become. Remember, we never will never reach perfection, for we became imperfect beings after the fall. However, we can recognize our personal weaknesses and imperfections; lay them in God’s Hands and strive  to overcome our sinful desires.

“I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.”   (Philippians 4:12)

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12 thoughts on “Creating an Idol Out of Food

  1. Ellie, this so timely. My relationship with Christ changed dramatically once I understood what idolatry was. I had not seen my own food addiction in that light. That revelation was a game changer for me. Since I have been working on my food plan I have made it a point to pay attention to the temptations and not just blindly give in. I am much more aware of Satan’s lies. To obey God is sweeter to me than choosing to eat my trigger foods. Have I fallen? Yes. But instead of the usual flogging I confess, accept God’s forgiveness and get back on track. Thankful for you. Blessings!

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  2. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for taking the time to stop by. I don’t normally spend time on nutritional and diet sites, but I really enjoyed seeing you apply God’s Word to the subject without it being either awkward or out of context.

    Thanks again,
    Southern Baptist in Seattle


    • Thank you so much for your reply, I am honored you did so. You can find my blog always in the WordPress Faith section too. As a Southern Baptist you know as well as I do that once one is saved, they are commanded by God to “Be holy because I am Holy.” (1 Peter 5:17) and yet as Christians, we self-destruct (especially with food) for a variety of reasons.

      As a Christian nutritional counselor, (and SB pastor’s wife) I encourage and motivate other Christians toward 2 Corinthians 5:17, by continually discussing the correlation between nutrition and spirituality. By addressing the entire mental, physical an spiritual aspect of dedicating our lives to the Lord, we can truly aspire to honor God they way He wants us to. Thank you so much for your comment, and I hope you’ll be able to search around to discover additional posts addressing these different subjects. I pray you’ll recommend my blog to your congregation – especially those who are fighting health issues. God is the Great Healer of the mind, body and spirit. Blessings,


  3. Very good points made. I also liked that you mentioned how exercising with the wrong motives can also be an idol. I’ve been there and it was crazy. God bless.


  4. Most people I have spoken with about it including my Bride had a blind eye about “other Gods” and what that meant. As you show, it is what we cherish the most, that which means the most to us, that item is “the god of your heart”. If I cherish my home or Country or family or bank account more that I cherish our own Creator then that thing, that item, is your God. Putting God first means exactly that, putting Him before anything or anyone, that does include our own selves.

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  5. Amen! It’s so gratifying when I have a reader who “gets it.” There is a reason why “Have no other gods before Me” is the first Commandment. Our God is a loving but jealous God who has laid out life’s bounty before us for our enjoyment. All He has asked is that we love Him more than any of these provisions. It is a gift, not an entitlement. Thank you for your intelligent comment. Blessings,


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