Before We Go to Dinner . . . Focus on Winning the Battle for Success!

thXL6Y0R3BAlthough my next post was going to be about dinner (and it will soon) – I remembered what time of the year it was and decided to post a motivational one first.

You see, this is the time of year, approximately four to five weeks after starting a weight-loss plan, when dieters get discouraged, feel that the sacrifice is not worth the effort and quit.

What the heck are they thinkin’?!!  Why would one ever go back to the lifestyle they were trying to escape? Were they happy with themselves then? NO!  That’s why they wanted to change in the first place!

Don’t believe those lies that Satan whispers in your ear: “You’re not worth it. See,  you’re failing once again.” God always declares, “You can!” Isn’t God’s Way more encouraging and ultimately more truthful?

I once mentioned that there are three things that happen in any situation: the event itself, your self-talk and then your decision.

For this illustration, let’s say the event is deciding to quit.  First become aware of why you would want to? It’s a spirit question. Is it too hard, are you simply bored with the same old, same old? Visualize yourself in a tug of war with the devil. Sure he’s strong but not as strong as God is! God’s on your side grabbing that rope right along with you because He wants you healthy.

“Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in your midst?” (1 Corinthians 3:16)

Talk yourself into success. What can you do differently to make life more fun and yourself more motivated?  Make life a game!  Games have goals, rewards and victory laps. What’s yours?

  • How about creating a chart rewarding yourself with a non-food reward when you lose another three pounds? Then five pounds, then ten? Begin with small rewards that gradually increase in value as you reach a different victory? It feels good to be victorious! Color the chart in and post it on your fridge or mirror.
  • Cut out a photo of an accessory or item you’d love to purchase but can’t afford right now. As you lose, place a dollar in a jar for each pound lost. Not only are you spending less on junk food but you are going to look fantastic.
  • If the food selections are boring, then CHANGE IT UP!  Find new healthy recipes and teach your children to make them in the kitchen with you. You’re passing along skills, values and a family closeness that will not soon be forgotten.
  • If your exercise is likewise, find something more fun: like dancing with your kids, Wii Fit, walk the mall or join a Zumba class.

Are you searching for any excuse not to follow a health plan? “Well after all, Valentine’s Day is coming up and we always celebrate with friends at that fancy restaurant . . . ” Oh come on, create new traditions! See a movie or what’s to stop you from having a petite Sirloin instead of Prime Rib? Or crab with lemon instead of Lobster Newburg? As humans we make choices every day. Our Lord urges us to choose what is better.

Before you give in to temptation and surrender, consider the alternative. An unhealthy lifestyle isn’t a joyful one. It means becoming  lethargic and sickly more often. The healthier one is, the longer they tend to live! Incurring illnesses can destroy our bodily temples. We wouldn’t throw trash in the Holy Temple of Jerusalem, why do we trash our temple of the Holy Spirit?

Creating a healthy lifestyle is a blip on one’s timeline of life.  Continue on and  Live life abundantly!




19 thoughts on “Before We Go to Dinner . . . Focus on Winning the Battle for Success!

  1. I really enjoyed reading all these effective ideas. I think my a-ha moment was realizing that changing certain habits is about a lifestyle, not being thin. Satan does try to keep you back, so prayer is crucial for me.


  2. Thank you for following my blog. Let me invite you to check out my recent post, “Qualitative Love.” Please let me know what you think about it. Please have a blessed day.


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