Too Busy for Lunch?

Becoming a New Creation is hard when many normal day-to-day obstacles stand in our way.  When others look at us, do they see a strong, take-charge Christian, or someone swayed by temptations?

Take lunch. thJOS0PIMV

Lunch can be pretty hectic if you work in a high-paced office. Too busy to eat? It’s important to schedule lunch as you would any appointment or phone call. Without lunch you’ll run out of steam around 3pm and reach for any quick energy you can find because your body is crying out for it. That usually means a caffeinated drink with an unhealthy candy bar or leftover donut from the morning meeting.

What’s the solution?  Plan ahead.

When I worked in the corporate world, I was notorious for either skipping a noon meal or purchasing a fast-food burger to eat on the run. I was too important for lunch, I thought.  At that time, I was usually working on 5-7 projects at once and figured if I didn’t control it, who would? Pride. I eventually discovered that no one is irreplaceable and I was wrecking my bodily temple for man’s adoration. This body is the only one I have. People are more important to our Lord than paperwork or projects. With our Lord’s help, make your health matter to you, as much as it does to God!

During the week, think ahead: create “planned-overs.”  There are plenty of storage boxes available that work like plates. These can hold healthy leftovers from the night before: 2 ounces of grilled meat, veggies and a whole grain roll or other starch. Remember we need something for quick energy and something for sustaining energy. Prepare green salads (include a grain) the night before so you can reach into the fridge and drop it into a bag. Carry your 1 ounce full-fat dressing in a separate small container. That’s plenty to moisten your salad greens.

Wholesome whole grain wraps or sandwiches filled with healthy protein: oven roasted turkey, low-fat ham, sliced chicken or lean roast beef, layered with tomato, lettuce, red pepper and cucumbers make an attractive choice. Bring a few carrot sticks or a fruit for crunch. (A snack pack of chips has over 150 calories with little nutrient value!)

Homemade soups are fabulous and quick to heat up. Split pea, vegetable, bean or even cream soups created with low-fat evaporated milk or 1% milk are filling and great choices.

Attending a lunch meeting at a restaurant? Select small portions; a half a sandwich and a small cup of soup, grilled veggie pasta or stick with the low-cal or senior menu. Order first so you aren’t swayed by another’s tempting selection. Drink water with lemon for lunch instead of sugary soft drinks, even artificial ones!  Not only is it extremely caloric, containing empty calories, but sodas create an insulin rush which will usually hit you with additional cravings mid-afternoon.

Want an enjoyable treat?  Indulge in a really great piece of individually wrapped dark chocolate before leaving the office.  When you arrive home, enjoy a relaxing cup of tea before rushing into your dinner preparations.

Preplan even if you are a stay-at-home mom. Don’t bring temptations into the house “for the kids.” They don’t need unhealthy junk anymore than you do!

To conquer  temptations, don’t forget: “Out of sight, out of mind.” “In your house, in your mouth!” Print and place those sayings on your fridge and dresser mirror. Take control of your cravings!

“The Lord will rescue me from every evil attack and will take me safely to his heavenly kingdom. Glory belongs to him forever and ever! Amen.” (2 Timothy 4:18)




20 thoughts on “Too Busy for Lunch?

  1. Luckily we have healthy selections in our school cafeteria and I enjoy eating the healthy farm to table food. One of the perks of living in Eastern Washington State, we have lots of locally grown fresh food and veggies. Ellie, would you please be in prayer for me? I am struggling with emotional eating due to some conflict in my marriage. It has always been my “go to” for comfort. I am going re-read your holiday posts about emotional eating. I need some encouragement.


    • Oh Wendy, you definitely have my prayers for what you are going through.

      There’s an excellent book I’d recommend entitled “Food Triggers” by Rhonda Epstein, She has experienced probably much of what you are facing and came through it stronger. So can you, my sister! It’s a very deep valley but there is no place that God cannot find you and bring you out of it. Strive to remain close to our Lord who experienced every emotion we have. He saved my marriage and He can do the same for you.

      My love and blessings to you my dear friend, thank you for asking for prayers – you’ll continually have them,


    • Oh thank you GodGirl, I appreciate your comment. It is so easy to feel peer pressure especially when going out to lunch with friends. We get the comments, “Oh you don’t have to watch your weight, you look great . . . ” and all those flattering words we love to hear. Staying strong and not believing our own publicity is tough but necessary. 🙂 Blessings back,


  2. Love this post, and especially the thought of what do people see in us? A Christian swayed by tempations? I shared this on our Mission Italia FB page, saying it’s good food for thought!! Thanks!


  3. My sweet sis in the Lord, I cannot stop thinking about what you said about our witness for Christ when we give into temptation. I have the power of the Holy Spirit in me and the blood of my precious Jesus covering my sin. Yet I am enslaved to food addiction. I have a renewed hope and am asking the Lord to heal me and to give me a renewed heart and mind. Your ministry is aptly named. We can become new creations in Christ.

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    • Oh Wendy you made my day!!!

      You have been continually in my prayers lately for your personal struggles and I am praying that a renewal of your love in your marriage and a strength of character will emerge that will inspire you both toward Victory!

      Thank you for your kind words. Blessings always, (Did I tell you about the great book entitled: Food Addiction by Rhonda Epstein? She’s been there, done that and conquered it all! Find it in the library or Amazon.)


  4. Ellie, I bought her book and started to read it. Then I watched a You Tube interview she did and started to cry. She described me to a ‘T’! My whole life I have struggled with food triggers and beat myself up. This explains a lot of my behaviors since childhood. Thinking I need to go see a nutritionist. How do I choose one?


    • Oh I love it! So proud of how you are taking control Wendy. You are so determined to be successful, how could you ever fail now? I’m here to help. Take it in small strides, create smaller, reachable goals so you can continue to feel successful. It is a difficult journey but feeling victorious over cravings feels so great!

      After you finish that book, my book “Life’s too short to eat bad cheese . . . “will delve into a deeper perspective in a practical and entertaining way. It teaches one about the mental, physical and spiritual reasons of why one eats as they do. It is filled with many sensible explanations and tips to keep you going. Well done my friend and please keep asking questions while striving for health! 🙂


    • Oh, almost forgot!!!

      Find a nutritional who will acknowledge that physiology education PLUS mental challenges factor into success. Many people know what to do but fail to do it so the question is “why?” Why do they self-destruct or fail to follow instructions? I enjoy being a nutritional counselor for just that reason! When one becomes aware, they begin to change.

      Find a nutritionist who knows when to encourage and give you a hug but also knows when to give you a boot in the pants and won’t except silly excuses.

      Word of mouth is the best way to find one or you could call doctors or nurses to recommend someone who follows that criteria. But remember, most nurses and doctors only take on average one course in nutrition. And one of the doctors I worked for pressured me to sell protein drinks so he could make money. Wish I lived closer my friend but you know I’m always here for you,


      • Ellie,
        Thank you for advice, it is very helpful I am blessed to have some friends who are saavy about this. I will print out your email and have them direct me based on your guidance and what I need. You could always move to Washington, you would love it here! HAHA!!!


      • Luckily we are in Eastern Washington State and we don’t get the rain and gloom anywhere near as much as the westside of the state does. We are ringed by mountains and have the Columbia River running through the middle of town. Orchards and vineyards are plenty here, fall is amazing. I often wonder how people doubt the existence of God, especially when the beauty of His creation is so glorious. And people here are very active, great place to get in shape.

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