Crazy or Sensible? Debating the Atkins Diet Plan

I was at a pancake breakfast fundraiser one morning, when a sweet young lady looked at what I was consuming and commented, “Wow, I never touch orange juice, that stuff is pure poison!” as she placed a fourth strip of bacon into her mouth.  Sure enough she was on the Atkins Diet. Let’s see, I was drinking something that was filled with vitamin  C, potassium, magnesium, folate, B6, calcium, vitamin A, niacin and iron.  She was eating a food that contained preservatives, nitrates and cholesterol laden saturated fat. We all have a choice – You make the call.

I Timothy 4:7,8 ” Have nothing to do with irreverent, silly myths. Rather train yourself for godliness; for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.”

thB7VM6I7KThe basic principle behind the Atkins Diet is nothing new, it was proposed in 1863 by a London undertaker. Ironic to say the least. The Atkins Diet is not how God created us to eat.  In the Garden of Eden He advised Adam to consume every seed bearing fruit, plant and tree for food. (Genesis 1:29) The last time I checked, an orange was from a seed bearing tree. Fruits, (carbohydrates) are not allowed on Atkins. But when God speaks, I listen.

I’m amazed at how many people follow this diet! I know it can work for some people because we all have a different chemical make-up, but here is a list of physiological reasons why, as a nutritionist, I’d personally never recommend this diet plan:

  • There’s a higher risk of high cholesterol and kidney stones.
  • When your body is unable to burn glucose it turns to burning fat, which produces a body chemical called ketones. As Ketones rise, uric acid increases, as does gout possibilities.
  • Toxins fester in the fat cells due to chemicals and hormones being released in a higher body-fat environment, changing your personality for the worse.
  • The body doesn’t receive enough diverse vitamins or minerals, but does receive too much iron.
  • Too many fat soluble vitamins, (A,D, E, K and selenium) are released, which are toxic in large doses.
  • Abnormal heart rhythms rise due to a forced excretion of potassium & sodium while not retaining enough magnesium.
  • Without the high fiber intake from whole grains, cholesterol levels rise, as does a risk of colon cancer, when all waste isn’t excreted from the body.
  • This diet produces a ph on the acidic side. Cancers thrive in an acidic environment. Want to roll the dice?
  • Processed meat contains enormous amounts of nitrates, fats, dyes and salt, increasing cancer risk.
  • It works due to water loss. Carbohydrates are the nutrients that hold water in the body and the dieter’s not consuming carbs.  When they’ve gone back to eating carbs after they’ve quit the Atkins Diet, water is retained, therefore making one believe carbs are the problem.

Dr. Atkins called his idea a “Diet Revolution“.  Who and what was he rebelling against . . .  God’s perfect design to eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains??? The Atkins Diet excludes fruits and starchy vegetables which God ordained for us to eat in the Garden of Eden.

As a Christian, I’d rather not rebel against my LORD, would you?  “You say, “I am allowed to do anything”–but not everything is good for you. You say, “I am allowed to do anything”–but not everything is beneficial.” (1 Corinthians 10:23) 

It’s your choice. Choose to honor God by eating healthier.

(an excerpt from my book)


22 thoughts on “Crazy or Sensible? Debating the Atkins Diet Plan

  1. Ellie, I agree with your thoughts regarding Atkins but wondered if you have any thoughts about Atkins being helpful for people who suffer from epilepsy/seizure disorders.


    • Mmm, good question. Even though I’m not a doctor, I believe all seizures are brain activated. If I’m wrong please let me know.

      So Wendy, there’s always a possibility that the good fat connected a high fat diet could assist the myelin sheath (the protective covering of the nerves in the brain, for someone who hasn’t heard that term before) in some way. We all need some saturated fat to work efficiently, but there’s an awfully lot of bad fat along with the good in the Atkins Diet. Since we are all created with a different chemical balance, nothing is impossible with God. I’d rather see someone try overcoming it with the good fats in coconut oil, avocados, olives, flaxseed or rapeseed oil first rather than meat.

      Sorry friend, that’s the best answer I can come up with at this time. As large as our practice was, I can’t remember counseling anyone who had epilepsy. I pray it doesn’t run in your family. Blessings and I appreciate the question. If I hear of anything else I’ll include it.


      • Thanks Ellie, good thoughts and ideas. We have a student here at my school that has seizures. His mom has mentioned dietary strategies before, so I thought I would ask. And I did some research on my own. Thank you so much for your prayers for me. I have been making better and more healthy food choices, praying on the spot when tempted and counting the cost of disobedience. I keep seeing that heavyset jogger that you blogged about, reminded of his determination to stay with it. I will keep you posted, again thank you for your prayers. God is good!


      • Wendy I am so proud of you! Keep striving for excellence in your health quest.

        You know I saw that heavy-set jogger once more before we left Arizona, and he smiled and waved at me. His confidence level had certainly improved and one could tell he had lost weight. I called out across the street, “lookin’ good!” and he just beamed. I still think of that man occasionally, strangely enough. and pray he won’t give up. Neither will you if my prayers have anything to do with it!!!Stay strong. Blessings,


    • Morning storyad, yes ketones can make your blood very acidic. I could write an entire blog on the subject but suffice to say that if one stops consuming carbs, the body then burns its protein (muscle) and eventually fat, releasing dangerous ketones for energy. So in my opinion, there are safer ways to lose. If one ever tries a low carb diet, they better drink a lot of water or risk their health, cancers, liver, kidney problems,even coma or death, if they don’t know what they are doing. Stay healthy my friend!

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  2. well if you give me the choice I choose bacon!! But like you said, since God tells us what we are to eat I will also always listen to God. Great article. Being diabetic I do watch carbs but I have since found good/natural carbs are indeed my friend and helps keep my levels low. It has been a learning experience learning how to balance what I eat. With some stomach troubles and acid reflux I am unable to eat certain foods, such as oranges (one of my favorites) other fresh veggies cause gas and upset tummy, any suggestions on what can I do to get the needed vitamins. I eat lots of green veggies and carrots which is about all that is left what I can eat.


  3. Ha, you’re so funny! Yes, bacon is fine in moderation (I even eat bacon sometimes) but she was stating, “Thou shalt NOT consume orange juice!” which was totally off base. I wasn’t aware that you were a diabetic. I’ve written about that subject a couple of times.

    There’s a big difference between processed, sugary carbs and complex carbs (which is totally Genesis 1:29.) Diabetics should be cautious or avoid altogether: donuts, cakes, candy, etc. But whole grains and fibrous foods can make a huge difference in your blood sugar stability.

    Consume fiber which means whole grains, because it allows insulin to be released more slowly into your system. Be careful of too much fruit at one time as well for the sugar surge. I’ll try to write another blog about diabetes soon. But check out the American Diabetes diet (Google it) and you’ll see all the foods you can eat! Also check out a fiber chart for that will give you other choices. Blessings and stay healthy,


    • I copied alot of information on American Diabetes page, I have really cut down or eliminated donuts, cakes, etc…as I said before cookies are my weakness but I have been really good with them. I have seen some of your posts and you have either given me great advice or reinforced what the dr told me. You are an encourager as well as a teacher. 🙂

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      • This Monday I started to eat more fiber and finally drank some metamucil that was recommended by doctor and I tell you in three days I am starting to feel a difference and I am not “starving” when I come home at 5 pm. And by having a better balanced breakfast I find myself around 11 am if it is time for my mid morning snack – no sugar rushes or drops and no feeling the need to munch on something – thank you for this information. Now prayers that I can keep it up. 😉


      • That’s wonderful Patty! Remember you can always create your own cookies with a lot less sugar and wholesome grains like whole grain flour or oatmeal cookies. Ginger snaps might be a good choice as well. Control is the optimum word. I am so grateful you have the desire to strive for health, that means a lot in any successful journey. Keep going!


  4. I’m a fairly new diabetic. My doc’s and nutritionist have limited my carbs to no more than 30 – 45 carbs per meal saving some of those carbs for a snack or two during the day. Example: Lunch a 25 carb meal with a 5 or 10 carb count snack mid afternoon. Dinner similar with an evening snack. Their preferred count to be no more than 25 per meal until I reach my target weight goal. It is not always easy to stay away from extra proteins, I am not a vegetable eater. As for staying away from cakes, cookies donuts etc. I’ve found that pretty easy; surprisingly. My big thing now… to try and overcome my daily “Skinny Cow ice cream treat”. Yes, it breaks the carb snack count. Even so, I have lost almost 10 lbs and my morning glucose is coming down, praise the Lord! I need to be even more disciplined and figure out how to improve the variety in my meals allowing for the 25-30 carb count. Appreciate your blog. I look forward to reading it.


    • Thank you for your comment and I’m so sorry to hear that you are diabetic but congratulations on taking control of that challenge! Keep up the good work, 10 pounds, great!!! Diabetes needn’t be the end of the world if you eat a balanced plan.

      When I worked with doctors, I specialized in diabetes. (One patient a 40 year diabetic, giving himself shot every day, even overcame Type 1 diabetes which is unheard of.) It was all about fiber, less fatty foods, reduced sugar and balance! Eat regular small meals throughout the day to keep that insulin level balanced. Exercise is essential for circulation too, I hope they encouraged that.

      I’m sure your doctor/nutritionist explained the difference in simple versus complex carbs, right? (Some lump all carbs together and that’s not the case, complex carbs contain fiber a necessary item for slowing insulin release into the bloodstream) I urge you to check out the American Diabetic Association’s diet page. Yes, please check out lots of veggie recipes with herbs and seasonings without salt. One patient told me this horrible disease was the best thing that ever happened to him because he took control of his eating habits and became very healthy – you will too. Blessings,


      • Thanks for the encouragement. Yes, they did explain the difference in carbs and the few carb allowance I am afforded should come from the complex carbs. I know, Skinny Cow does not line up with complex carbs 🙂 Due to a severely broken ankle, which is healed pretty much, I am finding exercise a wee bit of a challenge. But it is my target goal for next week and drinking water, water and more water. I’m thinking of dragging out my Wii Fit and seeing how much I can do on that program. It will be baby steps… but at least I am up and mobile. 🙂 Again thanks for the encouragement.


      • I am so sorry about your ankle Sandra. Ouch! Although I didn’t have a broken ankle I did have a bad sprain twice, and what I did to compensate was to use my stretchy bands. Anytime I raised my hands over my head and exercised with them for even ten minutes, it raised my metabolism, (as well as firmed up that unsightly wiggly underarm area.) I found it easy to do while I watched TV. Hope that tip helps you as it did me. 🙂



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