Weight Loss From Pills, Pills, Magical Pills . . . ?

th9B39TVQKThere are so many “magical pills” available!! In the past, Redux, phen-phen, ephedra, Meridia and equivalents were offered and then taken off the shelves due to health concerns. What started out as a quick fix, quickly became a horror story of medical complications and even death. Many contain huge amounts of caffeine or artificial stimulants which revs up the metabolism artificially. When the body adjusts, the patient needs more medication for the drug to work effectively.

In some cases the pill produced heart palpitations, shakes and other symptoms simply because the patient was taking a form of Speed. Is this how God wants us to live? I don’t think so!   See Genesis 1:29.

Artificial stimulants cause very rapid weight loss, which forces the body to do something it perceives as abnormal. When one loses too quickly, the brain believes it is being threatened by illness and begins to protect itself. Oh sure, they’ll lose weight rapidly over the first 6 months . . . then their body will adjust accordingly. They’ll need stronger and stronger drugs to compete with their body’s protective instincts. In other words the body is being tricked into submission. Think about that . . .  the temple of the Holy Spirit is being tricked into submission. Who else wants to trick us into submission? That’s right, Satan.

“Be self-controlled and alert,  Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”  (1 Peter 5:8)

Satan would like nothing better than to have you addicted to drugs which could destroy God’s temple.  Stand strong!  I don’t believe a Christian has any business being around drugs that act like Speed and creates side effects such:

  • Rapid heart rate
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Anxiety and agitation
  • An increase of toxins in the body
  • Sweats
  • Insomnia
  • A feeling of being out of control
  • Increased headaches

Some patients have complained, “But it’s too expensive to eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains.”  Not as expensive as having a stroke, heart attack or being on daily medication. Diet pills can cost $200 or more per month!

Pills also can produce embarrassing side affects such as loose and uncontrolled bowel movements. Now that’s being the life of the party, isn’t it?!

Most importantly, have they learned anything by taking medication? Have they practiced self-discipline, discovered sensible applicable nutritional information or strategies to live better?  How are they going to eat after they’ve reached their goal if they don’t understand portion control and what nutrients do for them? When they go back to eating regular meals, their body will cling to every calorie because it might be “attacked” again.

Carbohydrates absorb water, so by consuming carbohydrates again, (especially starchy carbs like fibrous whole grain bread, needed for digestive health)  they’ll increase water weight. Then they will mistakenly believe that carbs are making them “fat.”  They will start gaining and attempt another quick fix. That’s the beginning of yo-yo dieting. Each time one gains, it’s harder to lose.

I urge you to avoid any false diet ideas and honor God with your body!

“Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own? For you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body”  (1 Corinthians 6:19 – 20)


28 thoughts on “Weight Loss From Pills, Pills, Magical Pills . . . ?

  1. I would like to invite you to check out Advocare. We would be the first ones to agree there is no magic pill. Absolutely not. During the 24 day challenge there are supplements that help control cravings and give energy. …but the focus of the challenge is changing bad eating habits and creating new positive eating habits. Another big difference between us and others is the challenge is only 24 days for the supplements. .hoping the eating habits change for a lifetime. I lost 20 pounds in 30 days a year ago and still have the weight off and haven’t been on products for a year because I made eating habit changes. I’d like to answer any questions you have. Thanks!


    • Now your comment came up originally in my spam notifications but I remember reading and enjoying some of your sensible posts. You do have some very practical posts, especially about focusing on behaviors.

      And I believe you are speaking here about supplements, not diet pills, right? Readers: The body uses vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, flavonoids, enzymes and the like to jumpstart one’s metabolism efficiently. I would never advocate diet pills, or ANY trickery on the metabolism. I am a great fan of good quality supplements (big difference here) if one can’t eat properly. In today’s world it is difficult to do that with the over-processed soil, items are grown in.

      But that being said, you must realize that I cannot endorse losing 20 pounds of FAT in 30 days because it is physiologically impossible! (Unless one wants to lose brown fat which cushions vital organs and you’ll never recover that) A sensible weight loss plan is to lose 10 (at the most) each month so the body can adjust. Of course exercise will assist in faster weight loss as well.(I do hope no one reading this expects to lose 20 pounds month after month with that statement.) I appreciate your taking the time to comment. Thank you,

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      • Yes. Supplements. .not diet pills. I did exercise and changed eating habits during those thirty days. I was never hungry. I got full every meal with nutritious food and with healthy snacks between and did lose 20 pounds in 30 days. One year later I still am down that weight because I’m still exercising and eating right. I gained muscle from doing cardio and weight resistance workouts.


  2. I think it’s because I’m getting old-ish LOL, or maybe it’s because I have reversed an autoimmune issue with good nutrition, but I truly look at food as energy for my body. Of course I splurge on chocolate every now and then (thank you God for chocolate!), but eating good food makes me feel good!
    My middle school son went to a trivia night recently with friends. He came home tired and his heart felt like he was racing. I asked what he ate (he is severely gluten intolerant), and it ended up being a huge bag of Doritos (they are gluten free!) and a huge red Mountain Dew. We don’t keep soda in our house or food with dyes and colorings, so his body felt terrible! It really hit home with him that he is not used to those foods and they make a person feel bad!


    • Oh come on Jaime, I bet you are very young at heart! And there is nothing wrong with a little dark chocolate to brighten our lives, yum. It’s only when we lose control and make it the focus of our lives, (an idol) that it becomes wrong.

      Wow, your son was really fortunate to survive a close call. I’m convinced that the dyes and chemicals in foods nowadays cause many more ADHD cases than we realize as well as additional health challenges for our youth. One of my patient’s had a child who became uncontrollable after consuming certain chemically processed, dyed products, so what you are advocating is true: Foods change body chemistry! So glad you were there for him and can continue to educate him on the warning signs. ( I might write about that subject again some day soon.)

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  3. Good post, Ellie. I have been fortunate enough to find heritage red turkey wheat and grass-fed beef raised w/o hormones, etc. I also buy eggs that are from free-range chickens. I am blessed to live in the farm belt where whole, unadulterated food is available. It makes my body happy! Blessings, my sweet friend.


  4. Ellie, your post is a great reminder that we are in an era of instant gratification. We want to see results fast without effort. The pop a pill and lose weight industry is based on this quick fix mentality. I have a very difficult time with companies who sell such pills knowing of the devastating side effects and yet lure innocent people into their trap. Luckily your post will reach some of these victims. 🙂


    • Boy, you are so right! I have a whole chapter on instant gratification in my book. (shameless plug) As for those who push pills, it’s all about the Almighty Dollar. They have no conscience and once addicted to these pills, it takes years for the body to regain normalcy. How sad to ruin one’s health for a world view of beauty. Thank Carol for your great comment.

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  5. Yes, we should protect the amazing body that God has given us and try to take care of our health. As a daughter of a pharmacist, I do believe that pills can help us if used properly and for the right purpose. But it seems that today, pills are being pushed way too much and I know so many people who have become addicted to prescription drugs and their lives are being ruined. Too many people pay a huge cost trying to fit into the world’s definition of beauty.


    • OH! I hope you realize I was not against all pills? In fact, many medications are derived from herbs and natural products such as aspirin from willow bark and Capsaicin from cayenne. Weight loss pills are totally different. You are so right that pills are pushed way too much. Anything that numbs the pain and makes us feel better can become an addiction . . . even food when it masks the pain. Thanks so much for commenting, I always appreciate that!


  6. So true, Ellie,
    Here’s a quick version of my story. During my mid-30s and convinced I was FAT (wasn’t, just my body type) I went to drug store and bought some cheap diet pills. Their main ingredient was caffeine. In two weeks I gained 10 lb. Why? I was a compulsive eater and the caffeine exacerbated my stress level (three teens at home, their dad stopped paying child support, job I hated, plus controlling boyfriend and parents). Luckily, I realized what was happening and stopped the pills immediately. It took longer than two weeks to remove the 10 lbs. but I managed.

    Weight and food are still issues, but I know how to safely control them. The big issue is staying motivated to work off what I eat.

    You may share this story if you wish.


    • Hi energy, you hit on a great point about body size. Bone structure, whether we are small, medium or large boned, does influence what is a safe weight for each of us. Some of my patients had an unrealistic idea of where their weight should be. They were healthier at 155 lbs. than 125 and yet they felt like a failure if they didn’t reach it! That was unsustainable (and they’d wonder why they were hungry and miserable all the time!)

      The main reason I enjoy being a counselor is the fact that unless someone gets to the root of why they eat as they do, they’ll never change, They are simply masking the problem instead of recognizing it. Energy I always appreciate your comments, keep them coming! Blessings,


  7. In my early twenties Ellie in between having babies and being Bulimic which was on and off for 10 years but in the end it was constant, I took Appetite Suppressants which were later banned and yes I ended up in Hospital, it acted like Speed on the Brain as you said and I couldn’t sleep so they gave me deep sleep therapy which sadly had caused the death of some people, the Doctor ended up committing suicide but yes I lived, you may have noticed but I did suffer the consequences of relying on a quick fix.

    Thanks Ellie, prevention is better than having to seek help when it all ends in a big mess.

    Christian Love – Anne


  8. I found myself with a recent diagnosis of Diabetes. I could go down the if only road of I wish I had eaten better, etc. (well I did a little). I have discovered counting carbs as recommended by the Diabetes Association is a great way to lose weight and feel better. It is pretty simple and allows for an occasional “cheat” once in awhile. For obvious reasons this will now be my new lifestyle plan. I only wish I liked more vegetables. But, I’m working on developing a new food pallet. Ellie, I was wondering what you thought of Dr. Oz’s 10 day program to kick off weight loss and detox one’s body naturally? From there you move into reintroducing foods slowly to discover if any are triggers.


    • Hi Sandra, I enjoy listening to Dr. Oz because he, like myself, explains physiology and thus one understands why they should eat like this. He doesn’t discuss the mental aspect of why however. I don’t know anything about his diet plan yet. If he explains that it is only a “jumpstart” I might find it favorable. At first glance it looks like a typical diet: a lot of fruits and vegetables. Also it offers a reduction of fibrous carbs which acts to lose water weight. I’ll study it some more and let you know. (I hope he isn’t moving toward the “dark side”, meaning selling out to the Almighty Dollar.) Blessings,


  9. I have a friend who is an Advocare consultant. I agree the products are good, but expensive. The cost for their 24 day program to get you started is over 150.00, that’s only a smidgen over 3 weeks. A wee bit steep for this gal’s budget. I would like to find natural and less expensive ways to accomplish the same goals.


    • Perhaps if someone invests that much money into their program they will feel more motivated to complete it. However, any diet program doesn’t eliminate the underlying challenge of why one eats in the first place!

      Until one understands why they would rather self-destruct rather than live a healthier, vibrant lifestyle, they’ll never be successful. They will simply go from one diet plan to another, gaining fat back after losing – thus yo-yoing and hating themselves even more for their failure. You can buy a lot of great healthy food for $150 plus S/H.


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