Let the Weight Loss Season Begin! Let’s Start With The Best

th69G80ZE5As promised in my post from December 31st, I am planning a series of “diet” blogs. What works, what doesn’t.  My goal is to encourage those attempting to lose weight, to do so, safely and logically.

There are several controversial diets which will be addressed in this series; but first some practical truths:


  1. God’s physiological Truths trump man’s truths every time! God Truths remain constant: He doesn’t make mistakes nor does He change His mind.  Numbers 23:19
  2. There is no such thing as “instant” weight loss. If you believe that, sadly you’ll believe anything. Weight didn’t go on overnight, it’s not going to be lost overnight.
  3. If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely  is! Ask yourself, what’s in it for the one who is creating this diet? Notoriety, fame on Oprah, monetary gain? Would you trust your life to someone who only wants your money?
  4. Strive not to be a sheep who follows blindly down a path to destruction. Don’t be so desperate to lose weight that you’ll follow any diet guru or celebrity. Please don’t jeopardize your health for a passing fad based on no physiological science even if everyone else is doing it.
  5. Any diet will allow you to lose weight but a realistic one is when a person can remain on for life without sacrificing health.

I was going to begin this series with all the crazy diet plans out there to show you that some people will follow any program to lose weight. Then I thought about human nature:  people today want instant gratification and they want it NOW! To delay recommending a good diet plan would delay improved vitality.

So let’s discuss what God wants instead. He wants you safe, happy and healthy: mentally, physically and spiritually. Diets make one grumpy, jittery and under-nourished. Health makes one vibrant and victorious! Therefore, what kind should one begin NOW?

Easy question. Remember what God advised from the beginning:

“God also told them, “Look! I have given you every seed-bearing plant that grows throughout the earth, along with every tree that grows seed-bearing fruit. They will produce your food. ”  (Genesis 1:29)

It wasn’t until after the Flood that God urged mankind to consume meat. (Genesis 9: 3)

Which available diet plan stresses consuming  fruits, vegetables, whole grains,  nuts, herbs and seeds?  The Mediterranean Diet! This balanced regiment contains all of that; plus fish, lean meat proteins and essential fatty acids. It is also in agreement with my philosophy that consuming anything is fine in moderation as recommended in 1 Corinthians 10:23 . . . even chocolate and wine.  It also means limiting but not eliminating red meat which provides essential B12.

It also empathizes Fiber! This is imperative for cleansing the digestive tract and allowing nutrients to be maximized.

The Mediterranean Diet is a Grace Plan as well as my personal Garden of Eden Diet. It allows me to choose and even substitute what I enjoy and never endure items I abhor. It’s a grown-up diet plan and it’s beneficial to everyone. You can search online for a copy of this diet plan. Realistically, it is how I eat, consuming 5x’s more fruits, vegetables and whole grains than meat protein. I avoid processed, packaged foods and use good fats sparingly.  By good fats I mean Essential Fatty Acids like olive, canola oil and nuts.

So why isn’t everyone on this plan?  Because some people mistakenly believe that there must be a “secret formula.” Others believe they are not worthy enough and must suffer for health, or for many other subliminal reasons. It’s the reason I enjoy being a nutritional counselor. When patients understand why they self-destruct, they begin to desire genuine health over weight loss. Begin to analyze what motivates and hampers you in any goal.

3500 calories equal a pound, so cut out about 500 calories per day to slowly lose a pound a week and keep it off. Exercise to increase loss. The Mediterranean diet also believes in physical exercise as an essential component to health. All these fundamentals add up as the most sensible for healthy living. And the bonus is that it is relatively inexpensive and easy to follow.

Rather than provide a specific Mediterranean diet plan here, please check out the countless websites that recommend what to eat.

Next Up: “Don’t try this at Home: Those Wild & Crazy Diet Plans.”


10 thoughts on “Let the Weight Loss Season Begin! Let’s Start With The Best

  1. Here they come again, right Ellie? The lose weight over night by popping this pill or drinking this shake (while never encouraging you to move in the least.) I hope more people see this post because it is so important. I love the Mediterranean diet. It is so practical and smart. The Bible never misguides us. What Jesus ate to sustain his strength for all he had to do everyday must be solid.
    Thanks for writing this. Happy 2015!


  2. Ellie, I found it very helpful to know that cutting down 500 calories a day equals losing a pound a week. That’s truly encouraging and in sync with my goal to lose 8 pounds – Oh, those love handles!
    I’m trying to cut down on sweets (chocolate) and chips (my weakness) It’s so hard when you’re at the computer all day and just munching away unmindfully. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well thanks Carol. Appreciate your comment. :500 calories a day and one can lose a pound” – I bet you can figure out that it is virtually impossible then to lose 10 lbs in 10 days as some diet plans claim, right?

      Eating at one’s desk is a habit that plagues a lot of people who sit by the way. Me? Perhaps a hard candy, mint or chewing gum would help. I’m just the opposite – I write, getting so busy I forget to eat, which also isn’t healthy.

      Speaking of writing, I am addicted to your book’s characters. I simply have to find time to read it this time a year. About 88% through “Mr. Right” andf lovin’ it! Blessings,

      Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Carol is a fantastic author! Her book is entitled “Getting to Mr. Right” by Carol Balawyder. I picked it up for 99 cents as a special. By the way, my novel entitled “Sometimes Marriage is a Real Crime” is still on Amazon for 99 cents. I’ve been too busy to take it off as a special. Carol purchases mine and gave me a fabulous review so I intend to return the favor! Thanks B for your comment.


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