Entering “Diet” Season: Distinguishing the Practical from the Absolute Crazy!!!

thHVU3S2BIOkay, hang on, we are about to enter the Twilight Zone of diet season.

I read a statistic recently estimating that over 45 million Americans will go on a diet this January. 93% we are also told, will fail. But how can we fail at something we need daily in order to survive? Food! Each one of us is on a diet. A “diet” is simply what we consume everyday.

However those attempting to lose weight and strive for a healthier lifestyle need more. In order to remain physically healthy we must have knowledge, (knowing what to eat and how it affects us physiologically) and also wisdom to figure out why we either strive to eat properly or self-destruct.

“A simple man believes anything, but a prudent man gives thought to his steps.”                   (Proverbs 14:15)    

We are going to look at a myriad of diet plans through a “Did God really say . . . ” biblical perspective. It is important to use our brainpower and ask ourselves, what would God have said about this if He placed every single instruction in one book?  Of course we couldn’t carry a Bible that large. If one can’t find a verse to confirm your beliefs or answer a specific question, than we must use common sense. Just because the Bible doesn’t say, “Thou shalt Not put bean in your ears!” means it’s okay. For example, who would ever conceive that swallowing cotton balls to lose weight would ever be a good idea??? Yuk!

For the next few weeks, I’ll be writing about some of the old as well as new diet plans available because sometimes diets are simply reworked to seem new again. Caution! There are several dangerous diet plans out there and if someone gets desperate enough, they might try anything. Who knows? If one doesn’t use discretion, it might actually be “The Last Diet Plan You’ll Ever Need!” or “You’ll Keep Weight Off Forever!”

So if you are wondering if you should try the Paleo, Gluten-Free, Atkins,  Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig diet plans, a diet pill or even the Hot Dog diet, tune in for the next several weeks. I’ll be using a decidedly Christian balanced viewpoint, but you can decide what works, what doesn’t and how God wants you to take care of our bodies. We are each responsible for our own actions on this Earth.

 If you are wise, your wisdom will reward you; if you are a mocker, you alone will suffer.”               (Proverbs 9:12)

Let this be your best God-honoring New Year ever!!!

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And my nonfiction healthy-living book, “Life’s Too Short to Eat Bad Cheese . . .” (Nutritional and Life Lessons God Teaches Us) also available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It is the perfect way to lose weight and begin getting healthier in a sensible way.


6 thoughts on “Entering “Diet” Season: Distinguishing the Practical from the Absolute Crazy!!!

  1. Looking forward to your series.
    My dad always said the best diet, and one I follow mostly, is the “push-back diet.” Eat what you want, but Push-Back when you are satisfied, before you are stuffed. Of course, back then we didn’t have fast-food on every corner and super-salted/sugared foods in the grocery aisles. No peaches or tomatoes in winter except what Mom canned, but the basics provided all we needed to be healthy. Plus being sent outside to play after each meal helped a lot.


  2. Thanks Energy, your father is a very practical man and you’re a chip off the old block, right?! Eating well is basically using a common sense approach, which is why my job as a nutritional counselor is so interesting. Because, if people know what to do, why don’t they??? Why do they prefer to walk around ill and unhappy while continuing to self-destruct?

    So now the pressure’s on, hmmm? I better produce a great series or I’ll lose followers, 🙂 Let me take this time to wish you a very Happy New Year, my dear friend, filled with many healthy days! Blessings across the miles,


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