“A Christmas Offer to All and To All A Good Read . . .”

Sometimes marriage is a real crime photo“The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” (Jeremiah 17:9)

Just in time for Christmas I have reduced my Kindle e-book, Sometimes Marriage is a Real Crime, to 99 cents on Amazon.com.  It will only be available at this price until the New Year. I admit I am no Margaret Mitchell – but it was a blast to write!

Sometimes Marriage is a Real Crime is a memorable novel conveying how all our beliefs, traditions and tragedies occurring while we are young, transform us into the people we ultimately become.

Smart, spunky, tomboyish Katie LeVay is a seven-year old “Daddy’s girl” thriving in a typical 1950s family environment; until life becomes complicated after her father abandons the family. Divorce is rare in the early ’60s, but small town gossip is not. Comfort foods might be Kate’s antidote . . . but curiosity her downfall.

Beginning in nostalgic 1957, we pursue seven-year old Kate’s coming of age saga through her complicated childhood, complex marriage and aspiring public relations career. Life would finally be perfect if only her womanizing husband would change his deceiving ways. He doesn’t and Kate has just discovered the perfect untraceable crime. Layered with plot twists and humor, find out if Kate Madison will prevail.

Although not Christian fiction, it sets the stage for the sequel which is. This novel addresses what causes us to act as we do and how easily we can be drawn to the psychological edge of despair.

The idea for this novel began when a former patient of mine intrigued me by a conversation we had. We had just begun our counseling session and I was glancing over her food diary. (I had all new patients keep a journal for the first two weeks, so together we could recognize patterns of behavior.)

I noticed something amiss.  I asked her why she had prepared a certain dish that week?

“Well Ellie, I had to! It is my husband’s favorite,” she replied.

“But Ethel,” I responded, “don’t you realize that you are killing him with kindness?”

Hmmm. A thought-provoking idea evolved. Wouldn’t this be the perfect untraceable crime? I wondered how the authorities could ever trace this back to an unhappy wife? Therefore the plot concept of Sometimes Marriage is a Real Crime emerged and grew into a novel, five years in the making.  (Why so long you ask? Because I was afraid if anything happened to handsome hubby, I’d be in trouble!)

If you believe we never really outgrow our childhood and we are responsible for our own actions, I believe this novel will intrigue you. It’s basically a combination of chick-lit and psychological fiction.  There are two versions, both the same – download whichever you wish, but the one for 99 cents is available only until New Year’s as a Christmas present from me. I hope you’ll be entertained it if you do.

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”  (Proverbs 4:23)




13 thoughts on ““A Christmas Offer to All and To All A Good Read . . .”

  1. After finishing Sometimes Marriage is a Real Crime (which I found to be a page turner) I wrote this review on Amazon and Goodreads:

    From the beginning of her life Kate Madison hasn’t had it easy – being abandoned and betrayed by those she loved, struggling with her weight, rejected by her high school friends and later in life having to go through a tragic loss and dealing with her handsome and successful womanizer husband. But Kate is strong and forgiving. She is the kind of character that you want to root for as she gets back on her feet and builds herself a career as a fashion designer.
    The author smoothly takes us through five decades as she inserts into her novel fun details of the food, cars, fashion, hairstyles, toys of each decade. The setting takes us to Jonesboro, New Jersey, New York City, Boston, Rome, Florence, Tuscany. The host of characters, even the minor ones, are well drawn.
    This is both a book with suspense and humor. Take this line from her prologue: “She had been prepared to end it once and for all, but not like this.”
    Be prepared to be moved, to laugh and to be surprised as you read Sometimes Marriage is A Real Crime and Kate’s perfect and clever revenge.
    I read this book quickly – it was the type of book that made me anxious to go to bed so that I could keep reading it.
    Ellie Marrandette has the gift of a story teller.


  2. I just started reading last night and was only planning on reading a few chapters before going to bed – well – I could not put it down and I just started it!!! Great job Ellie, counting down the hours when I can sit with my evening cuppa and enjoy a good book. You have easily captured your readers in the first few chapters. I might add I did not get to bed on time last night!! lol Signs of a great author. 🙂

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    • Wow Patty, what a compliment! These are the best words an author can hear: “I couldn’t put it down.” I am honored by your words. What you professed would make a fabulous, review on my amazon page. I would be so appreciative because there are countless books available and it is so hard to get readers to notice. You made my day, thank you! Heaps of blessings back to you,


      • Oh Patty, that is the best news – thank you!

        It is so hard for an author to get recognition with all the millions of books written nowadays. I am so grateful, especially since your words are so powerful and hopefully will motivate others to purchase it. (I’d love for you to email me and let me know if you were able to figure out the surprise ending, >3 ) Thank you for your many blessings,


  3. Just finished and it was great. I love the surprise ending – it took my completely by surprise!! I am a hard one on endings – but Kate’s ending was excellent. I don’t want to say more to give it away!! This is the review I put on Goodreads…and I will add one to amazon when I get home later.
    “Kate Madison is a girl and a woman we can all relate too. Ellie takes us through Kate’s pain, struggle with self esteem and the comfort she finds in food to a woman who has found her way.This is a story of a woman’s victory from childhood loss and loneliness to a life that she built on her terms. Ellie also gave us a tease in the first chapter with a surprise ending. Getting ready read to Casey’s Journey a continuing story.”

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    • Oh Patty, thank you so much! You’re a true friend and I appreciate your support – especially in a world among so many gifted writers, it’s tough to get recognized. You’re the best! If you enjoyed the first book, I know you’ll enjoy Casey. Physically and psychologically there are many things that are passed on through the genes – but what affects us more, environment or our heritage? That’s the question. How much are we our mother’s daughters? Blessings,


      • Good questions. It is always a good book when we can understand the main character, sympathize with her and see ourselves in the story. I am sure Casey will be just as if not better. 🙂 Looking forward to you writing another.

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